How Business Card Scanners Help You Be 10x More Efficient

It’s no secret that business cards are a marketing essential, but did you know some interesting stats on the frequency of contact with people and how often they go into your wallet? In 2015, it was estimated that Americans would give out 4.4 billion business cards in one year. What does this mean for marketers like you? It means it’s time to start investing in the best business card scanners!

What is a business card scanner?

A business card scanner, simply put, is a digital business card. Business cards contain your contact details–name, email address, and sometimes a phone number—and such a scanner takes that info and turns it into a searchable business database. For the next time you go to look for an old email or try to track someone down, your business card scanner will save you time by turning business cards into contact records that are stored digitally!

So to be able to scan cards within just seconds, you will 

How does a business card scanner work?

Whether you have a business card scanner literally on your desk or in your pocket, business cards are still business cards! They can be handed directly to the phone for scanning and importation into the business card scanner. The scanners use OCR (optical character recognition) technology to transfer business card text into searchable text. It keeps all the cards into a managed database accessible for the entire team, turning them into a database for digital business cards.

Scanner Features

Scanners come in a range of features, some offering more business card scanning capabilities than others. Before you choose a scanner software or hardware, think about what you want from it. Consider how many business cards you have. If you’re going to merge business contact information with existing contacts or make new contact records out of business cards… business card scanners can do all of this and more.

What scanner software programs are available?

Card scanner software is excellent for business owners, marketers, and business managers as it allows you to scan business cards right into your existing systems! The business card scanning software will enable you to email business cards, add photos or attachments to business cards.

Nobody wants to type business card data into contacts, so most times, it will not even be entered into the system. With these apps, your phone can do the heavy lifting for you.

Business card scanner software programs include business card 2 contacts, business card manager business cards to the phonebook and business cards reader.

If you don’t have a fancy business card scanner yet but know that some software would be helpful in your business, there are apps for that too!

What makes a good business card reader app?

A scanning app gives you quick business card scanning capabilities and data entry without attaching your scanner or laptop to your computer.

Scanner apps are convenient business card scanning software programs that give you card scanning capabilities on your phone, tablet, laptop, and even desktop.

Business Card Scanner Hardware Options & Features

If business card scanners are software-based, a card scanner gets installed on your devices and computer systems. There are a few business card scanner hardware options:

Business card scanners can be attached to cellphones or tablet cameras. They use Optical Character Recognition technology to read the cards, and the scanner’s software turns them into digital business cards that you can store on your device.

The camera attachment is connected to your smartphone, computer, or desktop, and the business card scanner software is installed. The business card scanner camera attachment allows you to take pictures of business cards and turn them into digital data. So the camera, whether that is attached to the phone or tablet or using the native camera instead, is the essential element in this entire setup.

Business Card Scanner Price Points & Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Business card scanners are business tools, and business owners invest a lot into business tools. Business card scanners range in price from $100-$500, but even at the most affordable business card scanner prices, it’s an investment in your business. Before you invest in business card scanners, consider the following business card scanner price factors:

What business solutions can this unlock?

This is a business solution for business owners who want to access and use the business contact information on their devices or computers. Business cards are always with you when you’re out networking, and keeping a business card scanner handy means business card information is always with you, too!

What scanning software should business owners use?

Scanner business software is a business solution that business owners need to keep up with business cards and access the business contact information they provide. Business card scanner business solutions help them apply it immediately upon receipt or as soon as they get back to their offices. Most business card scanners can search business directory information online based on business card data that is submitted. Business owners can email business cards directly, attach business cards to emails or text messages or make new contact records out of business cards they can.

What Features Should You look for in your business card scanner?

It might seem like business expense software, but they are business tools. The features should be suitable for your business and needs:

When business owners use a business card scanner solution, they have all of their business contact information in one place. There’s no more searching through files or wasting time because you can pull business contact information up instantly. Use business card scanners with business directory information to search business contacts in your local area or thousands of miles away!

Cards tend to get lost. A business card scanner is a business expense software solution that gives business owners the power to make sure business cards are always kept to don’t go missing or become unorganized. Keep business cards organized and business directory information accessible at all times!

Business card scanner business solutions are business expense software solutions that business owners need to keep business contacts where they can always find them. The business card scanner business expense software solution is also a business management tool that helps you classify business contacts based on data input, allowing you to give business cards to employees who have the skills and business knowledge needed for those business contacts.

Business card scanner business expense software solutions are business management tool solutions that business owners need always to have their business contact information at their fingertips or ensure it’s never lost. Business card scanners make scanning business cards into digital data quickly and easily, so business owners can spend more time networking and less time searching business cards.

Business card scanner business expense software solutions are business management tool solutions business owners need to keep business contacts organized when business contacts come from business cards, email addresses, or text messages. Business card scanners make it easier to reach out because you have all the business contact information you need on file.

