15 Madgicx Alternatives That Can Help Increase Your ROAS in 2022

Do you want to easily introduce your new product/service to the market using Facebook or Instagram?

Do you want to increase sales and demand?

Do you want to make the most out of your advertising budget?

If yes, you need a highly powerful tool that can manage your entire ad campaign.

Madgicx is one of the various ad management tools available in the industry that can fulfill all your online ad management requirements. 

But it has its challenges and drawbacks too.

This is why we have filtered the best Madgicx alternatives in this post.

Also, we have weighed their benefits and drawbacks so you can easily decide which one is best for your company’s needs and budget.

Here are the 15 Madgicx Alternative For Better Ad Management


Scalify Introduction Video

One of the top contenders as a Madgicx alternative, Scalify is a powerful tool for launching, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. 

You can boost your ROI, bump your sales and know your every move without any hiccups.

It has an effective dashboard with easy access to all its features. You can also simplify your ad optimization process with the help of the Scalify automation tool.

It helps bypass all the major roadblocks faced during the execution of any Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns and enables the user to save a handy lot from their ad budget.

Scalify is best suited for SMBs, SMEs, startups, e-commerce businesses, advertisement agencies, freelancers, solopreneurs, small-mid agencies, anyone who wants to use Facebook or Instagram ads for their business. This is what makes it a great Madgicx alternative.


You can save a lot of budget with an effective ad management

It has a powerful automation system

You can launch your ad campaign within no time

Create an evergreen and effective advertising workflow

Get a great customer support


Sometimes, the tool may face minor technical bugs which can be eradicated with regular updates


  • Standard Pricing Plan: $29 per year

But don’t you want to escape paying subscription fees year after year?

What if you pay only once and avail of lifetime access?

Sounds costly?

But it’s not.

Here’s your limited period deal:


AdEspresso is a simple and user-friendly Facebook Ad Management and Optimization tool that makes Facebook Advertising simple and profitable for small and medium-sized businesses, making it a great Madgicx alternative.

It enables advertising agencies and marketing professionals to easily perform various tasks, including creating, performing, and managing A/B testing, optimizing campaigns for the best possible returns, and creating easy-to-understand visual analytics of campaign data.

The best thing about AdEspresso is that it enables you to create ads easily from several platforms to all in one spot.

It is a powerful and simple Facebook ad manager that assists retailers in selling more products, growing their fan base, and increasing community engagement.


✅ It offers high-quality analytics tools that enable marketers to analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns after they have been published.

✅ Very user-friendly tool that makes creating ads a breeze.

✅ There are numerous prompts and drop-down menus to help you decide what to include.

✅ Provides suggestions for making the most of your budget.

✅ It’s simple to split test ads and see what works best.


❌ It has some disadvantages in terms of some features.

❌ There are different levels based on budget, so the higher your budget, the more you’ll have to pay to use it.

❌ You can use an update for Lead Ad creation, but it is extremely difficult to get things to sync properly.


Basic Plan: $49

Plus: $99

Enterprise Plan: $259


An advertising management platform based on the cloud, WordStream enables media buyers to handle Google, Facebook, and Bing Advertising campaigns from just one dashboard.

It is a simple step to assist people in completing online advertising because it makes work more efficient by speeding up processes and significantly increasing productivity!

Being a top Madgicx alternative, WordStream is an online advertising software platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses that provide step-by-step instructions on quickly increasing leads, customers, and revenue through paid search and paid social advertising campaigns.

It also has a 20-minute work week function which is a quick way to track your ads. The most useful aspect is that it simplifies basic tasks and does not take much time to make positive changes to enhance performance.

In addition, it simplifies the advertising process by providing tools that assist users in creating ads and managing ongoing campaigns. Among its other features is Dynamic implementation of keywords, geographical targeting, tracking of conversions, tracking of calls, building landing pages, and reporting performance.


✅ The software is straightforward to use.

✅ It’s convenient to have all of the ad campaigns in one place.

