39 Sales Podcast You Definitely Need To Check Out!

If you’re a salesman, you know how much time it takes for a person to get good at this job.

It is a process of continuous improvement which is why there are so many people who quickly drop out of this job. As you well know, it is relatively easy to become a salesman but mastering this profession is far from a cakewalk.

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of sales podcasts that you can listen to. Whether you want to improve your skills, or simply want to learn more about the latest trends, these podcasts will definitely help you out!

These guys analyze various topics from sales, marketing, and general economy and we are certain you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

1. Accelerate!

If you’re looking for a podcast with an amazing track record, seek no further than Accelerate! When I was creating this post, there were more than 700 episodes of the show and counting.

Even if you’re late to find out about it, you can check all the previous recordings. On average, the show lasts about 40 to 50 minutes on average. They have short podcasts as well. The host, Andy Paul, is always bringing some awesome guests with amazing sales track record. They will discuss various topics, talk about the latest trends and techniques. It is a complete experience that we thoroughly recommend.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

2. Advanced Selling Podcast

Business to business sales is the focal point of this particular podcast. It is led by Bill Cakey and Bryan Neale both of whom have extensive experience on this topic.

To be precise, each one of them has worked within this niche for 2 decades which makes them, not only excellent practitioners but also people who can teach young minds. Due to its form and the fact it is hosted by 2 like-minded individuals, this podcast is a lot of fun.

You might initially miss on a couple of jokes but after learning more about B2B sales, you will laugh together with Bill and Bryan.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

3. B2B Growth Show

It doesn’t take too much pondering to figure out that this is a sales podcast focused on the B2B aspect of the business. This podcast has a simple concept: Sweet Fish Media, who are the hosts of the show, will invite an influential business expert to talk about sales, marketing and how it all works in the business space.

While the show is mostly focused on sales and marketing, there will be various topics mentioned. This makes sense given that the show has been around for 1,000+ episodes and sooner than later, they will touch on almost everything.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

4. B2B Nation: Smarketing (no longer active)

This show is quite specific in terms of its focus. Unlike most other pods out there, this one analyzes three fields: HR, IT, and Marketing.

It is not ideal for people who want to learn about various fields and techniques, but if you want to improve in these specific areas, this is one of the better shows to be created. It lasts between 10 to 25 minutes and it is really unfortunate that it hasn’t survived up to this day.

You can find it on iTunes.

5. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

While this might seem unusual, there are relatively few podcasts that deal with startups and gathering initial capital. In most cases, business podcast hosts talk about general business or marketing, but for whatever reason, startups are not the focal point. This isn’t the case with Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast.

Here, you can learn a lot about setting up a business and overcoming the initial hurdles that are death for numerous organizations. There is a lot of focus on sales and what kind of role it should have. Needless to say, your sales team will be one of the main engines ensuring the success of your venture.

You can find it on the website and anchor.fm

6. Catalyst Sale Podcast

Here is finally a podcast that mainly talks about sales. As the name implies, it deals with sales and what kind of role they have within an organization.

Besides macro topics, the podcast hosts Mike Conner and Mike Simmons also talk about various techniques and other stuff that will make you a better salesperson. These guys know all the tricks given how long they’ve been in business.

Mikes are not only prepared to share their experience but also to provide motivation for all those who cannot catch a break. The podcast is rather short (around 20 minutes) so you can listen to it on your way to work.

You can find it on the websiteiTunes, and Stitcher.

7. Closing Bigger (no longer active) 

Shane Gibson is an international speaker and a real sales guru. He was always ahead of his time which made him so popular among his peers. He shares his hard-earned knowledge in the Closing Bigger podcast.

There is special emphasis on relationships and psychology in general. But, the main benefit of listening to his show is to learn how to close people. There is a lot about clients’ motivation, showcasing product advantages as well as downplaying its flaws.

If you need tools that will make you elite, there is only a handful of pods out there that can compete with this one. The podcast form varies significantly from episode to episode. Its biggest issue? That new episodes are no longer being made.

You can find it on iTunes.

8. Coach The Sale

Despite what you may think, sales skills are something that can be coached. All you need is the right attitude and the willingness to learn. This is precisely why some of these podcasts are such a great solution for young, up-and-coming professionals.

