15 Powerful Linktree Alternatives in 2022

Linktree, a freemium social media reference landing page, is the first and most popular tool that solved the “one link in the Instagram bio” problem.

However, in the technology-driven world, newer products keep on emerging. And like any other great invention, Linktree too found its competitors. 

With tough competition comes advanced and more reliable products.

Thanks to this competitive emergence, the market brought us powerful Linktree alternatives. They are reliable, affordable, easy to use, with newer designs catering to today’s needs. These offer awesome, useful features that you can use to turn your followers into leads and sales!

In this post, we are going to explore those alternatives.

So, don’t worry. Many alternative platforms to Linktree will help you solve the “only one link in the Instagram bio” problem.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Here are the 15 Powerful Alternatives to Linktree in 2021


Introducing Linktube

Do you want to create your much-needed Instagram Link-in-bio page?

Do you want to drive massive traffic to your business from Instagram and seek the best Link in Bio tool?

The all-time favorite, LinkTube, is just the right Linktree alternative for you. With the assistance of this tool, you can create a stunning IG bio-link that lets you decide where you want to send the FREE Instagram Bio Link traffic that you’re getting. 

More than just adding the links, you can also embed YouTube videos, add blog posts, list products, link to contact form page, add payment links, add messengers, all social media accounts and social media links, build an email list, and do much more with its advanced features.

What are the key features of this platform?

  • Helps in building an online portfolio that promotes any content 
  • Assists in creating supercharged Instagram Bio
  • Drives massive free traffic
  • Connects audiences anywhere
  • Easy third-party integration
  • Fully customizable
  • Complete control
  • Customization options

Who should consider LinkTube as a Linktree alternative?

LinkTube is best suited for content creators, SMBs and SMEs, online businesses, startups, bloggers and influencers, freelancers, startups, small agencies, solopreneurs, musicians.


✅ LinkTube is the only mobile-optimized software in this category

✅ Drives free massive and targeted traffic

✅ Dynamic feeds for YouTube, Shopify

✅ Smartpage with integrated newsletter sign-up form

✅ Customizable and personalized landing page builder

✅ Google analytics for deep insights

✅ SEO friendly+UTM parameters available

✅ Fantastic eye-catching animations

✅ Provides QR code, messenger buttons, social links for each smartpage

✅ Unlimited buttons, text, button icons, background image, style colors, products

✅ 60-days money-back guarantee

✅ Most affordable and reliable

Some more benefits:

  • Get an email list added to Mailchimp or Google Sheets, real-time
  • Custom domain with SSL for a better trust
  • FB ads to reach all the clickers
  • Products / Services listed with a price tag


No known cons yet


  1. Plan A (Pro): $228/year
  2. Plan B (Premium): $348/year
  3. Plan C (Agency): $1188/year

Now, these plans seem costly, right?

But, you can get this powerful Linktree alternative at just a one-time cost. Sounds dreamy?

Well, this dreamy deal has become true.

Check out the following one-time plan you can avail on LinkTube:

  1. Plan A (Pro): $39/lifetime
  2. Plan B (Premium): $99/lifetime
  3. Plan C (Agency): $147/lifetime

2. ContactInBio

ContactInBio is another Linktree alternative. It is a platform for people who need to keep changing links in their bio on Instagram. It provides you assistance to create your micro landing page.

It has a free sign-up option. However, upgrading is required to use premium features.

Like Linktree, it provides the benefit of linking multiple pages to your bio on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social network, making it a great Linktree alternative.

Key features of ContactInBio are:

  • Pre-built templates are available to customize font size, type, color, block size, color, and other aesthetic details
  • Helps in creating pixel-perfect elements, blocks, and other details
  • Comes with SEO Optimization
  • Integrated forms are available
  • Analytics feature allows in checking viewer count
  • Domain customization is one of the major features


✅ Generating leads is easy with form integration

✅ Comes with several free features

✅ Customization of the page is available

✅ Helps in brand promotion

✅ Pre-built templates make designing the landing page easy

✅ Creating and managing an account is super easy


❌Premium features are paid and costly

❌Adding a link to the post caption does not work


  1. Free Plan.
  2. Business Plan: $4.55/month
  3. Agency Plan: $18.2/month

3. tapkit

Next on the list of powerful Linktree alternatives is tapkit. This is an amazing tool that combines Linktree and Canva on the same platform. It is super easy to use with great in-built features. With this tool, you can turn fans and followers into engaged customers.