✅ It also simplifies reporting by providing customizable and easy-to-read reports and interactive and automated reports covering all important metrics.

✅ A tool on the platform allows marketers to quickly identify fake keywords across campaigns, ad groups, and accounts.

✅ The power to see Quality Scores at all levels provides a much clearer picture of where inefficiencies exist in the account and how to modify the strategy accordingly.


❌ Unless you purchase the premium support package, this is not for beginners and requires knowledge of how PPC/SEM campaigns are operated.

❌ You may encounter serious tracking troubles and have difficulty in effectively tracking website clicks.

❌ WordStream just integrates with AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. The tool would be more worthwhile if it integrates with other platforms.


The starting price of the individual plan is $49 per month.

There is a free trial available but not a free version.


If you wish to create an advertising and creative automation platform that enables online advertising simple, effective, and enjoyable, this is the place to be. Smartly.io is the best social advertising software system for performance and creative marketers and a powerful Madgicx alternative.

It can automate every step of social advertising, allowing for increased performance and creativity.

It provides campaign optimization, multi-product ads, automatic overall budget and optimization, and custom analytics for Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Smartly.io is the only platform with a media buying solution for advertising across social channels due to the innovative testing capabilities, integrations, and improved cross-channel workflow monitoring.

It integrates with Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Facebook Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and many other applications.

It provides reporting/analytics, campaign management, reporting & statistics, data import/export, customizable templates, content management, campaign analytics to freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.


✅ Smartly.io’s main advantage is its collection of great visual templates to help brands stay ahead of the competition.

✅ It has a good format and a great UX for industry users to automate and scale your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns.

✅ It can assist you to eliminate manual tasks, easy launch, clone ads, and develop your campaign management work progress.

✅ With personalized and data-driven advertising and optimizing campaigns, brands can increase their ROI.


❌ The system is occasionally unstable and buggy.

❌ The pricing is not as appealing to smaller agencies. 

❌ It is costly, so it’s not feasible for everyone to invest in it.


You’ll have to book a free consultation, and then the pricing will be determined.


A strong Madgicx alternative, AdRoll is the best platform for delivering and displaying advertising with remarketing and same email audiences.

The marketing department can use AdRoll to target and retarget consumers. When someone visits your website, they will see personalized ads when they leave. It serves to remind them of who you are and what you have to offer.

Mid-size businesses and the Marketing & Advertising sector are the most common AdRoll users.

It is an amazing tool for amplifying retargeting ad management and giving robust insight and reporting abilities.

So far, the technology has proven to be effective, and the quality of audiences discovered by AdRoll is significantly higher than that of other technologies.


✅ Dynamic retargeting is much simpler to set up than AdWords.

✅ Excellent analytics for determining what works and what doesn’t.

✅ There is a large selection of ad templates that are simple to customize and personalize ads across platforms


❌ Pricing is a challenging issue; there is no set fee for using. Fees are calculated based on interactions with advertisements and emails.

❌ Integration with ESPs at the enterprise level. Updating CRM lists are inefficient.


Starter: Free 

Essentials: $12/month

Business Plan: $25/month


Adzooma is an unrestricted, award-winning digital marketing platform designed to help small firms gain a competitive advantage. Marketing Automation Software (2020) and PPC Software received the award for Best Ease of Use (2020)

Adzooma is a web-based campaign management and pay-per-click (PPC) tool that enables advertising agencies to automate online campaigns across various social platforms to enhance business performance and profitability.

Adzooma can monitor marketing campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads utilizing machine learning, providing custom ways to help optimize ROI and generating reports using custom templates.

Being an excellent Madgicx alternative, Adzooma’s suite of inexpensive and simple-to-use tools enables you to optimize and maintain your online advertising accounts in seconds, as well as improve your quality score, conversions, and ROI.

Customers who typically use this software include freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

Adzooma supports many languages, including Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, French, Italian, English, etc.


✅ Campaigns for Google Ads can be automated.

✅ The most effective advertising and management tool

✅ Adzooma is loaded with profit-boosting highlights, helping consumers focus more time on overall strategy than menial tasks.

