10 Best Funnel Builder To Get More Sales in 2023

A funnel is a series of actions that a person follows from the first interaction with a brand till the final step of acquiring a product or service from that company.

Businesses require funnels to warm up their audience and encourage them to make a purchase.

A sales funnel is a marketing tactic that looks like a funnel. The idea is that your customer base joins your funnel by purchasing an entry-level product at the top of the funnel. Presumably, you can then start-up selling these customers higher-ticket products/services gradually. 

Funnel builders are tools that are responsible for making web pages. The created web pages are made to look attractive to the customers.

A sales funnel, if explained straightforwardly, is a tool used to persuade people to buy the company’s goods!

If you’re a life coach, for example, your entry-level offering could be a free live stream webinar where you teach concepts for living a more happy life, and a higher ticker product could be a course or an extensive live workshop spanning a few days, or weeks, or months.

As any marketer knows, if you want to succeed in today’s age, you’ll need a smart digital marketing approach, and sales funnels may be able to assist you.

Setting up a sales funnel, if done correctly, may tremendously streamline the process of sales marketing and provide the user with a better overall buying experience. 

That eventually leads them to what they’re searching for, and as a result, they make a purchase!

Given the advantages of a sales funnel builder, you must choose the best one. 

Here’s a list of the ten best funnel builders we have selected out of the unlimited sales funnels in the market to get more sales in 2021.

10 Best Funnel Builder To Get More Sales in 2021

  • ClickFunnels
  • Wishpond 
  • Instapage  
  • LeadPages  
  • Landingi
  • Kajabi
  • Elementor
  • OptimizePress
  • GetResponse

*All the tools are listed randomly and are not based on our preference order.


ClickFunnels is one of the best funnel builder tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to develop and automate their digital marketing strategy and website funnels with little to no technical knowledge.

Their landing page builder is simple to use, and the sales funnel templates they provide are very helpful for beginners.

Over $4.2 billion in sales income has been created by ClickFunnels users! 

Without any outside or investor funding, the company grew from nothing to over $100 million in annual revenue in just five years. Over 100,000 paying users have joined the ClickFunnels community.

 Entrepreneurs who make $1 million in income with one of ClickFunnels’ funnels are awarded “The 2 Comma Club Award,” and ClickFunnels has many users attain this milestone each week!

ClickFunnels supports many payment processors and gives you free access to FunnelFlix, which offers world-class training and courses in sales, online marketing, company growth, traffic, funnel construction, strategy, personal development, copywriting, and more to help you expand your business BEYOND what you ever imagined possible.

Along with these, ClickFunnels is the best funnel builder that gives you the following additional features:

  • Customizations
  • Unlimited landing page creation templates 
  • Drag and drop
  • HTML input
  • Custom domain name
  • Growth
  • SEO
  • Site analytics
  • Marketing tools
  • E-commerce
  • Hosting
  • Content
  • Email integrations
  • Content management
  • Permissions
  • Page customization
  • Content library
  • Split testing 
  • Domain list of integration
  • Webinar funnels 


✅This is the best funnel builder, which allows you to see the different steps in your funnel, making setting it up fairly easy

✅If you’re starting and require ideas, their ‘cookbook’ sections are very helpful as it provides tutorials


❌Their email marketing plans are costlier

❌The landing page templates of ClickFunnels are a bit outdated 


  • Starter plan: a monthly plan of $97 
  • Etison suite: a monthly plan of $297 


Wishpond is a bundle of simple email marketing tools that lets you design landing pages, pop-ups, and social media contests. 

You can also manage your email marketing and automate it 

Their marketing automation’s advanced funnels software lets you also A/B test to see which email campaigns perform better.

If you already use an email marketing software like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, Wishpond makes it simple to combine your accounts with their platform.