Matt Hayman, the host of the show, is always sharing something new. There are lots of different skills and techniques being mentioned and I’m certain you can benefit from some of them.

The podcast lasts for half an hour to 45 minutes. While you might think this is a bit too long for a sales coaching show, the format is pretty actionable and lively so you will never get bored.

You can find it on the website and Stitcher.

9. Conversations with Women In Sales

This podcast is so awesome as it gives a completely different perspective compared to most of them. It is hosted by Barb Giamenco and she is willing to share all the tricks that will help not only women but also men who are working this job.

Nevertheless, this sales podcast is more oriented towards women and everything they need to go through when working in marketing and sales. Barb also shares a lot of stories she heard from other women putting emphasis on how they conquered their demons. In some cases, these stories will not be flattering.

This is precisely why males should listen to them especially managers who want to learn more about the opposite sex within the workplace. The podcast features a lot of famous hosts and it would be a real shame if you don’t give it a chance.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

10. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a prominent marketing agency that works in various marketing fields but puts emphasis on web marketing. Because of this, there are always some awesome guests at the show.

Besides marketing techniques, there is also a lot of talk about various social media platforms, search engine optimization, and internet marketing in general. There is special emphasis on web sales, influencer marketing and so on.

The length of the show can vary significantly going from 20 to 60 minutes. However, no matter how long it is, you can rest assured you will be entertained.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, Android, and Stitcher.

11. Enterprise Sales Podcast (no longer active)

Niche podcasts are not that common. First, they limit hosts in terms of what they can talk about. They are also much worse when it comes to how many people will be interested in listening to them. However, when done properly, they can be really revolutionary.

This is the case with Enterprise Sales Podcast which was hosted by Noah Goldman. This one is quite interesting as it focuses on enterprise sales. If you are in any way affiliated with this niche, I recommend that you at least give this podcast a go. It’s a shame there aren’t any new episodes but even the ones that were created should serve as a good starting point for young professionals.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

12. Entrepreneur on Fire – EOF

Podcast hosts usually have various and enormous experience. While some of them were always affiliated with a company or a brand, there are those who created brands themselves. Entrepreneur on Fire or EOF deals with the latter.

Held by John Lee Dumas, this podcast is not necessarily used for step-by-step education. Instead, it dives into practical aspects of sales and marketing.

John will bring in various guests, who are also entrepreneurs themselves, and they will share funny and embarrassing stories. While this isn’t an ideal form for laymen, it is quite entertaining for seasoned veterans.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

13. Get In the Door

Based on the name alone, you can already tell that this is going to be a fun entry. The host of the show is Steve Kloyda who is also known as “The Prospecting Expert”.

Steve is not only great at sales but is also amazing at finding good leads. This is something that many people omit as they focus on the end process, that is, closing a client. The main emphasis of the show is relationship building, networking and creating situations where your leads work for you.

You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM

14. Grow My Revenue Business Cast

This is probably one of the most wholesome sales podcasts on the list. When talking about sales, there are various aspects being mentioned such as finding qualified leads, creating a funnel, better understanding the various stages of the process, creating the right scripts (and mastering them), performing well on social media and so on.

There is a lot of talk about current sales trends as Ian Altman tries to analyze what is hot right now and how it can improve your game. The podcast (Same Side Selling) can last anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes which is why it’s ideal if you listen to it at your home. 

You can find it on iTunes and PlayerFM

15. Growth Everywhere 

“Growth” is a phrase that is often mentioned in the economy and in different ways. No matter what, it always comes down to improving your business (even if you’re not making additional profits for a time being).

Growth Everywhere analyzes various types of growth especially focusing on startups and young companies. This show is simply amazing for people who want to start their business or who have already started it but have hit a wall.

Here, you can learn a lot about growth hacking, various types of internet marketing, different software that will make your life easier, but also about traditional sales and marketing techniques.

You can find it on the website and iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

16. Hey Salespeople 

Most salespeople will agree that a proper approach is crucial for being a good salesman. In a way, you have to “talk” to your customers in order to bridge the gap that exists between the two of you. However, it is also something that takes a lot of practice and experience.

