Apploye Introduction: Everything you need to know

As an organization or a business owner, it is vital for you to know how productive your team is. To understand how productive, they are, it is essential for you to understand how they spend their time during the company working hours.

The amount of work your employees put in is directly proportional to the growth of your company. If projects are not completed on time, it can impact your reputation stalling the company’s growth.

And, to prevent your company from being affected by such productive issues, you can track your employees’ work during their working hours, and receive key insights on how they spend their time in the office or during that period. You can also observe the time required to complete individual projects, and track their work progress.

With such insights, you can come up with work schedules that ensure that nobody is underemployed. This would also help the employee to know what is required from them and the time frame within which the job needs to be completed.

The Solution?

To track time, schedule, and monitor productivity single-handedly is an impossible task. To make these activities simpler and comfortable you can use the productivity tool, Apploye. Apploye is a tool that makes it easy to monitor, schedule, and time track your employees. 

In this post, we will go through all the features that Apploye provides and try to understand how this tool can help you increase the productivity of your employees.

About Apploye 


Apploye is an all in one app that helps you monitor your employees and understand how they spend their time during office hours. The tool also allows you to monitor their progress through random screenshots and URL tracking. 

You can easily manage shifts, track who is absent, and reassign vacant shifts. Employee scheduling allows you to live stress-free with all work diligently managed. Apploye can also help you track the activities of your field agents with an inbuilt GPS location tracker. 

To know more about Apploye and understand how it works, you can go through their introductory video.

There are many features that Apploye provides. Let us go through each of them in detail.

Apploye Features –

Apploye is packed with features and will help you manage your employees in a much more efficient way.

Features List:
  1. Online Timesheet
  2. Employee Scheduling
  3. Projects & Tasks
  4. Employee Monitoring
  5. Productivity level
  6. Apps & URL tracking
  7. GPL Location Tracker
  8. Managing Field Services

As you can see, Apploye offers you a range of features that help you track and improve productivity. In this post, we will go through each feature in detail to understand how Apploye works.

Online Timesheet

The satisfaction of the clients is the most crucial thing in sustaining a successful business. Apploye realizes this and helps you focus on your business, rather than the problems related to your business.

Online Timesheet helps companies track work progress. It can also be used alongside Employee Scheduling and GPS location tracker.

With Online Timesheet, you can easily assign specific tasks to individual members. These tasks can be an entire project or can be divided into smaller tasks. The responsibility of completing the project can be divided among the team members.


You can add time tracking to ensure that the tasks are completed on time. With Apploye, you can add time both manually as well as automatically. You can assign managers who can permit employees to enter a manual time. They can even turn off manual tracking entirely.

Once you have added projects and tasks, you can track their progress through the Tasks tab on your dashboard. Here is a screenshot of what you will see:


You can know the status of your projects at a glance. 

Employee Scheduling –

With Apploye, managing your company shifts is easier than ever. You will no longer need to manage tons of paperwork and still end up with communication issues. Apploye introduces a modern way of communicating productively and makes sure that everyone is connected. 

Employee scheduling helps you monitor late attendance, missed shifts, overtime work, and even holidays.


Employee Scheduling can also help you remove communication issues between employees and business owners. With Apploye’s mobile app, you can easily update your status and manage employee scheduling.

Click Here to download the android app today.

Monitor Employees –

To improve productivity, it is essential that you understand how your employees are utilizing their working hours. Apploye allows you to monitor your employees without invading their privacy. You can track the following:

  • App usage
    You can track which apps your employees are using without breaching their personal space.
  • URL Tracking
    Apploye records all the URLs visited by your employees throughout the day.
  • Location Tracking
    It helps you track and monitor work done by your remote employees.

As you can see, Apploye provides a complete tracking solution for your employees. Apart from this, you can also monitor the work process by capturing screenshots at random intervals. You have full access to these screenshots through your dashboard.


GPS Location Tracker –

With GPS location tracker you get the best of three worlds with GPS tracking, time tracking, and location monitoring in one app. You can communicate with your remote teams using the inbuilt GPS tracker, check their progress and plan your growth strategies accordingly.