Best Business Card Scanner Apps

Below you will find an overview of the best business card scanners we found very useful. We have tested all business card scanner apps, and the list below contains business card scanner reviews with a score of 8/10 or better. We only include business card scanner business expense software compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

What is the best business card scanner app for Android?

Below we will show you some apps available for Android as well as iPhone.

Is there an iPhone app to scan business cards?

As with Android, we will show you various apps that can be used on both devices

  1. Microsoft Office Lens (business card scanner to outlook and more)

Microsoft Office Lens business expense software enables you to scan business cards using your business resources and business contacts with business directory information.

Microsoft business card scanner

You might be wondering, “What business card scanners?” Microsoft Office Lens business expense software is a business card scanner business solution you can choose to organize and store the business contact information in one place. A business card scanner business solution such as this can help you find business contacts anytime because it’s easy to use and business card scanner business expense software, making business contacts on business trips more accessible.

Microsoft Office Lens business expense software can also be used as business expense software for business owners in the technology industry who want to scan documents or business cards. It has advanced optical character recognition (OCR) functionality that captures text from images and makes searchable files, allowing business owners to retrieve business contacts from business cards, business directory information, or email addresses.

Microsoft Office Lens business expense software allows you to edit business card scanner business expense software and business directory information so that you can add business notes before saving it as a searchable file such as PDFs. That way, you have all your business contact information in one business card scanner business expense software.

business card scanner for outlook 365

There’s a business card scanner business solution as easy to use as Microsoft Office Lens business expense software, and it could change the way you do business by making your business contacts accessible anywhere with any device. Microsoft Office Lens business expense software is designed for mobile devices, so business owners can capture business cards using their mobile phones.


Use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. Exchange electronic business cards securely when meeting new people at meetings, tradeshows, seminars, and other business social occasions. Go paperless now. Smartly manage all your business cards by adding notes, setting reminders, quickly searching, tagging, and sharing cards. Be more productive. (

ScanBizCards Lite

Capture B2B leads during your events and meetings in real-time. ScanBizCards offers the absolute best in business card and conference badge scanning, CRM export, email follow-up, and much more to give you the maximum ROI from your marketing events. No more losing a business card or having a vital contact never make it into your CRM! ( business card scanner business expense software.

ScanBizCards used Optical Character Recognition to scan business cards and conference badges — making it quick and efficient to capture contacts at events. ScanBizCards offers integration with leading CRMs, including Salesforce and more. You can easily attach connections/scans to new or existing customer accounts in real-time at events. (


Evernote business expense software business card scanners enable you to capture business cards and business directory information on your mobile phone or tablet and save it into Evernote. You can then access the business contact info from anywhere using any device. With Evernote business card scanners business expense software, business owners can easily export business contacts into a business directory and access them on other devices.

The scanner solution from Evernote for business owners is available as an app on Windows Phone, Android, or iOS mobile phones. You can install it quickly and conveniently so business owners can start using business contact information business directly. You can even add business notes about the business card and send them an email to your business contacts without leaving Evernote. ( business card scanner business expense software


BizCardio business card scanner provides a solution that allows business owners to store, access, and back up business contacts from business cards. Automatically extract business contact info (business name, phone number, email address), upload them into your mobile CRM (Salesforce), or just export to CSV. BizCardio business card scanners software business directory will automatically extract all business contact information from the business card. You can upload your business contacts into Salesforce or export business contact info to CSV. (

Abbyy Business card scanner

Enter business cards into your smartphone in 25 languages. Fast, easy, and accurate. Use your smartphone to scan business cards and save all the data to your contact list. Multilingual cards, too – BCR supports up to three languages in one card. Network and share your contact details with just one tap. Sending an email with your digital business card now only takes a few seconds. (


CardHQ is three times faster than other name card scanner apps. They currently have over 250,000 business cards in our database, with almost 7,000 registered users. This means on average, each user has scanned 35 cards and is building their contacts list in an efficient way using this business card scanning app (

Hubspot business card scanner

HubSpot business card scanner offers an easy-to-use business card scanning feature. This HubSpot-powered CRM automatically detects all the information embedded in uploaded images and adds it to contacts as a new entry in the contacts list. The connection is linked to their social profile page, and you can click through to their business website. Contact information is also added to the contact page in your CRM for easy access. (

Speed up managing contacts and manage your network more efficiently.

So as you can see, business card scanners can help you manage your network much better and more efficiently. Be sure to check the feature you will need for your business. It could be as easy to scan a card and have it entered into your phone, or it could be as advanced as saving the contact into your CRM and start a whole sales funnel.

With opportunities to network and meeting all those people, it is now much easier to organize all this within just seconds by just scanning the cards and have it all in a single digital format which is easy to manage. It gives the business owner much better and efficient time management. Saving time and preventing manual data entry errors will help the entire team manage the contacts list correctly.


Business card scanners make your life a lot easier to expand your network capabilities and allows you to efficiently manage all the cards in a single digital space.

If you are a startup and finding it hard to get started you might want to consider using startup incubators to get the resources that you need!

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