In order to help you out, Jeremy Donovan has created this podcast. It is rather short, actionable and can be really entertaining at times. Jeremy shares the best tips, funny situations, and great ways to increase your conversion rate.

You can find it on the website, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio.

17. Make It Happen Mondays

How many people hate their job? How many people hate starting their workweek? In sales, it is very important to have an attitude and to start your day with a smile. Instead of scoffing at Mondays, you should use them as an opportunity to make a profit.

This podcast is hosted by John Barrows who is an experienced professional. Besides this show, John also provides training for those who want to sharpen their skills. He is all over the place on various platforms and social media.

If you don’t have money for the paid training, you can always enjoy his shows. John brings a lot of different experts from marketing and sales and they would talk about all kinds of related topics.

You can find it on the website and iTunes

18. Predictable Prospecting

One of the biggest issues salespeople encounters don’t actually have to do anything with sales. Instead, the first major problems will occur during the prospecting phase. The whole campaign may be lost if the initial phases are done incorrectly. This is why prospecting has to be as predictable as possible, it has to be measurable and if possible – streamlined.

In this show, Marylou Tyler talks about all the challenges that a person may encounter during lead generation and funneling phases. This is one of my favorite pods so I recommend that you definitely check it out.

You can be found on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

19. Predictable Revenue Podcast

If you are into SaaS, then this podcast is the right thing for you. Here you can learn a lot about software as a service and how to create your own niche on the market.

To make things even better, the podcast is hosted by Aaron Ross whose book “Predictable Revenues“ is known as one of the best sales books of this decade. While the podcast is focused on software, there are lots of things you can learn from it.

In the end, it is a sales podcast so even if you’re not running a software company, there are lots of neat tricks that you can pick up along the way. It is one of the longest shows on this list going from 45 to 60 minutes on average. However, this one will be time well-spent investment!

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

20. Sales Gravy

If you’ve been around the block, you probably heard of Jeb Blount. This is a guy who has singlehandedly changed the whole profession. Blount is really big on multitasking doing various jobs on the fly. Besides this podcast, he is also an author, a public speaker as well as a consultant. This alone is a great recommendation.

Jeb’s focus is on closing big deals and managing high tier companies. Most of the things are not for laymen but instead for guys who already have an impressive track record. The podcast can be very short or very long; the format varies from episode to episode. However, even if its 5 minutes long, there will be something interesting and useful for you to hear.

You can find it on the website, iTunes and Stitcher.

21. Sales Funnel Radio

Here is an interesting concept that is rarely discussed: free sales funnels! This podcast is focused on how to boost your online sales by providing such funnels. It is all about automation and making your daily processes much quicker and easier.

The podcast is led by Steve Larsen, a man who has extensive sales and web marketing experience. Some of the tips will be really revolutionary and they are definitely worth a try. Sales Funnel Radio is a breath of fresh air in a somewhat saturated sales podcast sphere.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, and Player FM.

22. Sales Influence – Why People Buy

Some of the oldest sales questions are “why people buy stuff” and how to sell a mediocre, uninventive or even bad product. This podcast, led by Victor Antonio, will answer these questions and much more.

The biggest emphasis of the show is on consumer behavior and how we can work around these natural mental barriers. It also analyzes how you can be successful even when dealt bad cards.

I recommend this podcast to all those who don’t trust their own goods and who want to find a new approach to present their items to end-users.

You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.

23. Sales Pipeline Radio

Having a sales pipeline is the secret sauce behind every successful salesman. If you don’t have it, you will have to work twice as hard each and every month just to meet your quota.

Fortunately, creating a pipeline is not as hard as some people may think. However, it does require some finesse which is why you should listen to Sales Pipeline Radio.

This podcast analyzes various aspects of sales and marketing focusing on the creation and maintenance of your customer base. It is especially thorough when it comes to sales metrics and how to use them to your advantage.

However, it does require some finesse which is why you should listen to Sales Pipeline Radio. This podcast analyzes various aspects of sales and marketing focusing on the creation and maintenance of your customer base. It is especially thorough when it comes to sales metrics and how to use them to your advantage.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

24. Sales Secrets Podcast

There is so much information surrounding us that you might feel that every type of knowledge is already available on the web. But that isn’t really the case. There are certain things you can learn about through experience and experimenting. This is what this podcast is all about.

