Top 12 Product Review Sites of 2022

Do you remember the old days when consumers went to an offline store to buy a product? Not to forget, the hustle of choosing the right item with just a few options to compare from?

Well, gone are those days. With the boom of the internet, life became much easier for people. They began to conduct research online while just sitting at home. Now, they could make a purchase decision before they ever arrived at a physical store.

With the establishment of online markets, people have increasingly become dependent on the reputation of online businesses. Consumers now check online reviews of restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, and whatnot.

But what if you want to research a technology company? Or an app? Or a SaaS provider?

Apart from the Google, Yahoo, and Facebook reviews, where could you find reliable reviews which are detailed and tell you about the performance of the technology?

Well, this is the part where product review sites come into perspective. It is important that your app, SaaS, or other tech platform is ranked in a good position and has positive reviews from genuine consumers.

So, here is a list of the top 12 product review sites for you!

Here are the Top 12 Product review sites in 2022.


First on the list of product review sites is Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a Danish consumer review website founded in Denmark in 2007. It hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Nearly 1 million new reviews are posted each month on the website.

Alexa Ranking: 636

How does it work?

Trustpilot works by collecting ratings and reviews from consumers globally. Consumers can create free accounts to share their experiences with businesses, and companies can create free accounts to respond. But you don’t need an account to see business ratings and read reviews.

While anyone can leave reviews on Trustpilot, there are guidelines for who’s eligible to rate and review a company. You have to check a box when leaving a review that confirms you’re writing about your own genuine experience, and you have to enter your email address to verify your review. 

What does Trustpilot offer to consumers?

  • Trustpilot is a platform that works as a review community that connects businesses with their consumers
  • It aims at building trust and transparency between the two sides
  • With Trustpilot, consumers can get information and reviews as they know the genuine experience from other buyers. 
  • Leveraging authentic reviews from real customers, Trustpilot helps in promoting consumer trust and confidence


✅Company owners can claim their site and companies that have claimed their sites on Trustpilot are more trusted than unclaimed profiles

✅The popularity of the platform makes it a great place for evaluating businesses as it allows reviewing what people are thinking

✅It is well operated and is ethical, with rare instances of any fake reviews

✅Strong customer support, which focuses on individual reviews

✅Negative reviews management


✅Response management and review monitoring


❌Sometimes reviews are blocked or blurred out which makes consumers wonder what is actually missing

❌Just clicking on a site can put you at risk from viruses and possibly losing all your data

How can Trustpilot help your business:

Consumers look for reviews and often use third-party product review sites to research a product before buying it. Reading a positive review makes them more likely to purchase a product. So, boosting the number of reviews for your brand could increase your sales. 

Trustpilot makes this easy. When you create a business account, you can start inviting customers to leave feedback. Some other benefits of Trustpilot are its ability to turn into a marketing tool, instill trust, and let users know, which parts of the business to improve.


Next on our list of product review sites is Capterra. Capterra is a free online marketplace vendor serving as an intermediary between buyers and technology vendors within the software industry.

It assists consumers with choosing software with user reviews and research.

Alexa ranking: 3,982

How does it work?

Capterra is an ethical platform that ensures that the reviews are legitimate. To write a review on Capterra, users have to make an account using their LinkedIn profile. 

This is to ensure that you are a real human being and not a bot going online and boosting reviews to make the company/software seem more attractive and better than it actually is.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • Capterra is a highly reputed company which was established in 1999. It is the web’s leading free resource for business software help. It helps you connect to insights and software to help you do better work
  • With 800+ software categories, 1.5 million+ validated reviews, 50,000+ products, it is a website to rely on for product reviews
  • With software reviews, ratings, infographics, and the most comprehensive list of the top business software products available, consumers can find what they are looking for


✅It is easy to use with a wide range of consumer product

✅The reviews are from genuine customers and honest

✅Capterra’s website interface is excellent and very easy to navigate

✅Great technical and customer support

✅ Ranked high among online review sites


❌Sometimes, questions and answers feature are not very effective

How can Capterra help your business:

Capterra is a website that has 800+ software categories, 1.5 million+ validated reviews, 50,000+ products, which gives a large variety of options to consumers. Around a million people visit Capterra’s website which can help throw light on your business too. 