If you look at the following key features, you’ll know why Wishpond is one of the best funnel builders:

  • Unlimited landing page creation: You can build, publish, and A/B split test mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes with landing pages templates
  • Website popups: It lets you use website popup forms to convert more website visitors into leads
  • Lead-generation forms: You can add lead generation forms to your website or blog
  • Contests & promotions: you can run Facebook sweepstakes, photo contests, and Instagram hashtag contests, among other things
  • Email marketing: It helps you personalize your emails to each lead based on any action or personal details
  • Lead management: It helps you create lists depending on your leads’ activity on your site and in your campaigns
  • Lead scoring: It helps you determine which leads are ready to buy based on their activity and personal information
  • Lead profiles: It helps you learn more about your prospects. You can see what they’ve done on the web, what emails they’ve opened, and more
  • Surveys and forms: It lets you construct opt-in forms that are set up to connect to your preferred email autoresponder automatically


✅An excessive user-friendly interface makes it the best funnel builder

✅Tons of attractive templates and workflow options

✅Starting plans is very affordable and ideal for small businesses


❌Doesn’t have a visual sales funnels builder

❌Doesn’t have custom domains


  • Starting Out: $75 per month billed monthly / $49 per month billed yearly
  • Everything You Need: $149 per month billed monthly / $99 per month billed yearly
  • Rapid Growth: $299 per month billed monthly / $199 per month billed yearly


Instapage is one of the most popular sales funnel builder software online. It enables digital marketers to increase ad conversions and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by offering hyper-relevant ad-to-page interactions at a scale previously unthinkable. 

It’s considered among the best funnel builders because it offers a unified environment for ad mapping, scalable page building, and conversion tracking.

It lets users do experimentation, personalization, and analytics to create, optimize, and customize landing pages as quickly as their ads.

Instapage makes the list of best funnel builders with over two million landing pages and an average conversion rate of over 16 percent. It helps major companies in over 100 countries get more value from their campaigns.

It provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for swiftly designing, integrating, and optimizing landing pages. 

This makes targeted digital advertising easy for teams and agencies by:

  • Creating unique post-click experiences with 1:1 Ad-to-Page personalization
  • Using Instablocks(TM) and Global Blocks, you can create, manage, and update unlimited landing page experiences in minutes without needing to hire a developer
  • Using the Instapage platform, you can create faster, higher-converting Google AMP landing pages
  • With a single click, you can add advanced page features like two-step pop-up forms, on-page linking, and more
  • You can use heat maps to understand visitor behavior and run intelligent A/B tests to see what works best
  • You can compare the performance of all the pages you’ve published using real-time conversion analytics
  • It comes with the only built-in team visual collaboration solution for landing page design/content collaboration
  • It lets you construct opt-in forms that help to connect to your preferred email autoresponder automatically


✅Has a comprehensive landing page editor

✅Heatmaps feature makes it one of the best funnel builder

✅Makes improving page performance easier


❌Other features except landing page editor aren’t that useful

❌Fairly expensive than others


  • Building: $129 per month/ $99 billed annually
  • Optimizing: Custom


Leadpages is a best-in-class digital lead generation platform that is an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs and marketers to simply create web pages, generate leads with confidence, and convert clicks into customers continuously. 

It helps you get started and stay in business online, with everything from landing pages to Facebook ads making it an effective sales funnels system.

Leadpages is powered by a Minneapolis-based team of conversion-marketing masterminds as well as the nicest tech support team on the planet, giving an affordable solution to marketing automation to 45,000+ users.

It’s the best funnel builder since it’s a website that works for you and works as hard as you. Every page you publish with Leadpages is meticulously optimized to collect leads and close sales.

There are no technical requirements. There are no restrictions on how many pages you can publish or how many leads you can collect. 

In addition to having the industry’s easiest-to-use funnel builder, Leadpages provides you with access to hundreds of professionally designed templates that have been proven to convert.

No developers are required to use these sites, insert your messaging, and create a lead-generating landing page in as little as five minutes.

