• Odus
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Create Bots That Chat Like Humans

Increase sales by 30% and reduce costs by 80% using A.I. and Live-Chat.

Are you already using bots but still struggle with the A.I.? Or, are you new to Chat bots and don’t want to spend much on using different bot services for various platforms and apps?

You don’t have to worry anymore - because voice and speech interfaces are no longer the future, but the reality!

We bring you Odus, an AI-based service to help marketers with support & sales automation with chatbots using dialogue contextualization technology.

You’re always in control as you can take over any conversation with Live-Chat at anytime.


  • Communicate Freely - Odus understands natural speech (NLU) and defines your intention.

  • Automate Sales - Odus will answer questions, find the right product for the customer and places an order.

  • Forget About Email - 10x More Effective Than Email - Instant Messenger open rates are 85% compared to Emails at 20%!

Odus.ai is an AI-based conversational platform for messengers, voice assistants, sites, any devices, and apps.

Want to know more about the features of Odus.ai then scroll below to understand the reasons why you should add Odus to your leadpages and instant messengers:

  • Chat Like A Human: Create any scripts visually. You don't need to add many questions! Create a branched dialog. Just use the context of the current story and teach your bots to communicate like a human.

  • Live-Chat: You can take over any bot conversation with live chat. Connect an unlimited amount of live agent operators and help the train your bots.

    • The A.I. can determine the situation when the bot needs to switch over to a live agent operator.

Purchase Options

  • Communicate Anywhere: Every month they add one new channel to communicate with your customers. Connect an instant messenger or integrate with a popular CRM without coding.

It works with all of your favourite apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (no extra costs), Telegram, Viber, Vkontakte and more on the way.

  • Upgrade your live chats: Odus doesn't leave you alone with a customer! Even in chat, Odus shows you better answers. By selecting the suggested answers you train your bot at the same time.

    • The more time you spend training your bot the less interaction is needed with a live operator.

  • Collaborate And Work: You can invite unlimited teammates to manage your assistant together or even transfer an bot assistant to a new owner.

  • Web Widget: Chat widget for landing pages, business sites and online stores. You can chat everywhere!

  • Dialogue Builder: Create stories easily and simply. No coding. Put the mind in your bot.

  • Pre-trained Models: Create dialogs faster using ready-made chains of questions from Odus.
  • Lead Forms: Create forms to ask questions and collect leads.
  • People: Add customers and combine according to your parameter. Create segments to fine tune broadcasts, delete profiles to clear their chat history.
  • Zapier: Seamlessly connect through native integrations plus over 1,000 other integrations.
  • Broadcast: Send messages by segment, schedule by time or date. Immediately on all channels.
  • Payments: Connect any payment system and accept payment without leaving the chatbot.

Odus is your full-time employee who doesn't ask for a raise, doesn't sleep or take any sick days.

Digital Marketing becomes personal because with Odus, business owners get higher rates of retention, engagement and coverage. It’s a smart assistant with AI to automate customer service and sales in chats

Upcoming Features are right around the corner, even though the team at Odus may be humans themselves they are adding features like the’re AI bots.

Check out the features expected soon:

  • Templates: Catalog of ready-made templates of stories, integrations, sales funnels. (Expected in March).
  • Analytics: Keep track of trends, create user segments, make data-driven marketing (Expected in March).
  • Audio Messages: Use speech kits from Google, Amazon or Yandex for voice recognition. (Coming Soon)
  • Ecommerce Bot: Start selling in messenger, connect Shopify or to your own product database. Help your customer look for and find goods and pay, all inside chat (Coming Soon)

Purchase Options:

x1 Code Unlimited Bots, 25k total User messages per month

x2 Codes Unlimited Bots, 50k total User messages per month, Removes Branding 

x3 Codes Unlimited Bots, 75k total User messages per month, Removes Branding 

x4 Codes Unlimited Bots, 100k total User messages per month, Removes Branding 

x5 Codes Unlimited Bots, Unlimited Total User messages per month in your account and unlocks white-label that includes 10 sub-accounts, unlimited bot training, 25k Chat messages per month and unlimited bots for each sub-account (The team is still working on it and it’s in alpha stage, the feature will be out very soon)