✅ This tool allows for the automation of rules and the provision of opportunities based on its proprietary algorithm, which aids in saving time and money spent on advertising.


❌ Tools can be buggy or sluggish.

❌ The mobile version of the dashboard has limited functionality and frequently logs you out due to a double login or re-registration.

❌ Facebook has limited features only.

❌ It is unproductive for organic search advertising.


You can start for Free and then upgrade as per your requirement.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a one-stop solution for all marketing activities, intending to provide analyzed businesses with tools to help them grow more effectively.

It’s well-known for email marketing, list segmentation, landing pages and forms, and social media management and is one of the top Madgicx alternatives.

It has great features for marketers of all sizes and at all levels of the organization to better nurture leads through the sales funnel.

HubSpot provides all of the tools required to track customers and make website changes quickly and easily.


✅ List management and segmentation are simple and well-organized.

✅ CTA auto-tracking

✅ It makes marketing tasks exciting and enjoyable to design.

✅ HubSpot has also improved analytics and customized bot building, allowing you to filter metrics by date range, email type, and specific campaigns. As a result, you can obtain a record of emails delivered over time and the number of clicks.

✅ If you’re just getting started with lead generation and planning your marketing strategy, HubSpot also provides a free and basic lead generation feature to help you collect and organize contacts before launching campaigns.


❌ When compared to other platforms, its reporting is less robust.

❌ The social publishing tool should be improved. 

❌ Due to the lack of a library function, updates cannot be reused in a customized posting schedule.


This Madgicx alternative is available in four different tiers: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Starting price is $50/per-month

Pricing Model: Per Feature

Free Trial: Available

Free Version: Available

Free Plan: Available

Annual Plans: Available

Facebook for Business

If you want a solid Madgicx alternative, Facebook for Business is where you should cash in.

It is a search engine marketing solution designed to increase brand awareness and drive sales through custom ad creation, ad targeting, and robust analytics.

As you use several social media platforms, Facebook for Business is an important part of your social media marketing strategy.

It’s the issues you create for targeted advertisements for our Facebook and Instagram target audiences.

This is a critical function and tool you must look for in a Madgicx alternative as you need it daily to create campaigns, ad spends, organic content, and more. 


✅ It also includes analytics to track how well content is performing.

✅ It’s designed to save you time and flexibility when posting content and provide you with insights into your audience.

✅ Multiple admin privileges make it simple for multiple users to use.

✅ Facebook has the most effective geographical ad targeting of any social media platform. It enables you to target towns and even the smallest districts in your desired areas.


❌ It should advertise how nonprofits can use it.

❌ More audience insights, such as psychographic or behavioral information.

❌ It is inaccessible to low-income people who do not have internet access.


You can use it for Free if you have a Facebook account.


It’s an advanced platform that enables marketers to automate Facebook Ads, notify them when they’re draining their money on ineffective ads, and provide recommendations for improving them. 

The system’s heart is machine learning, making it easy to analyze previous data and forecast CPA and conversion rates.

Revealbot is an artificial intelligence-powered Instagram and Facebook ad automation management platform for companies and brands that use ads on Facebook. It is a powerful Madgicx alternative and a great reliable tool.

It offers features that will assist you in promoting your content and increasing the number of people who see it.

Revealbot also keeps you informed of how things are progressing. It sends a comprehensive analytical report from Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, and MailChimp to your Slack crew or mailbox.


✅ When it applies to automation, it has a wide range of products.

✅ There are many options for customization using the marketing toolbox

✅ Reports tailored to the metrics and matter to you Integrate with various platforms, including Facebook Ads and Insights, Google Ads, and YouTube.


❌ If you have a large ad budget, it can be very costly.

❌ The complexity of mass applications across multiple Facebook ad accounts is a problem. It is not unachievable, but it is extremely complicated.

❌ It takes a long time to understand the interface, and it isn’t very user-friendly.


Pricing for Reveal begins at $49.00 per feature for every month.  Reveal provides a free trial as well as a free version.

