9 SaaS Marketplaces to check out to get hard-to-find software deals

Looking for lifetime deals or incredible software deals? Check out these incredible saas marketplaces for incredible deals.

If you’re a digital business, you must leverage SaaS marketplaces.

Chances are you have a stack of tools you’re using daily. Chances are your needs evolve to become more complex and specific, and current apps fall short.

Chances, also, are that you’re finding hard to keep having recurrent expenses for buying software subscriptions.

If you’re looking for your next hack and quick win is the fact that you can get software tools by, literally, a fraction of what you would pay on an official site.

SaaS marketplaces are those sites that show up offering the apps you were looking for already, with a +90% discount.

The first time I saw these kinds of deals, I thought it was a scam— just too good to be true.

Then, when I joined Pitchground, I realized it made total sense to have SaaS marketplaces on my radar every time I’m doing product research.

From the vendor side, SaaS marketplaces are a sales channel to generate quick cash flow and a massive amount of customers fast. These sites, like Pitchground, leverage a community and web traffic with high-commercial intent to offer insane deals.

From the customer side, SaaS marketplaces are the opportunity to get any kinds of web tools affordably. I’m not kidding; I was personally looking for a referral marketing solution to track affiliates and links. Most solutions are easily over $100/mo. Coincidently, while writing this article, Pitchground launched a lifetime deal of a leading affiliate marketing software for $45.

In this article, we will show you 9 SaaS marketplaces to visit if you want to find insane software deals to help your digital business keep growing.


Pitchground heavily focuses on digital businesses: SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies, solopreneurs, and so on. 

You can request to join our lovely, spam-free Facebook private group where we share exclusive deals and digital marketing growth hacks. 

PItchground’s mission is to provide free education and affordable solutions. 

While most SaaS market places claim to help and support entrepreneurs and marketers, you will notice on this list that few of them focuses on providing educational, high-quality content.

As such, besides its deals, the company bets high on educational content through webinars, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and free courses to help digital businesses become better (Improve 1% each day, we say at Pitchground). 

You can find free content and resources below: 

Pitch Ground Academy

 find courses on digital marketing and productivity:

Pitchground helps SaaS companies promoting their products through the SaaS marketplace by their SaaS Central podcast and Youtube channel when they feature the people behind these companies.  

Quick FAQs

How does Pitchground’s refund policy work?

Generally, their deals have a 60 days money-back guarantee

How to contact Pitchground’s support?

Reach them at [email protected] for further queries.

How many days can I wait to redeem a Pitchhground’s coupon?

You should redeem offers within 90 days, and depending on the software vendor policies. 

What payment methods does Pitchground accept?

All major credit and debit cards (through Stripe) and Paypal. 

Check some Reviews of Pitchground users.


This software marketplace, founded in 2010, offers tools from thousands of vendors to help you grow your digital business. AppSumo partners with some of the most renowned software providers within the digital marketing space, to offer highly discounted deals for a limited time.

Appsumo home page image
Appsumo is a Software Marketplace to send straight to your email deals and promos.

What payment methods does Appsumo accept?

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and AppSumo credits.

How doesAppsumo’ss refund policy work?

AppSumo refunds 100% of purchases within 60 days.

How doesAppsumo’ss Affiliate program work?

The affiliate program is restricted; you should send them an email to [email protected] to get more details.

Does AppSumo have a unique feature or plan?

Like Amazon Prime, Amazon’s upsell for enhanced services, AppSumo has its Plus memberships. For $99/year, you will get an additional discount of 10% for your purchases, get an extended time to redeem a deal, andAppSumo’s web tools.

SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra is a community-driven platform that claims to bring entrepreneurs coming together & helping them win by offering software deals and free courses and other types of content.

They have worked with over 300+ SaaS Founders, helping them launch and market 70+ products to +100,000 customers.

Their mission is to empower 2,000 entrepreneurs by 2020 & be one of the best communities ever for entrepreneurs.

Now, let’s go to the hard facts:

Saas Mantra Software Marketplace home page
A community of 54,000+ entrepreneurs, get free courses, and great deals on software products.