Hosted by Gabe Larsen from InsideSales, this show provides various tips and tricks that will up your game. There are also a lot of funny and interesting stories.

Sometimes, you might even hear a tragic, cautionary tale that will help you understand what to avoid. There is always some awesome guest in this show so you will have a lot of fun listening to it.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

25. Sales Success Stories Podcast

As you’ve already noticed, most of these shows have awesome guests. From time to time, you will hear an interesting story. But there is only a handful of podcasts that focus only on stories which are the case with Sales Success Stories Podcast.

Here, you will get the best, first-hand knowledge of sales told by some of the top marketing and sales experts. The podcast has a really loose, jovial tone and is focused on practical knowledge.

There aren’t many situations where you will listen to boring monologues. Instead, most of these stories are meant to convey a message making you a better salesperson in the process.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

26. Sales Tuners

There is no better way to learn about sales than by listening to a real sales coach. Jim Brown has extensive experience in sales and marketing, both as a practitioner and an educator.

As such, this podcast has a highly educational tone but also deals with practical situations and techniques. Most of the tips and tricks you can hear during the show are not meant to just make you a salesman; instead, they are meant to make you an excellent salesman.

Jim gives examples by analyzing successful people and how they made it in their own niche. The podcast can go anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes so it’s something you can listen to as you go to work or when you get back home after a long hard day. 

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

27. Sell or Die

Success doesn’t happen on its own; it is a state of mind that is nurtured and developed over time. I love this podcast as it is led by two amazing hosts: Jennifer Gluckow and Jeffrey Gitomer.

Jennifer made her name on LinkedIn while Jeffrey is known for his amazing bestselling books. The main focus of the show is how to build winning habits that will take you to that next level. There is a lot of talk about character and personal development, and how to implement all of that in a business environment.

You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.

28. Selling with social

I don’t have to tell you that door to door sales are mostly a thing of the past. People nowadays are focusing on social media as it provides much more exposure, better and quicker reach. On top of that, it is much easier to find people who are actually interested in the thing you’re selling.

Sophisticated algorithms are doing most of the hard work for us. That being said, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are more and more shows that are focused on social networks. Mario Martinez will share some of his thoughts and experiences that will help you rock platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

29. Social Triggers Insider

The show lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and there are lots of guests worth listening to. There is a lot of talk about consumers’ psychology, but the host Derek Halpern is also analyzing people’s state of mind when seeing a specific product.

Behavioral economics is a field that is rarely mentioned even among experienced professionals. However, no matter what kind of company you’re running, it is very important to understand your customers. This kind of knowledge will help you through the process which is why podcasts such as this are so beneficial.

You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.

30. The Art of Charm

Charm is something that can be learned and while the podcast name implies that this is an art, it is much more of a science. Keep in mind that this pod is not necessarily for salesmen; instead, it is something that can be used and listened to by everyone who’s into behavioral or related sciences.

It is led by AJ Harbinger who always makes sure there are some interesting guests in the show. People from different areas of life will partake in this podcast and as a result, you can listen to all sorts of topics.

The most interesting thing of all is the fact that so many people with different backgrounds participate and you will always learn something new.

You can find it on the website, iTunes and SoundCloud.

31. The AskGaryVee Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Gary Vaynerchuk. He is one of the biggest marketing experts in the world and it is always a treat listening to his podcast.

This guy does just about everything you can do within the marketing field. He is an author, a speaker, a host, an investor but also does lots of other cool stuff.

Needless to say, his experience is massive and just by listening to his show, you will likely get better at your job. But, to make things even better and more intriguing, Garry always pushes the envelope bringing in some of the elite professionals to his show.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.

32. The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

This is a pretty straightforward and visceral pod. The show host, Brian Burns from B2B Revenue Inc., has been working within this field for more than 2 decades.

As a result, he can discuss a wide variety of topics. The pod usually takes somewhere between 20 to 60 minutes. The focus is on sales and various techniques that can help you achieve better results.

