11 Powerful Headline Generator Tools to Be a Smart Writer in 2021

Generating meaning powerful titles can be difficult which directly impacts your CTR. Check out these powerful headline generator tools that you can use in 2019.

There is nothing worse than writing the most amazing post out there about a topic and then hear crickets. No one is visiting your site.

And then on the other end, you see someone who wrote a post that is half decent compared to your post, but then his post is getting more traction. People would read his post over yours.

The secret? There isn’t any. But writing a top quality content might not be the only answer you need.

There is one thing that you could do in a few minutes, and it could completely get you 50x more visitors. Interested?

That thing is your headline. But why?

The Importance of A Killer Headline

There are many factors that decide whether you will get traffic or not to your post. The quality of your content might not be the #1 reason. It is only great once you have traffic to show them good content to make them trust you.

But before getting content, if no one knows about it, then it won’t mean a thing.

But how could you get people to read your content? All you need is to hook them right with your headline, and you’ll get them to read your post.

Still can’t think that a headline could make that huge difference?

Well, check out this case study from Erin at Pick The Brain.

He wrote a post that only got him 100 visits. The read time was 6 minutes, which meant that people loved it, but there was a problem somewhere that made people not get to the post from the beginning.

He decided to change the headline, and then his traffic grew 50x. Yes, he got around 5k visitors, from the same post without changing a word. You could read more about it here.

Intriguing, right?

Content is great, but if you can’t grab someone’s attention with a great headline then good luck with the great post you have.

The question now is how to write a great magnetic headline that makes people stop what they are doing and start reading your post.

And the answer is very simple. You don’t need to be an experienced writer. Just get some help using the tools below, and you’ll seem like a pro copywriter in no time.

Some of the best viral headlines examples

There are a lot of great examples of amazing headlines that you can’t help but click on to continue reading. Here are a few:

I am sure you can’t help but start clicking on these headlines, right? Now, you know the importance of having a great headline. Let’s discover how to come up with great headlines like these.

Headline generator tools

Headline generator & analyzer tools is a great way to shortcut your way into writing amazing headlines without needing to practice copywriting for years.

You just need to be playing with these tools for some time, and you will be able to beat a decent copywriter in no time.

But since there are many tools already present, in this post, you are going to discover the top tools and how to use them to write your awesome magnetic headlines.


1. SEOPressor blog title generator

headline generator

Do you have no clues about what your headline or post should be? After all, everything is written about in your niche, but you want to share it in a different angle?

Then take a look at this tool.

All you need to do is just put a keyword in the search box. If you are talking about a specific tool/brand, make sure to select the appropriate category, and then click on the green “Generate Titles” box.

And then see the magic. The tool will generate over 1000 headline ideas. Most of them can’t be used because they won’t fit together, but I am sure you could easily come up with 300-400 ideas in no time. And that would be great ideas for few years 

You’ll have the exact headline to use. You could then tweak it or analyze it using the following tools, and you’ll appear as a pro content writer in no time 

2. CoSchedule headline analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a powerful tool that has been in my arsenal since it was released.

This tool is very simple. Enter your headline in this tool, and it will analyze it and give you a score from 0 to 100. 100 is perfect for grabbing the most visitors and pleasing Google.

After you write the headline and click the Analyze Now button, not only will you get a score, but you will also know what did you do right and what you didn’t do right, and then you’ll get suggestions to help you improve your headlines.

It is like a dream came true for content writers. Imagine Erin knew about it before publishing her first post. She wouldn’t have the problem of republishing the post, repromoting it and then see if it will do better or not.

So before you publish a post, take a moment, enter your headline here and analyze it. Try to take the feedback and improve your headline.

But here is one point of advice, don’t try to be obsessed with pleasing the tool, and trying to get to the 100 score. Yes, it will give you a general indication of whether a headline is good or not, but you must have your sense and decide which headline will do best. And don’t waste so much time trying to please it.

Try it, and you’ll know why I love it 

Once, you have analyzed your headline, there might be something else you want to do… testing. And the next tool helps you do just that.

3. Thrive Headline Optimizer

Do you have a great headline but still think that your post could perform better and that you could get better ROI from the content you write?

After all, without having clear data about what would work and what you wouldn’t, you won’t know if this headline is the best one or you could improve on it.