How does the Saasmantra affiliate commission work?

Vendor commissions vary depending on sales tiers. The more sales you get, the better the commission to reach up to 30%.

SaasMantra Commission percentage rates
SaasMantra commission rates change upgrade depending on the number of users you have.

Affiliates must have a Paypal account to receive their commission, redeemable only after 45 days from the date of purchase.

Affiliate commission will be initiated only after 45 days from the date of purchase.


As most SaaS marketplaces, Rebeliance has a Facebook private group where they also share their lifetime deals and special offers.

Their refund policy is active 30 days after purchase; once requested, they will refund you within 24 hours.

Rebeliance Sofware marketplace
Rebeliance offer a community of 36,000 + entrepreneurs and get great deals on software products for your business

Heads-up: Rebeliance’s terms and conditions may be misleading; services are mispriced, described inaccurately, or their availability is un-updated.


From a personal point of view, StackSocial does well by structuring its site to be similar to e-commerce.

You can see their menu has a new arrivals section, or you can search products by brand, best seller, or free options; they also offer you a 10% discount in your first purchase when signing up.

StackSocial apps and software marketplace home page
Stacksocial offer not only apps but great software discounts.


How does Stackcsocial payment work?

They use Stripe and Paypal, so they accept the most recognized credit and debit cards.

How does Stacksocial refund work?

Each vendor defines its refund policy. StackSocial is not directly accountable for such a policy.

Bootstraps is pretty flexible for vendors and customers. Vendors, for instance, do not necessarily need to submit a lifetime deal (like most SaaS marketplaces).

Something worth noticing is that they craft complete reviews of different apps and walkthrough processes to help during the purchase decision making.

But, even more, interestingly, all your purchases come along eligible ility to claim up to $100 worth bonuses in WordPress plugins. If your purchase is higher than $150, you can qualify for $250; and purchases above $300 qualify for $500 bonuses.


While Dealify is one of the most recognized SaaS marketplaces—they claim they reach 30.000 to 50.000 users per deal—, its website is short in content.

However, unlike all options listed in this article, it offers a quite peculiar free tool: a Chrome and Firefox extension that alerts curated offers from different sources like Product Hunt and AppSumo.

Dealify home page
Get exclusive deals, lifetime software monthly discounts, and growth hacks by subscribing to Dealify.

How does Dealify refund policies work?

Within 30 days after your purchase, they will refund your deal within five working days.

How does Dealify payment methods work?

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.


Curiously, Dealfuel doesn’t focus on SaaS offers, but all kinds of web resources, such as HTML templates, web pages, icons, vectors, and so on.

How does a Dealfuel affiliate work?

As an affiliate, you make between 25% – 75% on every sale tracked through your referral link to our website • As a Seller, you can get a significant boost to your sales and a vast exposure and earn commission on all purchases.

How does Dealfuel refund work?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the deal you purchased, please contact us within 30 DAYS of purchase for a full refund (unless specified on the deal itself).

Dealfuel has a variety of learning sources like:

In the case of E-courses, Dealfuel offers discounts up to 90% of the regular price. As an example of that, we let you here the link so you can check it out.

Graphics is another section you have looked at.

Here, discounts are over 60%, and you will get for example, Mockplus – An All-In-One Product Designing Platform.

Dealfuel also offers SEO Courses, Tools like MailTag Email Tracker For Gmail Accounts

Templates and a special WordPress section with some of them for free.

So have fun looking at every section and promo that Dealfuel has, for sure you will find something to fit with your business objectives.


We mention Envato at last because it’s not a SaaS marketplace, but it deserves to be listed as an essential resource for any digital business or professional.

Envato is the default website you will visit to buy, compare, and review WordPress themes – I accept that how I met them.

However, they provide thousands of templates, webpages, apps interfaces for several programming languages that make Themeforest the secret weapon for many developers to launch their products fast.

Envato Elements, for instance, is the go-to place for non-designers to get thousands of design resources, icons, vectors, video, audio, and more.

They don’t just offer one-payment deals, but monthly and yearly subscriptions to get unlimited resources.

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