Some of the key features of LeadPages are:

  • Page Customization options 
  • Drag and drop
  • Unlimited landing pages 
  • Pre-built sales funnel templates
  • Advanced customization: it allows users to edit a page’s HTML or CSS code, or add custom code
  • Content library
  • Page optimization
  • Custom fonts 
  • A/B testing
  • Mobile responsive
  • Web analytics
  • SEO
  • Advanced integrations
  • E-commerce list of integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Domain integration
  • Advanced analytics integration
  • Webinar funnels


✅Budget-friendly payment options

✅The fact that regardless of how many leads you collect, you’ll always pay the same make it the best funnels builder

✅ Setting up the website is easier

✅The template section is very modern and sorted by conversion rates

✅Easy sales funnel builder software interface 


❌Doesn’t have email marketing automation and software

❌Standard plan is fairly reasonable but offers limited features when compared with others


  • Standard: $37 per month billed monthly / $25 billed annually
  • Pro: $79 per month billed monthly / $48 billed annually
  • Advanced: $321 per month billed monthly / $199 billed annually


Landingi is a marketing tool that allows you to conduct standalone marketing campaigns with landing pages. 

The platform provides several solutions to assist customers at every stage of landing page marketing campaign creation, from design through launch, integration, optimization, and conversion. 

Landingi’s powerful drag-and-drop editor allows you to create stunning landing pages, mobile pages, and sales funnels with ease. 

Building a high-converting landing page becomes time-saving and straightforward with its 300+ ready-to-use templates. 

It is suitable for diverse sectors and supports your defined marketing campaign goals.

Landingi makes place for itself among the best funnels builder by providing the following:

  • Pricing to fit user’s requirements 
  • The basic plan includes all of the functionality you’ll need to construct a landing page
  • If you want to construct a high-converting landing page and start digital campaigns right away, you don’t need to upgrade
  • Premium templates and more automation features are available with higher levels
  • White label features 
  • They provide a robust landing page solution to your customers
  • Your customers will have their own login page and landing page, which will be under your domain and branding
  • You can create an infinite number of subaccounts with the agency pro plan
  • Landingi is a group of marketers dedicated to assisting other marketers in the creation of landing pages and the improvement of their digital campaigns
  • They can create a custom landing page for you or assist you in getting the most out of your campaigns
  • It also has a webinar platform for its users 


✅Affordable pricing plans

✅Good modern-looking templates

✅Its base plan starts at just $39 per month


❌Landingi’s major focus is landing pages, and while you can develop sales funnels using their software, you’ll have to rely on other providers

❌To add leads to automation, you’ll need to combine the landing page software with your email marketing provider


  • Core: $39 per month billed monthly / $29 billed annually
  • Create: $59 per month billed monthly / $45 billed annually
  • Automate: $79 per month billed monthly / $59 billed annually


Kajabi is a platform that replaces a lot of the software you’d need and brings everything together in one spot. 

Thinkific, WordPress, WooCommerce, Samcart, ActiveCampaign, and ClickFunnels are some of the tools that Kajabi replaces.

Thousands of users utilize the Kajabi platform every day to construct life-changing enterprises and establish an online presence that reflects them.

Kajabi takes care of the headaches that come with getting all of your marketing software to operate together.

Its basic, as well as advanced plans, allow you to make a website, digital products, classes, and subscriptions, among other things.

The following features are the reasons why Kajabi made it into the list of best funnel builders:

  • Create digital products: You have the option of customizing the pricing and delivery. To make your items even faster, you can use the pre-made templates and simply upload your content
  • Websites: You may use Kajabi to build out your website and make it the center of your business
  • Payment integration: Stripe and PayPal are two options for connecting and integrating
  • Analytics: You can observe how each customer is progressing through the sales cycle thanks to built-in analytics
  • Email marketing and email automation: You may use widgets and create campaigns for several emails per month 
  • Unlimited landing pages: You can create fully customizable landing pages that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your business
  • Campaigns: To aid in the execution of effective advertising campaigns, you can develop unique automation triggers
  • Custom tagging: For a more personalized experience, you can provide custom tags to separate subscribers
  • Mobile app: Kajabi also provides a mobile app that helps you to stay alert of things when you’re on the go