Small: $49/month with a monthly ad spend of up to $5,000

Medium: $99/month with a monthly ad spend of up to $10,000

Pro: $199/month with a monthly ad spend of up to $25,000. 

Professional Plan: $299/month with a monthly ad spend of up to $50,000

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 appears to be a cool way to get your brand out there and is an excellent Madgicx alternative.

Marketing 360 is a web-based multiple channel marketing software that creates and delivers a wide range of marketing solutions through a brilliant combination of completely integrated software and robust marketing services.

It specializes in PPC advertising and provides web design, email marketing, social media marketing, text marketing, videos, and other services.

Marketing 360 allows you to use retargeting ads to follow up on leads automatically. The software gives you access to various appealing retargeting banners, landing pages, and layouts to help you re-engage prospects who have previously visited your site.

To help users become more competitive in the digital marketing arena, this platform’s top features include a powerful marketing CRM, natural listing Ads, top Placement Ads, social targeting Ads, on-demand marketing services, and more.


✅ The CRM is simple to use and has excellent analytics and integrations.

✅ The main advantage of Marketing 360 is its ability to save money and time through on-demand services.

✅ It helps in the improvement of organic SEO and the recapturing of visitors through the use of remarketing.

✅ Marketing 360 helps your company rank higher in search engines, allowing you to generate more leads with higher conversion rates. You can monitor and analyze your keyword ranking and evaluate how well your keywords are optimized.


❌ The automation options must be improved.

❌ It takes a long time to learn how to use this tool’s various features. When it comes to learning the tool and implementing it across the team, you may feel there are a few barriers to entry.

❌ It needs to offer more personalized customer service.


The most lucrative plan of this Madgicx alternative is approximately around $395. If you only require design services, the cost will be around $2,000. On the other hand, custom-tailored web design ranges in price from $3,000 to $20,000+, depending on the design’s complexity.


Next on the list of Madgicx alternatives is Skai, which allows you to set up social advertising campaigns easily and offers numerous auto-syncing campaigns across multiple channels.

It also enables team members to manage and streamline reports to improve the efficiency of paid search campaigns. It has a straightforward and dynamic interface that is convenient to use and navigate.

Skai ad creation is simple, and you can tailor relevant ads to general consumer regions, states, or designated specific markets (DMA).

It also can look at campaigns holistically and save data for up to 60 days.


✅ Automated bid management and the ability to execute and monitor campaigns across multiple platforms from a single location.

✅ Ad effectiveness is tracked, as well as which ads or campaigns are receiving clicks and conversions.

✅ Changes can be managed and bulk-uploaded to multiple platforms.

✅ Custom alerts can be set to notify you of changes to key performance indicators.


❌ Optimization tools are subpar in comparison to other tools.

❌ The user interface can be a little hard to understand.

❌ There is no way to automatically add new campaigns to the tool, so you must manually push them in.


You’ll have to book a meeting with the team to determine costs depending on your needs, features, and services.


Mastering the advertising game can take years of trial and error to figure out what works best.

Do you want your ads to go live in seconds?

Yet, here is EXOD, which makes it as simple as clicking a few buttons to accomplish what would normally take hours upon hours!

The software allows you to launch an entire Facebook ad campaign in seconds by generating the targeting and insane results for any vertical in the world and test a large number of audiences without wasting hours creating your campaign.

You can choose from millions of creatives to create your campaign, and it is a great Madgicx alternative.


✅ Because of the app, you can reduce the cost of our Facebook ads.

✅ It’s simplicity and the fact that it does what it says. In addition, having access to Shutterstock images inline is pretty cool.

✅ It saves you from having to launch an ad campaign. It eliminates the uninteresting aspects of launching an ad campaign. It’s a lifesaver to get any ads up and running as soon as possible.


❌ When you’re building your audience, the lack of mapping functionality is quite inconvenient.

❌ It requires some fine-tuning in terms of UX (user experience). You won’t know who you’re aiming for until you launch. However, the EXOD ai audience is powerful overall.