If you own software business, Capterra can help you expand your reach. People buy software that has an established background and reputation. 


GetApp is another product review site and software recommended engine for small businesses to help them make the right software choice. 

It enables SMBs to achieve their mission by delivering tailored, data-driven recommendations and insights to make informed software purchase decisions. 

Alexa Ranking:14,915

How does GetApp work?

The GetApp team of experts manually examines reviews written by people to ensure published reviews are from verified sources and are helpful. 

All reviews are treated equally during the verification process, regardless of rating or vendor. During this process, the team verifies the reviewer’s identity, checks for conflicts of interest, and evaluates the review against site guidelines.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • Consumers can input their price range and device requirements, prioritize features and functionality, and get a list of tools that are the best match for their needs
  • Integrations data on thousands of apps and will help you narrow the list based on your requirements
  • Hundreds of thousands of real, verified, and trusted reviews from buyers. Read reviews of one specific app or compare reviews of multiple apps


✅Excellent customer support

✅User-friendly interface

✅ Updates keep coming on regularly 

✅GetApp takes all concerns about the integrity of their reviews programs very seriously

✅High-quality reviews and have developed a robust quality assurance process for reviews

✅Manually examined by our team of experts in an effort to ensure published reviews are from verified sources and provide helpful content


❌Sometimes the website runs slow

❌It has too many ads, which can be annoying sometimes


Next on the list of top product review sites is TrustRadius. TrustRadius is a trusted site for business technology reviews, serving both buyers and vendors. A super easy and intuitive interface makes it very easy to write reviews for all business software you use. 

TrustRadius is a marketing data intelligence platform and is a review site for business technology. It helps to enhance customer relationships and launch new products.

With vast coverage of business software, well-built categories, and search functionality to find all software you are using daily for work, this is a site to trust for reviews.

The amount and quality of existing reviews in their catalog give good coverage of the business software industry and adds trust to their platform.

Alexa Ranking: 57,767

How does TrustRadius work?

TrustRadius reviewers include end-users, implementers, consultants, business stakeholders, and decision-makers. All TrustRadius reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn or their work email address before writing a review. Before publishing a review, the TrustRadius research staff verifies that each reviewer has recent experience with the product. 

TrustRadius publishes reviews from resellers but does not include the ratings in the overall score calculations. It is committed to ensuring all reviewers are providing quality, straightforward opinions that are trustworthy.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • TrustRadius provides verified reviews of any software or system, and also they provide some amount of money to those who write a review on their site. So that is a stand out feature
  • People who write a review on TrustRadius are provided multiple types of gift card rewards for qualify reviews amounting upto $10-$25
  • TrustRadius provides a 24/7 support window. Email, phone and chat support are also available


✅On writing a genuine review, TrustRadius gives away some amount of money to its consumers

✅Strong customer support which solves consumer affairs instantly

✅It has multi-dimensional reviews on its website

✅Reviews of only actual purchase product


❌Search filter is deficient and can be annoying for some consumers

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is next on the list of top product review sites. G2 Crowd is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. G2 Crowd plays a huge role by providing unique, authentic peer advice in realtime.

Alexa Ranking: 5,427

How does G2 Crowd work?

They give buyers better guidance than traditional analyst firms, which can take up to 2 years to update and publish technology research. That timeline just can’t keep up with the pace of technology. 

At G2, their team aims to be a trusted source that helps every business professional in the world make better technology decisions. They serve every buyer and seller of tech, and services in the world. Reviews are written by actual users — not “pay-to-play” analysts — that help you avoid the inherent risks of buying business technology.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • G2 aims to remove the bias that is so prevalent in the software industry by providing unbiased reviews from legitimate sources, so that prospective buyers can make the most informed decisions possible
  • Proprietary algorithm works to filter fraudulent reviews from a company’s own employees or direct competitors
  • The emphasis of this platform is very clearly on reviews, which can all be filtered based on category, industry, user roles, etc, and then compared to competing product offerings


✅Wide variety of product categories with honest reviews

✅100% unbiased reviews

✅Excellent online reputation among online review sites

✅Huge list of companies with high consumer demand

✅Reviews of only actual purchase


❌No known cons yet


Next on the list of product review sites is TechnologyAdvice. TechnologyAdvice is based in Nashville, Tenn, and was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for four consecutive years. 