✅Minimal technical responsibility on the user’s end

✅Simple to set-up

✅User experience is intuitive, effortless, and easy

✅Their support and training, along with the software itself, are constantly being improved


❌In recent years, they’ve had multiple issues with the platform being down

❌The CRM abilities of this platform feel short when compared to others

❌Fairly pricey payment gateways 


Kajabi Basic: costs $119 per month

Kajabi Growth: costs $159 per month

Kajabi Pro: costs $319 per month


Elementor is a powerful drag-and-drop funnel builder used by 4.6 percent of all websites globally!

Its assistance to web designers in creating gorgeous, comprehensive WordPress websites without code makes it into the list of best funnel builders.

Its visual sales funnel builder allows customers to customize and scale their WordPress website-building process with hundreds of widgets, integrations, website templates, inbound marketing, and design tools. 

The easy UI of Elementor removes unnecessary design complications, resulting in stunningly designed and high-performing websites. 

Built-in pop-up forms further assist Elementor users in creating websites that convert.

It’s an easy and intuitive funnel builder integrated with the WordPress website to build out blogs.

Users can completely personalize their sites, create popup forms to connect with their email autoresponder, and more. 

Elementor is most commonly used to create web pages, but it can also be used to create landing pages and sales funnels.

Along with these, the following advanced features make it the best funnel builder among the unlimited funnels systems out there:

  • Elementor Theme Builder Features: you can personalize every part of your site or landing page with the theme builder
  • 50+ widgets: there are over 50+ widgets to choose from, including a search bar, menu, buttons, countdown timer, social networking, and more
  • Visual Form Builder with Integration: The form builder contains a spam filter and protection, as well as the ability to integrate directly with an email autoresponder
  • Post Filtering: If you use Elementor for your main website, you may use post-filtering to save time
  • Animations: There are also a lot of animations, such as parallax scrolling, mouse tracking, and 3D tilt
  • Email templates management


✅Easy to use

✅Good functionality

✅Free version is also available to users

✅Additional plugins make the builder much more powerful

✅Affordable sales funnel builder tools 


❌Elementor Pro license has to be renewed every year, no one time option to buy the plugin is available

❌Post widget could have more options for design layout

❌Issues with updating the plugin seen recently


  • Elementor Pro Personal – Costs $49 per year
  • Elementor Pro Plus – Costs $99 per year
  • Elementor Pro Expert – Costs $199 per year


Individuals and organizations can use OptimizePress to create high-converting landing pages, secure membership portals, sales websites, launch funnels, blog sites, and more. 

It allows businesses to construct nearly any type of page in WordPress, such as sales and marketing sites, training and courses, webinar registration, and mobile-optimized versions of all pages.

The live editor includes powerful tools for creating pages in real-time, as well as more than 30 customizable templates that may be customized to match specific needs. 

The platform also includes over 40 unique elements, including buttons, arrows, feature boxes, multimedia, testimonials, and more, in addition to the built-in templates.

It can also be linked to a range of other applications, such as email marketing, membership administration, analytics, and more.

All pages built with OptimizePress are mobile-friendly and work on any device. Users don’t need to perform any additional code or work to have their pages look fantastic across platforms.

OP is a WordPress theme and plugin that is fully integrated with the platform. The plug-in version can be used with any other theme, allowing users to maintain their primary blog style.

OP’s major strength is the ability to create secure and beautiful membership portals, and users can create content delivery portals and membership pages without using any other plugins.

