Best SEO Tools to Increase Click-Through Rates by 10X

Imagine you started a business. 

And to boost engagement, you decided to create a website. But you need the best SEO tools to get traffic on your website.

You paid professional developers a hefty amount of money to create a website. 

Now, it is time to wait for quality leads and engagement. 

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into a month, but there is no sign of any lead generation. 

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to have a fabulous website, yet not a soul visiting it? 

You work day and night building what you believe is a fantastic content, yet you are struggling for views.

Well, the reason is that your ranking on the search engines is very low. Websites that rank favorably generally have higher click-through rates (CTR). 

That is why it is important to have a good click-through rate. Successful brands and merchants use SEO tools to increase CTR.

And in this blog, we will share with you the importance of click-through rate and the best tools to increase it.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it:

best seo tools

What Is Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rate, or CTR, is a phrase used in digital marketing that refers to the percentage of people viewing a web page from a promotion, advertisement, or organic search result.

Clicking on the promotion sends them to a web page for that product or service. 

Click-through rate calculates how successful an ad has been in capturing a site visitor’s interest. 

It is an important metric because it informs how suitable people find your content. 

Why Is Click-Through Rate Important?

Directly impacts your quality score

To understand click-through rate, think of it as the quality score, as your credit score.

A poor credit score hinders your possibilities for a loan. Similarly, a lackluster quality score will improve the price you pay for each click.

On the flip side, a higher quality score means Google will be demanding you less per ad click, while simultaneously positioning your ad and content at a higher level.

It will assist you in understanding what kind of news matters to your customers

As CTR is impacted by how often a user clicks on them, a higher percentage will suggest if your ads or content are properly able to communicate with the audience or not.

CTR can aid you to modify messages; so the next time someone sees it, they will spontaneously click on it. 

Target the right kind of audience

Although an extensive portion of readers might be able to see your ad on a respective website, only a few people would actually want to click on it.

The reason might be that keywords are not accurately used towards enticing customers from your respective niche.

 A huge share of your digital budget might be going to waste by reaching the incorrect sort of audience, who might be accidentally clicking on your ads and promotions, increasing your CTR percentage barely but never transforming it to a call to action. 

Ways to Increase Click-Through Rate

Even if you have the best SEO tools you still need to learn how to increase your Click-Through-Rate and this is how you can achieve it.

Using images and videos for SEO

Google SERP is not only limited to showing organic results anymore. They also show images, videos, and featured snippets to name just a few.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that SERPs showing images and videos are slowly but surely increasing in number.

This means that you can optimize your images and videos to increase your chances of ranking on these SERPs.

Here are some of the ways you can optimize images for SEO:

  • Use targeted keyword ideas in image and video title, description, and alternate text.
  • Place the image and video in a section of the page or in content where it best matches the keyword intent.
  • Compress large size images and videos.
  • Use keyword research tool for better understanding.
  • Keyword rankings, keyword combinations, and keyword analysis are vital as well.
  • Add a caption to images.
  • Use standard image sizes and optimal image formats.

Using meta description and URL

A search engine listing usually comprises of three things:

  • Title.
  • URL.
  • Meta description.
  • After optimizing your title, you should focus on optimizing your URL and meta description for click-through rate. 
  • Add your keyword in the URL as it will increase your click-through rate by 45% compared to URLs that don’t contain the keyword.

Just like the title and URL, add your keyword in the meta description as well.

Ensure all the pages on your website have a meta description because pages that have meta descriptions generate 5.8% more clicks than pages without it.

Write captivating headlines

What is the first thing that users will read when they look at your website? It is the headline. 

It can make it or break it for you. That is why it is vital to write attention-grabbing headlines.

Add a moving component to your headline as research has shown that including positive or negative sentiments to your headlines can increase its click-through rate by 7%. 

If your website or blog is ranking on the first page of Google, you have a chance to grab the attention of the audience through featured snippets and boost your visibility.

To do so, you need to understand the objective of featured snippets.

The main reason why search engines show featured snippets is that they want to provide a direct answer to a search query, and if your listing does that, you have a good chance of getting featured.

Featured snippets are shown for questions-based queries or long-tail keywords. The focus is usually on delivering clear solutions to the user question, and if your listing can do that while optimizing for keywords, it can rank on featured snippets.

Improve your rankings

best seo tools

According to an analysis conducted by Backlnko, which examined 5 million Google search results, moving one spot up can improve your click-through rate and organic traffic by almost 30.8%.

Even though rank tracking might change relying on your existing position and the position you have moved to. So, improving your ranking can improve your click-through rate impressively.

Best SEO Tools to Increase CTR by 10x


best seo tools

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media management tool that helps in increasing click-through rate, curation, content creation, scheduling, and overall management of the social media presence of brands.