Premium: $99/month

There is also a free trial available.


Mediaocean is a company that also creates and sells advertising software and computing services to advertising agencies, media owners, advertisers, television networks, and other businesses.

Its traditional and digital media platforms allow agencies and brands to handle and collaborate the entire advertising workflow, from planning and buying to analyzing and optimizing invoicing and payments.

Mediaocean assists agencies in growing a common framework, define goals, unify cross-channel information, and find opportunities that drive long-term success.

Mediaocean is an advertising management app that allows people to manage business data, control expenses, and find billing, accounting, and workforce time management solutions. All these make it an amazing Madgicx alternative


✅ With it, you can keep track of your global spending. Standardize data collection and operations on a global scale. Implement, report on, and reconcile digital and linear purchases.

✅ Financials are managed using integrated controls and a fully auditable workflow.

✅ The chat support feature is useful, and the UI is enjoyable for the most part.

✅ The bulk ad changes make campaigns a breeze.


❌ The platform’s drawback is that you must download the accounts each time you sign in, which takes several minutes, but it is also advantageous.

❌ BUGS! Steady glitches and having to re-upload a campaign due to these constant glitches sometimes tripled the campaign’s upload time. However, this is a simple fix.

❌ No LinkedIn platform integration requires tidying up.


You’ll have to schedule a demo and then consult with the team to determine the costs.


Do you want to create high-performing Facebook ads in a couple of minutes? UpRive is a game-changer and awe-inspiring!

UpRive is a Madgicx alternative that helps in Facebook marketing that utilizes a novel approach to effectively creating ads, and most importantly, increasing your Facebook marketing results.

UpRive handles audiences, creates multiple ads, and launches campaigns with automatic rules, saving a lot of money on advertising. It takes the sting out of advertising and testing.


✅ The tool helps to make Facebook ad campaigns with limited knowledge is extremely simple for the user.

✅ The tool aids in ad targeting and optimization by allowing users to easily determine where the ads should appear.

✅ The best part about UpRive is that you can track the performance of your campaigns in an hour, so you can only focus on audiences who are a good fit for your goals.

✅ It has a logical process that will walk you through designing ads, creating/finding audiences, publishing, and split testing your campaign step by step.


❌ There have been some errors and tweaks.

❌ Once established, master audiences cannot be changed. That means that each new target audience must be created from scratch.


Basic Plan: $39.00/month There is a free trial period available.

Growth: Features for growing solo advertisers for $25/month

Agency: $100/month


Aimtell is another Madgicx alternative that is an extremely powerful software and is every marketer’s dream tool due to the amount of customization.

The platform enables users to re-engage website audiences through most targeted phone and desktop web push notifications. It also allows visitors to opt for membership to your website with a single click.

Aimtell has a wide range of integration options to help you get started quickly and efficiently with a ready automation option.


✅ Aimtell was the ideal solution for our company to reach out to customers through a different channel.

✅ It can be used for remarketing. The cost per lead is super-low.

✅ It simplifies the product’s use and allows you to provide more traffic exposure to clients.


❌ The reporting could be a little more thorough.

❌ The number of features is limited.

❌ Capabilities for reporting should be improved.


Pricing for Aimtell begins at $29.00 per month. They do not have a free version, but they do provide a free trial.

They are starting at $29 per month for up to 2,500 users. For up to 10,000 subscribers, the basic plan costs $49 per month. In addition, up to 50,000 subscribers will pay $99 per month. Enterprise: For enterprise pricing plans, please contact Aimtell.

Kick-start Your Ad Campaign

Driving in paid traffic is not an easy task, where you pump in cash and output results.

It requires a professional approach and a well-defined strategy to achieve desired results.

And having a robust advertising management tool to handle everything is a necessity. 

So if we have to pick one out from this list keeping in mind all the important aspects as a Madgicx alternative, we recommend Scalify, available currently at a lifetime deal.

Good luck and make the most of your advertising budget. Go and get that breakthrough ROAS.

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