Below is an overview of features that make OptimizePress the best funnel builder

  • Sales and landing page templates 
  • Membership portals
  • Blog sites
  • Launch funnels
  • Mobile responsive
  • Live editor
  • WP theme and plugin format
  • 30+ templates
  • 40+ custom elements
  • Custom member portals
  • Shopping cart
  • Content drip feeding
  • Custom domains 
  • Individual page protection
  • Affiliate management software 


✅Better control of landing pages

✅More flexibility

✅Speed of implementation of commands is fast

✅Customer support is fast


❌You need to use an external solution for your affiliate program

❌You’ll have to do your hosting


  • OptimizePress Essential – Costs $99 per year
  • OptimizePress Business – Costs $149 per year
  • OptimizePress Suite – Costs $199 per year


GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform, but you can also use your account to create sales funnels, lead pages, and webinars.

It’s a terrific alternative for both beginners and advanced marketers looking for a sales funnel builder software because it has everything in one place.

Even on the most basic subscription, you may construct an unlimited number of landing pages.

Take a look at the complete list of features included in basic as well as GetResponse in the table below and figure out why it is the best funnel builder.

  • Email Marketing: GetResponse allows you to construct email campaigns and email automation to follow up with your subscribers
  • In your emails, you may set up triggers to send certain emails or subscribe/unsubscribe specific contacts
  • Timers can also be specified for when to send out emails and other tasks
  • Conversion Funnel: GetResponse conversion funnels feature a signup page, exit popup form, follow-up emails, sales page, order form, abandoned cart email, upsell page, confirmation page, and confirmation email
  • Landing Pages: To put and update any element on the landing page, GetResponse provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor
  • Creator of Social Ads: Create Facebook and social media advertising directly within GetResponse
  • Ecommerce: The landing pages you develop with GetResponse can be used to promote your products
  • Surveys and Forms: Opt-in forms can be constructed and set up to connect to your preferred email autoresponder automatically
  • Automated Marketing: Different triggers, such as clicks, assigning tags to contacts, and applying filters depending on contact actions, can be used to automate the email marketing
  • Webinars: You can create complete webinars in GetResponse with ease
  • Design: Dynamic content with drag and drop email and landing page editors are available
  • You can also use an image editor instead of using third-party software
  • Creating and Managing Lists: To send the correct emails to the right subscribers, use custom contact fields, import email lists, and do extensive contact segmentation.
  • Optimization and Analytics: Email and landing page analytics and reporting are accessible
  • Solutions for Businesses: Onboarding, as well as a dedicated account manager and IP address, are offered
  • Integrations: GetResponse can be integrated with a variety of apps and social media platforms
  • Management of Accounts and Campaigns: GetResponse provides mobile apps as well as customer service to assist you with your account


✅Uses different features that make creating and managing landing pages easy


❌Bad customer support

❌Personal and billing settings are confusing


  • GetResponse Basic – Costs $15 per month
  • GetResponse Plus – Costs $49 per month
  • GetResponse Professional – Costs $99 per month
  • GetResponse Enterprise – Custom pricing

Increase Your Sales With The Best Funnel Builder

Increasing sales is the motive of every email marketer, and sales funnel builders help you in that task.

Choosing an appropriate sales funnel builder in the lists of unlimited funnels in the market is one task that you have to take on your hands, and the rest you leave upon the software!

So what’s making you wait this long?

Choose one of the best funnel builders mentioned in this list and start with sales funnel software tools to gain new clients and skyrocket your revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a sales funnel builder?

A sales funnel builder is a piece of software that focuses on optimizing the process of converting a visitor into a lead and then into a customer. A sales funnel builder’s goal is to get someone through the sales process as quickly as possible to increase the product owner’s profit.

  • What are the sales funnel building software?

Sales funnel building software is a set of programs and tools that focuses on making it as simple and quick as possible for users to create sales funnels. 

  • What is a funnel builder?

A sales funnel builder enables users to create sales funnels that successfully convert leads into sales.

  • What is a sales funnel system?

The practice of guiding a customer or visitor through the sales process is known as a sales funnel system. The system’s ultimate purpose is to sell that visitor a product and turn them into long-term customers of the company.

  • When is it appropriate to employ sales funnel software?

When you want to accelerate the conversion of a lead to a customer, you should employ sales funnel software. Finally, this will assist you in increasing sales and profits.

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