With GPS tracking, all employees are connected, and Apploye acts as a command center. Once you have installed the tool, you would not have to worry about monitoring your field agents anymore.

Apploye’s mobile app also has an easy clock in and clock out function through which time tracking becomes efficient. With the clock in and clock out feature, you can set the starting and end times of a task. The employee can also set a specific time for a break.

Track Productivity Level –

Apploye is designed so that as a business, you can optimize your time by increasing efficiency. Daily tasks like managing outdoor employees, assigning projects, and time tracking can take a lot of time. This time can be better utilized for planning growth strategies and taking your business to the next level.

Apploye can help you become more efficient with its suite of apps like online timesheet, GPS tracker, which can help you increase your company’s productivity. An overview of your company’s productivity can be seen in the dashboard.


With this suite of tools, you can supervise your business with ease and comfort. These features in a single package will take your employee’s productivity to a whole new level.

Time tracking apps will help you track time, allowing you to understand where the maximum time is spent in your company by your employees. This will help you manage employees better and schedule tasks to optimize the time spent by them. With the time-tracking feature, you increase your productivity level and efficiently increasing the company’s growth.

Analyze Individual Productivity –


You can analyze the productivity of each employee and highlight the areas where they can improve. You can also analyze activities and the amount of time spent to complete the activities.

The dashboard presents you with a comprehensible graph that makes it easy to analyze data and use it for improving productivity. It provides a solution to root level problems and helps managers efficiently carry out their duties. 


Pricing –

Apploye provides flexible pricing for all businesses depending on the number of users in your company. You pay exactly for what you use. For the powerful tools that Apploye provides and the targets that it helps you achieve, Apploye is definitely worth investing in.

Check out the flexible pricing options below:


There are three plans which you can choose from,

  • Unmonitored
  • Monitored
  • Enterprise

Let us go through each plan individually and find out which plan fits your needs.

Unmonitored Plan

The unmonitored plan is priced at $3 per user. Under this plan you have access to the following features:

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Employee Scheduling
  3. Timesheet
  4. Project Management
  5. Task Management
  6. Project Budgeting

If you do not have remote employees working for you, this is the perfect plan for you. Although this plan does not include URL tracking and does not capture screenshots, it is ideal for companies who are just starting up. 

Monitored Plan

The monitored plan is priced at $6 per user added to your organization. In this plan, you have full access to Apploye’s features which includes:

  1. Time Tracking
  2. Employee Scheduling
  3. Timesheet
  4. Project Management
  5. Task Management
  6. Project Budgeting
  7. Activity Levels Monitoring
  8. Screenshots
  9. App Usage Tracking
  10. URL Tracking
  11. GPS Location Tracking

The monitored plan allows you to track and analyze the productivity of your company. It surely is the right package if you want to time track, schedule, and monitor productivity for your workforce.

Enterprise Plan

You can opt for the Enterprise Plan if your company requires custom integration and exclusive reports. Under this plan, you have access to all the features form the Monitored Plan along with the following upgrades:

  1. VIP Support
  2. Custom Implementation
  3. Custom Roles and Permissions
  4. Advanced Custom Reporting

Enterprise Plan is perfect for clients who want to customize the Apploye features to blend into their current working environment. To subscribe to the Enterprise Plan, you need to contact the sales team. The sales team will then send you a quote for the requested services. You can contact the sales team via the contact page at Contact Apploye Team

Apploye also offers a FREE 14 days trial period to try out the software. Sign up today and start using Apploye to increase your productivity.

Get Started >>

But with Apploye’s Lifetime Deal Plan currently available on PitchGround, you would have to only pay once to get your account for a lifetime without any recurring charges. 

In this LTD, you are eligible for all the features that you get in Apploye’s highest plan. It’s specially made for the PitchGround buyers which are worth considering.