Some key features are:

  • Allows to create up to 5 projects
  • Generates leads by collecting emails
  • Customer support is available
  • Pre-built templates
  • Pre-built buttons
  • An in-app video tutorial is available
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based
  • Easy to use


✅ Customization and full control

✅ Perfect for SMS, QR, Social campaigns

✅ First five projects are free

✅ Rich in features

✅ Free 14 days trial available

✅ Generating leads is easy

✅ Single or multi-choice selection poll


❌Some small bugs in the software have to be reported in order to get them fixed


  1. Grow Plan- $19/month, $15/month if annually paid
  2. Pro Plan- $48/month, $36/month if annually paid

4. Feed Link

EmbedSocial’s Feed Link is another Linktree alternative. It is a multi-platform landing page that assembles a clickable Instagram feed – with all your content in one place. This tool enables you to create a unique link to each photo from your feed posts to maximize the ability of your Instagram account as a sales and distribution channel to increase your conversion rate.

Some key features are:

  • It helps in spiking up the number of visitors to their website
  • Significantly increasing the revenue count by using survey forms to get more leads
  • It makes it easier for your followers to discover more products in the future
  • It is a web and mobile-friendly platform that centralizes your Instagram feed
  • It is a free platform to sign up for



✅Loading the Instagram bio link is speedy

✅Shopper friendly landing page directing visitors towards product pages to purchase the item

✅Option to change your feed page without any change in the bio link

✅Increase your Instagram profile’s money, conversions, and traffic


❌Prompting ads in the free plan can be annoying sometimes

❌Plan upgrading is required to enjoy premium features


  1. Free Plan
  2. Pro Plan:  $49 per month
  3. Premium Plan: $99 per month

5. IGLinks

“One link to rule them all” is the motto of IGLinks. This is a perfect platform and a great Linktree alternative for Instagram influencers and brands.

It is an amazing platform that lets a user create a web page in just 5 minutes.

This is not the only way you can use IGLinks.io. You could also use this to create a better flow from an influencer’s IG story to your website.

It is super easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface, making it a great Linktree alternative.

Some cool features of this platform are:

  • It is a freemium tool
  • It allows you to sell directly from your linked social media profile
  • It helps to create one link profile with any of the predesigned themes
  • “With Link” button that allows you to create multiple link buttons
  • Customization is available
  • Contacts and social media handles can be added
  • Clickable links can be scheduled
  • Links can be cloned


✅ It is customizable

✅ Linking your business WhatsApp or email is available, so that opportunity for collaboration is not missed

✅ E-commerce stores can be included

✅ SEO/SEM friendly

✅ It is available in English and Malaysian


❌No known cons yet


  1. Pro Plan 1: $5/month
  2. Pro Plan 2: $19/month

6. Lnk.bio

Next Linktree alternative on the list is Lnk.bio. It, too, is free for its base model, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you want to try it out for its most basic functionality. Offer multiple choices to your followers when they click on your Bio link. Share all your Social Media profiles and important links with just one URL. 

Some cool features are:

  • It uses the official Instagram API
  • It never asks for your password
  • It lets you cross-link all your social profiles
  • It helps to create landing pages for different platforms
  • Temporarily disable all other links


✅ Easy to use

✅ Customization available

✅ It is a secure platform

✅ Unlimited links can be added

✅ It comes with fantastic visuals

✅ Link tracing and stats feature helps in checking engagement

✅ Email support is available


❌Features like stats and link tracing are only available to monthly plan and lifetime payment plan users


  1. Free Plan
  2. Pro-monthly: $0.99/month

7. Tap Bio

Tap Bio is a platform that offers the ability to create personalized, branded mini websites filled with all the links you want to share with your Instagram (or any other channel) followers. It’s one of the affordable Linktree alternatives.

The idea itself is brilliant: a site builder for mobile landing pages. Tap Bio brings you a user-friendly interface and makes it easy to create a landing page designed especially for mobile users.

Tap Bio has integrated the psychology and importance of having a single call to action in view, thereby increasing your viewer’s chances to follow through and click on that link. 

By using separate cards, you can create a card specific to your call to action.