So the answer is simply to test and see what works and what doesn’t. But it is easier said than done, right?

Should you be creating multiple posts to test the headline? Wouldn’t you be penalized by Google? Maybe a headline is better to get traffic, but makes people want to keep scrolling and stay on your content longer time? How can you decide which is better or not?

Well, worry no more because you could do it easily with this plugin.

After you install it, go to the post that you are creating, and then simply add other 1-2 headlines. You could add more but unless you are getting more than 1k visitors a day for a post, don’t do so.

Then let the plugin does its magic. You will then see a detailed report on which got you the most traffic and which didn’t. You could then use the results to choose the perfect headline.

It gets even better.

You could just let the plugin choose for you based on the criteria you set. So it runs on automatic. You write the different headlines, publish the post, and then without much interference from you after that, the plugin will find the perfect headline and use it.

Is there anything cooler?

This tool is a great one to have you in your arsenal if you are really serious about capitalizing on the benefits of headlines to the max.

But if you are just starting out, you won’t have much traffic to test, so stick with analyzing your headline and trying to make it perfect. After that, you could use tools like these to improve your results.

4. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

best headline generator

Do you know what makes people click on a headline and not on the other? If I were to sum it up in one word, it would be emotions. Really, if the headline triggered your curiosity more than the other one, you are more likely to click it.

If a headline will make you in awe or anger state more than the other, you are more likely to click it. It is that simple.

So what should you do to make your headline more magnetic and make people want to click on it? Just trigger their emotions. And how can you know if a headline triggers an emotion more than the other, just put it in this tool and it will give you a score.

So after you create your headline, you put it in this tool, choose the category, and then click “submit for analysis.” This tool is really powerful and it is older than coschedule, so it was my #1 tool.

Now, I like to use it with coschedule because coschedule give you a more rounded analysis when it comes to everything including search. In this tool, they are only concerned about emotion (#1 factor when it comes to virality.)

So it is nice to add your headline here before publishing your post after optimizing it on coschedule. Maybe, you need to add more emotional words to the mix, and boom, you have a hot magnetic headline that people can’t resist clicking on.

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Want another tool that is fun to use to generate ideas to write about with great angles. Check out this tool.

Just enter the name of the topic that you want to write about. let’s say SEO or keyword research (subtopic)

And then click on the white arrow button. And then see the suggestion. You could keep clicking on the reload button for more ideas. You can keep clicking, and more different intriguing ideas will pop up. Enter another keyword, and you could easily come up with unique angles.

As always, some headlines may not make sense, just keep reloading and more headlines will be a hit than a miss.

6. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Want another tool to generate more content ideas you could have never dreamed of writing about? HubSpot is known for its high-quality resources and tools that help people with every part of their marketing, and this tool is no exception.

Just enter the site, add 1-5 nouns in your niche. They will do their magic and give you a week of content ideas to write about. And if you want a year of content ideas, enter your email, and you’ll get ideas for a year sorted out for you without much work from you. Just use your expertise and begin writing in no time.

Here are a few examples of what I got when I wrote content marketing:

  • Content Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Will Content Marketing Ever Rule the World? “not that good, but may intrigue your curiosity”
  • The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing… wouldn’t you want to click on this?
  • Content Marketing Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters
  • This Week’s Top Stories About Content Marketing

As you can see, there are many hits. So if I enter my email and get 250 ideas. I would be happy with having 70 ideas that are amazing. That would be a year’s content if I will publish one post a week.

7. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Another cool tool to generate ideas, so you never run out of unique ideas to write about.

Here, you enter a word, select if it is a noun or a verb, choose how would you like the results to appear to save you time (it can be in title case, sentence case, all caps,) and then click on the green Submit button.

The best thing about this tool is that they separate the ideas into different categories depending on the type of posts. So there are lists posts, best posts, how to posts, questions posts, love posts, Sex posts, celebrities post, secrets posts, snark posts, business posts, motivation posts, problem posts, and the kitchen sink posts.

Of course, as you see, not all of them will work for you in some niche. Sex headlines most of the time won’t work in the marketing niche.