Get Started with Apploye

Apploye uses an easy to understand user interface and makes it easy to navigate around. Remember you get a FREE 14 day trial period, which allows you to get a feel of what the software is all about. To get started with Apploye, follow the instructions given below.

How To Register An Account with Apploye

  • Head over to the registration link (click here)

  • Fill up the details in the form.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox, click on the confirmation mail, and you will be redirected to the login page.
  • Key in your email id and password and click on the login button.
  • Head to and enter your email address and your coupon code.
  • Click on ‘Add more coupon’ and enter more codes as per your plan. 
  • After you log in to Apploye, you will be shown a page similar to the screenshot above. If you are a company, choose “Add Organisation.”
  • Fill in the information, and if you enter the correct information, your organization will be added successfully.
  • The next step is to add a Project. Head over to the Project section in the left sidebar and click on it.
  • Fill in the data according to your need. On this page, you can select the name of the client, the manager, and the employees you want to be assigned on this task.

Once these steps are complete, your project will be successfully added along with particulars of clients and employees involved.


If you need video tutorials on how to get started with Apploye, you can check out their Get Started page that is filled with video tutorials. These video tutorials will help you set up your Apploye account with ease, and also help you with other tasks, such as inviting members to your projects. The video tutorials are interactive and will help you learn how to operate the Apploye dashboard.

There are also 7 series webinar on PitchGround’s YouTube Account that would help you to do an in-depth walkthrough with the tool

Support and Care

For any software company, it is essential that they set up a professional support system to help users with doubts and questions. Apploye takes their Customer Care support seriously and has set up many pages to help users navigate and use their service seamlessly.

An essential page is their “Help Docs” page. It lists all the doubts a new user could have, right from topics like “Getting Started” to “Complete Guides on using the Web Application.” You can access the “help docs” via this link:


Another helpful page is their FAQ page. It houses the most common questions users could ask. If these resources are still not enough, their 24/7 live chat service will surely help you. You will see a chatbox on the bottom right corner of the screen that will help you ask your questions directly.

Download Apploye 

Apploye is available on various platforms so you can coordinate with your employees on the go.


You can download Apploye on the following platforms,

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Linux

Download for Android

The Apploye app is being released soon to work on iOS devices. For the latest development, you can stay tuned to this post. We will update it whenever the iOS app is released.

You can access the latest version of the Apploye app on their official download page here.


Apploye is a productivity tool that helps you track your employees during their working hours and ensure their productivity is of the highest standards. The tool also acts as a time tracker, which helps you identify tasks where most time is being spent in your company. 

With Apploye, you get access to specialized reports of productivity, which you can discuss with your employees and chart out ways to optimize work and increase productivity. You can also track the completion of projects, and prioritize work on upcoming deadlines to ensure projects are completed on time.

Hence Apploye is an all in one productivity tool that helps businesses of every size manage time optimally and raise productivity. The tool also helps the management to focus on growing the company rather than spend time looking for loopholes in the working environment.

In conclusion, Apploye seamlessly blends workforce management, organized workflow, task prioritization, and enhanced communication into one suite to boost the productivity of your business.

Apploye Pricing –

You can buy Apploye on LTD at PitchGround

Apploye pricing is divided into nine plans –  

1. $49 Lifetime License –

  • 4 Users Tracking (Employees)
  • Time, App Usage and URLs Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Timesheet
  • Project and Task Management
  • Activity Levels Monitoring
  • Screenshots
  • Access to All the Features & Future Updates
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

2. $98 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 8 Users Tracking (Employees)

3. $147 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 12 Users Tracking (Employees)

4. $196 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 16 Users Tracking (Employees)

5. $245 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 20 Users Tracking (Employees)

6. $490 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 40 Users Tracking (Employees)

7. $980 Lifetime License –

  • All the $49 features with 100 Users Tracking (Employees)

8. $2450 Lifetime License – (Available for Limited Time Only)

  • All the $49 features with 400 Users Tracking (Employees)

9. $4900 Lifetime License – (Available for Limited Time Only)

  • All the $49 features with 1000 Users Tracking (Employees)
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