SocialPilot lets you handle overall social media campaigns, including client management and growth of Facebook posts, without having to exit the dashboard. 

It is one of the best digital marketing tools that help with unlimited customer management.

Besides that, you can effortlessly customize and plan posts for each platform, create posts for impactful branding, and get recognized by your audience with flexible scheduling.

SocilaPilot allows you to explore and report social media performance with the help of in-depth social media analytics.

Users can manage, post, boost, run, and generate reports under social media banners through this tool.

It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and VK. 

Major features of SocialPilot are:

  • SocialPilot is one of the best SEO tools to make customized posts for every social media channel.
  • The influencers’ analytics tool assists users in discovering top influencers that can aid in driving engagement.
  • SocialPilot helps in increasing click-through rate by making the content more engaging.
  • You can optimize, strategize, handle, and envision your content with a social media calendar.
  • With the assistance of the bulk scheduling feature, you can upload up to 500 posts single-handedly.
  • It has Facebook and LinkedIn-specific audience targeting available.
  • You can obtain trendy and new content suggestions with the content curation feature.
  • You can smoothly access all page conversations in one place by leveraging the power of the social inbox feature.


✅SocialPilot has a frictionless interface and features to assist you in publishing and operating your social media posts.

✅You can develop workflows in team collaborations for smooth work.

✅You can acquire your potential customers by targeting a suitable audience.

✅You can strategize, optimize, operate, and envision your content with a social media calendar. 

✅SocialPilot has Canva integration to develop innovative layouts.

✅It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and VK. 

✅You can bulk upload up to 500 posts using SocialPilot.

✅SocialPilot’s white-label feature lets you optimize your client’s experience with SocialPilot to fit your label and style.

✅It lets you operate up to 70+ social media accounts to handle all your customers from a single place. 


❌It lacks Instagram analytics.

❌There is the absence of a completely free plan.


  1. 14-day free trial
  2. Small team: $42.5/month
  3. Studio: $85/month
  4. Agency: $127.5/mo


Viraltag is a reasonable social media marketing and analysis tool that helps you increase click-through rate and handle all significant social media platforms from a single dashboard.

From its dashboard, you can share a post on numerous social media channels or pages with just one click.

A user can effortlessly upload new posts, control multiple accounts, and analyze them as well.

Viraltag is the image-focused social tool and best for internet marketers who use Instagram and Pinterest to share their visual content.

It aids one with planning online media posts and offers visual essence across friendly stages and various records without difficulties.

It also delivers in-depth analytics to comprehend the behavior of your sharing content, follower count and saves.

It includes third-party integrations with Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox, RSS feeds, and Canva. Viraltag presents a cost-effective way to stay trendy on social media platforms even when you are not much active.

Some features of Viraltag are:

  • Viraltag delivers numerous scheduling features, which include queue scheduling, interval scheduling, and post now.
  • Queue scheduler functions as a preset scheduler calendar that allows you to plan your post for different times and dates for individual social media channels. 
  • It incorporates third-party integrations with Picasa, Instagram, Dropbox, RSS feeds, and Canva.
  • Another significant feature of Viraltag is the in-built ‘Explore’ tab, which allows you to find trendy content and share with your followers without exiting your Viraltag dashboard. 
  • The image editor tool provided in Viraltag is incorporated with Canva so that you can freely create stunning graphics for all your social media channels.
  • Viraltag has a user-friendly and easily accessible analytics feature to get in-depth knowledge of your social media performance and is one of the best SEO tools. 
  • Bulk upload lets you schedule multiple photos, videos, pins, or other files with a single click and never bother about it for a whole month.


✅With this tool, you can boost up click-through rates effortlessly.

✅Features like search traffic, search volumes, monthly search volume, content strategy, SEO scores are notable.

✅Post recycling is another unique feature that allows re-sharing of the top-performing posts to generate more leads.

✅The all-in-one dashboard is yet another notable feature of this tool that helps in efficiently managing social media channels.

✅Viraltag also has an in-built reporting feature where you can maintain a record of your social media traffic. 

✅Analytics reports of the same are also available to envision future posts and SEO strategies.

✅It allows you to just manage one account for all social media platforms, namely Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

✅The team collaboration feature makes marketing easy and innovative.

✅Viraltag also provides a free trial for 14 days.


❌To get additional features, users have to pay more.

❌It is more of a Pinterest-oriented tool.


  1. Individual plan: $24/month
  2. Small business: $79/month
  3. Enterprise: $249+/month


Shopify is a subscription-based software that lets anyone put up an online website and sell their products.

But it can also help in increasing the click-through rate of your existing website. There are many ways in which the CTR can be enhanced using Shopify. 

Lead magnets are a way that you can give in exchange for a visitor’s email address or phone number.

It can be a discount or an informational product that your audience would find valuable. Pop-ups are yet another way of using a lead magnet to increase your email list. 