But as you see, I said most of them won’t work. See this headline:

  • 7 Sexy Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

It is a different tool that shows you all the headlines in one box. Open a word document or a spreadsheet (which I prefer), and copy the ones that suit you to your ideas sheet.

Here are few that I liked about content marketing from the secrets and snark topics:

  • Cracking The Content Marketing Code
  • Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Content Marketing
  • 7 Reasons Content Marketing Is A Waste Of Time
  • Most People Will Never Be Great At Content Marketing. Read Why
  • The Mafia Guide To Content Marketing
  • 7 Rules About Content Marketing Meant To Be Broken

As you can see, these are all great unique angles, and I am literally scratching the surface of what you could find. I knew about this tool recently, but it is soon going to be one of my favorites. Try it, and you’ll be amazed.

8. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool that shows you the popular posts in your niche within the last day, week, month, 6 months, year, and more.

You can select the duration if you want to.

So why am I sharing this tool with you here? Simply put, you are going to use it to discover what is working in your niche, and apply it on your blog. Why try to be creative and test new things when you could already do what is a hit and save yourself some time.

Use it to find popular topics in your niche, the structure of popular headlines and so on.

I always like to have a spreadsheet of successful headlines in my niche and relates niches, and try to model the, when writing about my post. Of course, I am not using the exact same headline. I try to mimic what is working and apply it on a different topic and so on.

Steal what is working, and don’t always try to innovate. It is that simple.

9. Inbound Blog Title Idea Generator

Inbound is a tool that just gives you different headline formulas to apply from the get-go, and you start trying to find a way to make them work for your niche.

If you don’t like a framework, or want to see another one, just keep clicking on the “Click to Generate Another Title idea”

It is a little bit different from the tools we already mentioned. You’ll need a moment to think about a way to make it work with your niche. But here is the thing, you could use the same formula and write about a few different topics.

Here is an example from one of their headlines:

  • See How Easily You Can [desirable result]

If you are reading this post, you want to know about increasing traffic and how to make money, right?

I could write the following…

  • See How Easily You Can Increase Your Traffic
  • See How Easily You Can Make Money Online

Of course, not the most powerful headline. Of course, you know what to do by now, right? Analyze it in Coschedule or Emotional Headline Analyzer and try to increase the score, and you have a winning headline.

It is that simple.

10. The Best Title Generator

Another great tool that helps you come up with a lot more title ideas in no time.

Enter your main keyword, click on Create Titles, and you’ll have 700 ideas in seconds. Here are few that I got when I wrote “Content Writing”

  • CONTENT WRITING Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!
  • The Untold Secret To Mastering CONTENT WRITING In Just 3 Days
  • 12 Questions Answered About CONTENT WRITING
  • You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips About CONTENT WRITING You Need To Know
  • Take The Stress Out Of CONTENT WRITING

It is a great tool to add to the mix.

11. Linkbait Generator

As you can see from the name of the tool, it is more about being a click bait, so many of the ideas won’t be a hit. But the ones that do, will be amazing.

Here are a few fun ideas when I typed SEO:

  • The Seo Hack That Brought Down This Amazon Founder
  • A 13 Year Olds View On Seo
  • Seo On A Low Budget And Four Strategies To Make It Work
  • What Happens When An Apple Guy Does Seo?
  • Why I Stopped Paying Attention To Seo News
  • The Uncensored Cheat Sheet To Seo – The Only One That Doesn’t Blow Chunks!
  • LOL Content: 10 Examples Of Marketing Stunts And Failures Involving Seo

As you can see, some of these can’t work. But the ones that do are great as a linkbait. The person who scrolls on Facebook, can’t help but click to check it out.

Maybe, you need to try a few of these in your content for the next few months.


Coming up with a great angle in a highly competitive niche and then creating a magnetic headline is the most important skill for a content writer and a blogger to get the most out of their content writing efforts.

In this post, you discovered different tools to help you come up with great content ideas. I am talking about a few thousands in minutes.

You also discovered how to turn a normal headline that people could bypass easily into a magnetic headline they can’t help but click on the link and continue reading your post.

And then how to test and see what works.

You have the full package 

So now you have no excuse for not writing powerful content and magnetic headlines and start seeing better results from your content efforts.

Tell us below, what is your favorite tool, and what tool you didn’t know about but you liked very much. Waiting for your comments.

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