It is a dedicated platform that assists in educating, advising, and connecting buyers and sellers of business technology. As a trusted resource across hundreds of technology verticals, their unbiased research and crowd-sourced product reviews help buyers find the right software to grow their business.

Alexa Ranking:83,124

How does TechnologyAdvice work?

They work with vendors to grow their customer base through our unique lead generation, content creation, and digital advertising programs. These programs improve product awareness by placing matched solutions in front of their ideal customers using multiple touchpoints. 

What does it offer to consumers?

  • TechnologyAdvice uses its database of over 50 million verified business contacts plus the millions of yearly website visitors to connect technology companies with the right buyers at the right time
  • Helps in widening audience reach and increases brand awareness with industry-leading digital marketing tactics, including display, pay-per-click traffic drivers, native, and custom content sponsorships
  • TechnologyAdvice understands how buyers make purchasing decisions. Combine their buyer knowledge with your product knowledge to create content that resonates
  • Wide variety to choose from white papers, e-books, online events, or sponsored posts, and combine those with lead generation and content syndication tools


✅TechnologyAdvice has a verified database of 50 million contacts

✅It offers great customer service

✅Has a good reputation with genuine consumers and reviews


❌No known cons yet

How can TechnologyAdvice help your business?

TechnologyAdvice is a platform that can help businesses to expand their reach. The solutions are designed for B2B technology businesses looking to improve their demand generation strategies and improve their marketing opportunities.


Next on the list of top product review sites is SaaSGenius. SaasGenius is a SaaS companies directory comprising business software reviews and comparisons.

SaasGenius lets you find the right software for your business.

Consumers can browse their software directory for free and find software solutions tailored to their needs. They’re on a mission to make finding the right business software easier and less time-consuming.

Alexa Ranking: 462,966

How does SaaSGenius work?

SaaSGenius team created a hassle-free service, where professionals can find the right software to solve their problems and make running a business easier and more pleasant. Their aim is to let people know they can save time and money and focus on what’s important for their businesses.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • Explore multiple software overviews based on your search criteria. Narrow your search to find the right solution for a given task
  • Receive personalized matches & find the right software so you can stay focused on what is truly important for your business
  • Learn more about particular SaaS solutions via user reviews, guides, and blog posts from a third-party source
  • Offers a hassle-free service where professionals could find the right software to solve their problems and make running a business easier and more pleasant


✅Finding the right business software has become easy and less time-consuming

✅24/7 customer support is available


❌Search filter does not always work properly

❌This is not a very popular platform yet


Next on the list of top product review sites is Crozdesk. Established in 2014, it strives to make complex software purchasing decisions as easy and frictionless as possible. 

If you’re looking for project management, CRM, marketing or accounting software, Crozdesk has you covered. Crozdesk runs AI and machine learning ranking algorithms powering unbiased software recommendations.

Alexa Ranking:138,315

How does Crozdesk work?

This platform is free for users to take advantage of reports, software rankings, and comparisons. Crozdesk provides the most in-depth comparison guide to its consumers, making the purchase easier for them.


✅Compared to other platforms of product reviewing, Crozdesk is newer in forms and functions and is still growing

✅Provides a good customer support

✅High consumer demand


❌As this is a new platform, it is not as popular as its competitors


Next on our list of product review sites is DiscoverCloud. It was founded in 2012  to make the lives of business owners a little bit easier by helping them discover the tools & information required to grow their business. 

Their marketplace features an ever-growing number of SaaS solutions and outsourced services and is quickly becoming a leading destination for business decision-makers around the globe.

Alexa Ranking: 755,406

How does it work?

DiscoverCloud is a powerful force in pairing international buyers and sellers. With targeted advertising options in the premium tier, and the ability to implement “special offers” to solicit additional conversions, this can be a great asset if you are taking an offering to the international market.

What does it offer to consumers and businesses?