Shopify is not a particular product—it’s not just a shop developer or a tool to sell your products.

Shopify is a commerce platform that delivers a method to fast launch your dream business and start marketing to your customers, wherever they are.

Some of the key features of Shopify are:

  • The subscription-based software lets anyone build an online store and market their products.
  • With Shopify, merchants can develop and customize a web store and trade in numerous places, including mobile, web, online marketplaces, social media, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.
  • Shopify also has features to organise products, payments, inventory, keyword suggestions, link building tool, SEO report, and shipping.
  • Shopify is fully cloud-based and hosted, which means you can easily access it from any connected device that is compatible.
  • Shopify’s commerce platform delivers all of the business tools you’ll need in your business website, at a familiar place.
  • Search engine optimization and content optimization are notable functions.


✅It’s a wonderful tool to build a custom shopping experience for your visitors/customers.

✅Shopify also integrates with over 100 different payment processors able to handle multiple currencies, making your customer payment process easier.

✅With the Shopify POS system, you can control your inventory, sales, customer data, etc., offline and online, on a single platform.

✅The broad range of apps that Shopify has to present makes them one of the more versatile e-commerce platforms in the market.

✅Shopify is straightforward to use and requires no technical knowledge.

✅It has a clean, intuitive interface and provides an exceptional user experience.

✅Variety of ’sales channels’ are available for businesses and merchants of different categories.


❌Payment is needed to connect to other apps.

❌If technical errors occur, you may need to post a question on a forum to receive an answer from a developer. 


  1. Shopify Lite: $9/month
  2. Basic Shopify: $29/month
  3. Shopify: $79/month
  4. Advanced Shopify: $299/month
  5. Shopify Plus: custom pricing


Mailchimp is a comprehensive yet affordable and popular tool that fulfills all your needs of email correspondence with customers, affiliates, and other stakeholders.

Mailchimp is a web-based application, unlike many other all-in-one automation and marketing platforms.

Mailchimp is yet another tool to increase your CTR and boost engagement. Enterprises looking to leverage email marketing require a tool, such as Mailchimp, to execute their campaigns like a well-oiled engine.

Apart from boosting your email marketing with its logistical resources, Mailchimp also provides analytical features so that you can choose how you have been coping with your email.

Some features of Mailchimp are:

  • It delivers a cost-effective subscription plan friendly for small and medium businesses while having the proficiency to manage enormous volumes of campaigns for extensive scale businesses and associations.
  • Mailchimp is immaculate as technological and analytical tools arrive with their low-cost plans.
  • Mailchimp lets users control their subscribers, view success, develop custom reports and click-through rates, and track emails.
  • Mailchimp is a freemium tool, which means it has both free and premium plans.
  • Startups, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs with finite budgets can also use Mailchimp’s freemium plan. 


✅Mailchimp is achievable via mobile, so users can run their campaigns anywhere with an internet connection.

✅Mailchimp lets you automate tasks using the default automation settings and also helps to generate content ideas.

✅You can combine your list of connections from your mobile devices with your Mailchimp list.

✅Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and startups with small budgets can also use Mailchimp’s freemium plan. 

✅You can send an email blast to all your subscribers and followers or you can divide your subscribers into elements to target them better. 

✅Mailchimp also provides you with a dashboard filled with easy-to-understand illustrated reports. 


❌Mailchimp reserves the right to either cancel or suspend your account without prior notice.

❌The templates in Mailchimp are rather basic.

❌The interface can be a bit awkward and unmanageable to some users.


  1. Free trial
  2. Free plan
  3. Growth plan: Starts at $10/month
  4. Pro plan: Starts at $199/month


Sendloop is an easy-to-use email marketing automation tool that you can customize and use on your own without any technical support.

Sendloop allows you to achieve your target audience via the proper channels to develop your business and increase your click-through rate and digital value.

Sendloop delivers more than 80 free email templates, an easy drag-n-drop email builder, and many other notable features.

Sendloop is one of the most powerful email marketing platforms for handling highly compelling email marketing campaigns.

It is the best tool to use for small- and mid-sized business owners, digital services, e-commerce businesses, and platforms – anyone with an audience and a product; anyone curious in digital marketing would profit from Sendloop.

Some of the essential features of Sendloop are:

  • The UI/UX is very straightforward and one does not need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how it operates.
  • You can format a newsletter, import a list of subscribers, and send it in a snap. 
  • Sendloop’s professional and customer-focused assistance are ever ready to assist you whenever you want and need it.
  • Whether you are mailing an email newsletter, system notification email, product release email, Sendloop will manage the email delivery for you and make sure they reach your subscribers and customers. 
  • It’s 100% free to sign-up and starts promoting leads on your website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter page right away!