You can find it on iTunes and Stitcher.

33. The Quotable Podcast

One or even two-person format can sometimes get old which is why The Quotable Podcast stands among all other sales podcasts out there. Having numerous hosts and team-ups, you will always be excited to listen to the next episode.

The show is managed by the Salesforce team which is recognized as one of the best groups in the field. There will be a lot of talk about sales and marketing but don’t be surprised when some other topics pop up as well.

This pod is especially great for folks who are new to the dance. Furthermore, its short form (less than 20 minutes) makes it bearable, easy to digest, and you can listen to it on the go.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

34. The Sales Babble Podcast

This podcast is amazing for all individuals and companies that are working within the tech industry. You can learn more about hot topics such as lead generation, outreach, follow-ups, closing clients, maintaining contacts and so on.

The show deals with various tech niches and particular products so no matter what you’re doing, there will be something for you. Pat Helmers is the host of this show. He is an experienced coach who has helped many and his expertise lies in tech startups. So, if you are a small company that wants to make it big, this is one of the best starting points.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.

35. The Sales Evangelist Podcast

Sales are very similar to religion in the sense that faith is the crucial element of your pursuit. Funny enough, this podcast is as old as some religions. It has amassed more than 1,000 amazing episodes and if you have time, I suggest you go back and check some of them.

Donald Kelly is the host and he especially loves entrepreneurs who are self-taught. Motivation is the crucial aspect of sales according to Donald. Not only will he teach you how to go day by day and deal with the defeats, but also to learn from your victories. Some of the stories are really incredible and they teach us how unpredictable businesses can be.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

36. The Sales Leadership Podcast

Creating regular profits from sales is really hard. There are lots of variables that affect your ability to sell and managing all these factors seems impossible at times. However, there are ways to reduce risks and increase effectiveness.

During The Sales Leadership shows, Rob Jeppsen will try to analyze the biggest factors that affect sales and how you can micromanage them. Each episode is pretty easygoing yet, very professional. There are lots of different topics that Rob will go through which makes each new episode a real treat.

You can find it on the website and iTunes.

37. The Sales Whisperer 

In a way, dealing with clients is like dealing with pets: they usually feel unprotected, small, and it takes a lot to gain their trust. This is why you need to go slowly and build their trust over time.

As experts often emphasize, it takes several meetings in order to close a person. These are some of the main, focal points of this podcast.

The Sales Whisperer analyzes various activities such as online marketing campaigns, prospecting, startups, how to be successful in different markets and so on. Each episode is quite unique and entertaining.

Listening to this podcast will never get old as its host, Wes Schaeffer always tries to keep things fresh and to provide a less common view. Each episode is rather long averaging around an hour but they can even go up to 80 minutes.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

38. The Salesman Podcast 

Being a salesman is not as simple as you might think. While it can be easy to get your first job, that doesn’t mean you have succeeded. Sales, more than any other job, are dependent on performance. If there is no performance, you cannot be regarded as a salesman.

Listening to this pod will help you get ahold of your performance and what it means. It will teach you how to become a successful salesperson through continuous improvement and focus on activities that actually make a difference. But it is much more than a show that deals with basic sales skills.

The Salesman Podcast also analyzes advanced concepts and trends. Want to learn more about gamification? This is the right place. Want to improve lead generation? You got it!

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.

39. The Ziglar Show

This pod is hosted by Tom Ziglar. After some time, Kevin Miller has joined it so nowadays, you can listen to these two amazing experts rant about various economic topics.

What I like the most about this podcast is how it starts. Tom will share one of his thoughts or stories which are usually lighthearted, educational or both. These stories will be a great prelude for the episode and a great way to start off.

Tom and Kevin will talk about all kinds of topics (not only about sales) so there is always something new to hear and learn. The main focus is on interpersonal relationships as well as the human side of the business. As such, it is ideal for all those who are struggling to close or understand clients.

You can find it on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher.


There you have it!

These are some of the craziest, most innovative, and educational sales podcasts out there.

Even if you’re not working within this field, there are lots of lessons to be learned. Every economist should give these a go because, besides the sales, there are lots of other topics that can help your career.

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