Key features of this platform are:

  • It adopts a unique interface that uses cards instead of blocks
  • Promote a single call to action
  • Direct followers to multiple links from a single card
  • Displays Instagram posts with links
  • It retargeted ads
  • Stats and analytics are also available


✅ Tap Bio allows you to retarget your followers via Google AdSense, Instagram, and Facebook advertising

✅ Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixel helps with advanced analysis

✅ Stats helps in checking the followers and subscriber engagement


❌Some viewers might not like the idea of getting directed to another Instagram-like screen


  1. Basic Plan: Free plan
  2. Silver Plan: $3/month
  3. Gold Plan: $8/month
  4. Platinum Plan: Quote-based

8. Shorby

Next Linktree alternative is Shorby. It is a social media tool that simplifies the process of sharing multiple links with your audience on social platforms.

You can cram unlimited links in a landing page, along with other core functionalities like unlimited clicks, your personalized URL, Facebook pixel integration, etc. 

Key features include:

  • Messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Email, or even your phone number can be linked
  • This platform is convenient for e-commerce businesses
  • It offers a dynamic feed
  • It helps in adding Shopify categories, Etsy products, YouTube videos, Apple podcasts, WordPress posts, and more to your landing page
  • Team collaboration is available on premium plans


✅ Direct messenger buttons are available for direct engagement

✅ Native integration with Google Analytics

✅ Its offer different themes and custom controls

✅ It allows adding a custom background image

✅ It is easy to use

✅ It has a drag-and-drop interface

✅ Lets you add thumbnails even above your links


❌ Unlike other Linktree alternatives, some vital features are only available to premium members


  1. Rocket: $12/month
  2. Pro: $24/month
  3. Agency: $82/month

They also offer a 5-day free trial

9. Bio.fm

Bio.fm is the next Linktree alternative. It is a digital media aggregator that lets you curate your content from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Medium.

It helps to add an opt-in form to collect emails, GIFs, question polls, links, and more.

With Bio.fm, you can share almost any type of content: videos, images, links, email collection forms, etc.

Key features are:

  • It is one of the leading platforms for page building
  • Helps in creating custom themes
  • GIFs and question polls’ feature is also available
  • Share articles, images, videos, social profiles, and favorite songs through your Bio.fm homepage
  • Helps to change themes, beautiful background image, fonts, and colors at the press of a button
  • Building your personal homepage with Bio.fm is super easy


✅ Add multiple visual blocks to add your content

✅ Profile adjustment can be made by quickly moving the blocks up and down

✅ Content imposing is available

✅ Customization and editing is also available

✅ It also has a feature that allows you to feature up to five social media profiles at a time using icons or cards

✅ Add multiple website links, an about me section, your LinkedIn profile, and more


❌Most of the features are available only to paid users

❌Customization features are also paid


There are three plans available:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Semi-Pro Plan: $5/month
  3. Pro Plan: $10/month

10. Linkin.bio by Later

Linkin.bio is next on the list of Linktree alternatives. It comes from the Instagram planning tool, Later. It is a bio link tool that is different in how it shows links on your landing page because it looks identical to your Instagram grid.

This tool allows you to create a clickable, optimized, dedicated landing page and shoppable links. If a follower is looking for a product you mentioned in a post a week ago, all they need to do is click the link in your bio and look for the image for the post you mentioned it in.

The nice part is that they can scroll back as far as they need to find what they are looking for. It’s visual and simple!

Key features include:

  • A marketing tool with a unique presentation
  • Showing an image of a certain post makes navigation easy
  • Customization of URLs is available
  • Google Analytics integration to track sales
  • UTM tracking in Google Analytics


✅ Unique feature is to View Linkin.bio analytics for the last three months

✅ Multiple links can be added

✅ In-built Shopify integration

✅ Customizable CTA and UTM tracking is available


❌Order of posts cannot be changed

❌Custom links are not available

❌Cannot add additional branding

❌The free plan has limited features


  1. This platform is announced to be available for free
  2. Linkin.bio Pro- $19/month

11. Leadpages

This is another Linktree alternative: a landing page builder that lets you create and host landing pages. You can create your page with Leadpages, shorten the URL using link shortening tools like Rebrandly, and add it to your social media platforms.

It’s primarily a landing page builder, which offers a significant number of templates, background options, and excellent options for customization.

Key features of this link-sharing platform are:

  • Customizable templates are available
  • Helps in building strong landing pages
  • Free hosting
  • Real-time analytics
  • Mobile responsive 
  • SEO friendly templates
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for tracking


✅ It allows device-specific views and custom social media views

✅ CRM software and email marketing tools are also available

✅ It has built-in conversion guidance

✅ Lots of customization options available


❌Many of the features are available in the paid version

❌It is of high cost as compared to the other Linktree alternatives


It offers three paid plans:

  1. Standard plan: $26/month
  2. Pro Plan: $59/month
  3. Advanced Plan $239/month

There’s a 14-day free trial available with each paid plan.