✅The drag-and-drop option makes the process of email building and generating much easier.

✅Using the templets makes the task much easier.  It prevents the hustle of checking and rechecking the email and ensures a quick process.

✅RSS email campaign is one of the trademark features of Sendloop that reduces your manual efforts.

✅Mobile applications are available.

✅Drip campaigns let you strategise your communication with built-in messages to your targeted customers. 

✅Posts are shared and promoted over social media to increase traffic.

✅Well-developed customer service is established by Sendloop.  


❌Sendloop has problems with logging out; it will log you out after a few minutes of inactivity.

❌The report requires development with integration possibilities. 


Starting at $9/month it is considered to be one of the best SEO tools in the market.


best seo tools

FeedBlitz is a good choice for an email marketing tool that comes with in-built RSS feed services. It helps in increasing click-through rates as well.

Above all, it presents a worthy range of email marketing services at a relatively reasonable price.

It does not have a free version but it does provide a 30-day free trial period for you to try out their product before you decide whether it is appropriate for your needs.

However, FeedBlitz’s elements may be considered somewhat basic and are rather finite compared to some of its competitors.

It is the mission of FeedBlitz to be an integrated service delivering email marketing, RSS feed management services, and social media.

Overall, this tool is best suited for businesses of any size that require an email marketing platform with RSS feed management abilities.

Some essential features of FeedBlitz are:

  • FeedBlitz’s email marketing suite will allow you to join with the people in any email list you have.
  • FeedBlitz also presents a comprehensive selection of email marketing services at your disposal.
  • They have an API to allow you to effortlessly combine your RSS feed analytics into your media reporting dashboard of preference.
  • FeedBlitz concentrates on customizability as well, and they let users smoothly modify the emails they send out based on their brand’s chosen kind from the platform itself.


✅It provides detailed analytics that allows you to track which subscribers have opened every email.

✅It is a great content tool that is helpful in online marketing.

✅Unlimited tagging allows targeting mailing.

✅Emails can be effortlessly crafted and edited with keyword tools and search engine rankings.

✅It has a dynamic subscriber management dashboard and keyword strategy.


❌It has no email scheduling feature.

❌Templates delivered are limited in choice and not the most aesthetically engaging with basic tools.


  1. 30-day free trial
  2. Small business: $7/month & $49/year for 0-100 subscribers
  3. Enterprise: $10.50/month & $73.50/year


best seo tools

ViralWoot is a fast-growing cloud-based social media management software. It helps to sustain small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses.

Trusted and operated by hundreds of businesses, ViralWoot is an outstanding all-in-one social media analytics tool. 

It allows you to increase click-through rate, schedule posts, enhance content on social media, create campaigns, boost social media presence, etc.

ViralWoot pin programmer lets users magnify their presence on various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and spend more time on high-value activities that generate quality leads.

Automation, bulk scheduling, post promotion, analysis, and reporting are important features of this Pinterest tool. 

Some of the features of ViralWoot are:

  • ViralWoot provides accelerated growth of your social media channels.
  • ViralWot is used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world, including some of the big names like Alibaba, Cleartrip, Pepperfry, BuzzFeed, Shopify, etc.
  • ViralWoot helps you get discovered by over 125,000 active social media users.
  • You can gain insight into what works and what doesn’t and also discover cool trends and track the competition.
  • On influencer management, you are able to build and run campaigns that get accurate results.


✅This tool speeds up supercharges productivity and promotions and influences the management system to run campaigns.

✅With the assistance of this analytics tool, users can also run detailed and real-time campaigns.

✅The social media managers can run their channels from anywhere on the web by operating their free chrome extension.

✅It is straightforward, quick, and mobile-friendly. 


❌It has limited features and focuses specifically on Pinterest and Instagram.

❌Customer care is not responsive and takes many days to reply.

❌It does not provide a comprehensive analytics report compared to other tools.


ViralWoot basic plan: $10/per month

ViralWoot Business: $49/per month

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is click-through rate?

Click-through rate (CTR) is a phrase used in digital marketing that refers to the percentage of people viewing a web page from a promotion, advertisement, or organic search result.

Clicking on the promotion sends them to a web page for that product or service. 

2. Why is CTR important?

CTR is important because it directly impacts your quality score. It will assist you in understanding what kind of news matters to your customers. It is important to target the right kind of audience as well.

3. What are some of the best SEO tools to increase CTR?

There are many tools that can help in increasing the click-through rate, such as:

  • SocialPilot
  • Viraltag
  • Mailchimp
  • SendLoop
  • FeedBlitz
  • Shopify
  • ViralWoot

4. What are some ways to increase the click-through rate?

Some of the ways to increase CTR are:

  • Using meta description
  • Using images and videos for SEO
  • By improving your search rankings
  • By using featured snippets and organic keywords
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