  • This site is home to a variety of B2B SaaS offerings as well as numerous outsourced services
  • It has a wide variety of SaaS reviews that are authentic in nature
  • With multi-tiered classifications based on languages, needs met, and who the offering is best suited for, DiscoverCloud is a powerful force in pairing international buyers and sellers
  • With targeted advertising options in the premium tier, and the ability to implement “special offers” to solicit additional conversions, this can be a great asset if you are taking an offering to the international market


✅Wide variety of detailed reviews

✅Various company profiles that are legitimate

✅Great customer service team

✅Consumer search available


❌Mainly for B2Bs


Next on the list of product review sites is AppExchange. It is also known as Salesforce store. Mainly for the business class, Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s largest business applications marketplace, home to over 3,000 apps and components that extend Salesforce’s reach and functionality. 

Plus, all apps are pre-integrated to work seamlessly with Salesforce through automatic updates. AppExchange is a platform built for products and services that have Salesforce integrations.

Alexa Ranking: 1,686,117


✅Deep security and identity configuration features

✅Extensive AppExchange marketplace of pre-built apps and components

✅Best-in-class mobile and tablet app design capabilities


❌Cluttered interface with an overwhelming array of features

❌Confusing to navigate

❌Easy to get lost in other Salesforce apps

IT Central Station

IT Central Station is next on the list of top product review sites.  Enterprise tech decision-makers go to read peer product reviews in Cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT. Every reviewer on IT Central Station is verified to help buyers make well-informed, smart business decisions.

IT Central Station is unique because it offers much more in-depth categorization for products and services in categories such as application development and infosec as compared to its peers.

Alexa Ranking: 65,998

How does it work?

IT Central Station is a trusted site in which all reviews are written by real users. Their triple-authentication process using LinkedIn profiles, community policing, and human oversight ensures 100% authentic reviews. A premium subscription to IT Central Station is an essential element in a tech vendor’s marketing kit. 

Long-form question-and-answer style review formats ensure that high detail and high-quality reviews are received from the reviewers.


✅Provides honest reviews from real consumers

✅Customer reviews are 100% authentic

✅Wide variety of product categories


❌Lesser known among business review sites


Now, last but not the least on the list of product review sites is FinanceOnline. This is another site that has been clawing its way up in the ranks over recent years. 

FinancesOnline is focussed on SaaS/B2B software and financial product reviews, boasting over 2.5M+ monthly readers across 10,000+ reviews sourced from experts and actual product users.

Alexa Ranking: 8,159

How does it work?

FinancesOnline Research Center provides rigorously researched data that will drive competitive advantage and let you focus on the right opportunities. 

FinancesOnline research team comprises experienced journalists and industry experts whose mission is to provide our readers with high-quality, unbiased reviews, guides, and market analyses that will allow you to make the right business decisions and stay competitive. 

Their research is always based on the customer and gathers thousands of data points to provide accurate information.

What does it offer to consumers?

  • Browse through a constantly growing base of more than 10,600 detailed product reviews collected in a wide range of categories covering all popular B2B service types
  • The algorithm gathers user reviews, comments and opinions across a wide range of social media and calculates a satisfaction rating based on what people think about the product
  • This provides you with a transparent and reliable method to easily compare customer experience not only on our platform but across all the popular social media channels


✅Provides unbiased reviews

✅Ranked high among customer review sites

✅Wide variety of products with hundreds of reviews

✅Has an excellent online reputation


❌Mainly counted in for business review sites

Our Verdict

Now, after the detailed analysis and research, we came to know about various product review sites.

Even though there are a lot of options available in the market, not every site is legitimate. 

Some product review sites have fake reviews or bad reviews, which are not helpful. So choosing the perfect product review site can be a bit daunting.

Yet, G2 Crowd seems to be a near-perfect option. It’s a great product review site with detailed reviews. It is updated quite often and listens to its customers.  So this is definitely a reliable product review site to go to.

But in the end, the decision is yours to take. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What are some legitimate product review sites?

G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, Trustpilot, FinanceOnline are some of the trustworthy product review sites.

Q2. How many reviews do you need before buying a product?

59% of consumers, scout reviews from 2-3 different review sites before buying and 87% of consumers place as much trust in a product review as they would in a word-to-mouth. The power of product reviews in the online world is a well-known factor.

Q3. What are the different types of product reviews?

There are 2 main types of product review websites. There are consumer review websites where products are reviewed and rated by fellow consumers like you and there are expert review sites where experts in the respective fields test and review the products.

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