12. Milkshake

Milkshake is Envato’s first free Android software and an affordable Linktree alternative. It has enabled creatives, entrepreneurs, and brands to transform an Instagram account’s “link in bio” into an Instagram-based website.

The Milkshake app takes advantage of Instagram’s one-link-in-bio rule to give users a fun and fast procedure to build a website in a jiffy!

Some core features of this content platform include:

  • It is an easy-to-use app with a friendly user interface
  • Data and insights are accessible on this marketing platform
  • Content can be added in the form of text, GIFs, blog posts, YouTube videos, multiple links, podcasts, and more
  • It has the feature to create multiple websites
  • It assists in measuring advanced metrics


✅ It is entirely free

✅ A single link can be used to invite your followers to send you emails

✅ Direct message and call through a link

✅ Adding a Buy button that takes users to a PayPal purchase page

✅ Get access to insights and data


❌Very few customizable fonts as compared to other Linktree alternatives

❌Strong internet connection is required to use this app


It is a free Linktree alternative available on Google Play and Apple Store.

13. Everlinks

Next on the list of Linktree alternatives is Everlinks. It is a social media management tool. It gives a link that gets branched out to other links, videos, text, and even embeddable custom code.

Embedding videos in Everlinks is straightforward. You just have to paste in a YouTube or Vimeo video link to the editor, and Everlinks will embed the video automatically.

It claims to introduce the custom domain option that will allow you to connect your own domain to the Everlinks account.

Some features include:

  • Link scheduling
  • Link animation
  • Team management


✅ Super simple to use with a friendly interface and tons of features

✅ Creating animations is fast and smooth

✅ Eye-candy landing page builder

✅ Text modules, video, embed codes, the addition of unlimited links available

✅ Looks great on the phone and desktop version


❌None encountered yet


Everlinks provides three pricing plans for this Linktree alternative:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Pro Plan: $7/month
  3. Agency Plan: $17/month

14. Link in Profile

This is the simplest and most easy tool to use in the Linktree alternatives list. It is a quick and easy solution for adding links to your Instagram posts, attracting your followers, and turning them into customers.

Major features include:

  • It integrates with Shopify.
  • Other wide ranges of integrations include Amazon, Etsy, WordPress, and Squarespace.
  • Branded page with Instagram profile picture and username.
  • Effortless management with monitor return on investment


✅ Next-generation Linktree alternative

✅ Setting it up is super easy


❌Very costly compared to other Linktree alternatives

❌Complex user interface which requires lots of effort to understand its functioning


Link in Profile has a fixed paid plan that costs $9.99 per month. There’s also a 30-day free trial available for this Linktree alternative.

15. Campsite.bio

Last but not least, there is another tool on this Linktree alternatives list that lets you feature unlimited links on a single landing page and link it to your Instagram bio on your favorite platforms. You can share your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even email links on the page.

The tool is almost similar to Linktree – with the addition of images/thumbnails alongside regular links, which makes it a great Linktree alternative.

Key features are:

  • Schedule links easily
  • Embed multiple image carousel
  • Link animation to highlight links


✅ Its extensive native integrations are worthy

✅ Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google AdSense integration, Google Sheets, Canva, and even an email marketing tool like MailChimp are integrated with this tool


❌Integrations are available with paid plans


  1. Free Plan
  2. Pro Plan: $7/month

You can even try out the Pro plans with their 10-day free trial.

Our Verdict

As we know, the market is flooding with Instagram links in bio software and landing page builders; one might get confused while choosing one option.

But you cannot ignore the price factor and limitations of these Linktree alternatives.

Among this list, LinkTube proves to be the perfect Linktree alternative.

It is hands down the best software you should get your hands on!

This list will give you a brief knowledge of various landing page creators. But the decision to choose the right alternatives is yours.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Why do people use link-in-bio tools?

The link-in-bio tool allows people to share tons of relevant information with their audience all in one place. It also helps in generating massive traffic while simultaneously increasing engagement. The tools make it easy to update your content. Some include added features such as analytics and the ability to add forms.

Q2. What are some powerful tools for link-in-bio?

LinkTube, ContactInBio, tapkit, Bio.fm, and Campsite are some of the powerful tools for link-in-bio. 

Q3. Are there any affordable link-in-bio apps?

LinkTube and milkshake are both affordable link-in-bio software.

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