SEOTesterOnline Introduction: Everything you need to know

SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your site!

Getting your website’s link ranked in search engine’s first result page – may be the first link as well is definitely worth your business.

Letting people find your service or product as a solution to their query and problems in SERPs first link is what makes your site SEO friendly.

But this isn’t an easy task considering the tough competition in almost every niche! It takes time, and you need to do everything right to rank there.

And, to bring you a step closer to become an SEO expert, you need to have this amazing tool – SEOTesterOnline.

What is SEOTesterOnline?


SEOTesterOnline is a simple, easy to use tool that enables you to improve your search engine rankings while studying your competitors, so it will take you a lot less effort and time to get more traffic to your site through search engines.

This tool does a lot to deliver on the previous statement. In this post, you are going to discover 8 reasons how this tool can help you achieve the SEO ranking target successfully.

SEOTesterOnline lets you solve all your SEO problems. You don’t have to worry and search hundreds of other sites to measure your website’s SEO status.

#1 Analyze A Page & Identify Problems –

You might be doing everything mentioned in books and on different websites about optimizing your SEO and yet your content won’t rank.

And the reason why this happens is because of a few simple and unnoticed SEO mistakes that may cripple your website ranking.

You may have a problem in the HTML code of your site? Or maybe the tags are not optimized correctly for search engines?

But SEOTesterOnline’s algorithm can determine if your images are optimized or not, the presence of microdata, and see the technical aspects of your content besides the obvious keywords placement errors.


It also checks the page speed, whether on mobile or desktop to make sure that your site is optimized for both.

They care about social signals as well and see if everything is optimized to get more social shares. This simply means open graph, social plugin, and everything! After all, social signals are essential for search engine rankings.

They do over 50 exams to identify optimization issues, giving you a score to see how well your page is optimized.

#2 They Give You A Solution To Every Problem As Well –

There is nothing worse than knowing what the problem is, but not knowing how to solve it.

SEOTesterOnline lest you solve all your SEO related problems! 

It generates a dynamic step-by-step solution to solve each problem mentioned in the analysis.

Whether the problem is in the basic HTML code, the content optimization part, speed, and performance, or Social optimization, it helps you solve everything.

Solving the problem shouldn’t be a problem itself, and this tool knows that very well.

#3 Scan and Analyze Thousands of Pages On The Site With a Click of a Button –

You like the idea of analyzing a page to see problems on that page and then how you can solve it, right?

What if you have a big website with a lot of content and posts in it and don’t want to waste time entering the link for every post separately?

What if you could get a tool to analyze your complete site and does all the heavy lifting for you and then generate a comprehensive report about what to improve?

You can do that with the SEO spider tool by SEOTesterOnline.


You can scan thousands of pages with their crawler to find out the score for each page with suggestions on what to improve on your whole website. 

And the process doesn’t need to take hours thanks to their crawling algorithms that is focused on efficiency and providing the best experience for the users.

Once you have the tool, make sure the first thing you do is to run this analysis. It doesn’t take much time to know what problems you already have on your whole site with their report.

#4 Find Keywords Used By Your Readers –

The first step that most people mess up when it comes to SEO is Keyword research.

It is a simple process, yet, many people mess it up, making all their efforts after that nearly useless with no much results from search engines.

So how can you know which keywords your readers are currently using?

SEOTesterOnline helps you with that as well!

You can use this tool to come up with new keywords when you are stuck with your older keywords. It will give you new ideas about what topics to write about next. What different things your audience is searching about on Google and on other search engines.


It is great for having a deeper understanding of your topic and having different ideas to target for your upcoming posts.

But not all of the keywords might be useful to you and this is why you need the next feature in your arsenal.

#5 Compare Keywords To Find The Perfect One To Target –

Not every keyword is the same!

You just cannot take the ideas presented to you and go right away, creating your content.

Don’t just go with the ones that give you the most volume because most of the time they are highly competitive because everyone else is trying to compete with the same keyword, so take the time finding the right balance between the volume of the keyword, keyword difficulty, and competition level.

SEOTesterOnline uses their algorithm to give each keyword a difficulty number, where 100 is very hard, and 0 being very easy to rank for.


Depending on your domain authority, and the number of links you can grab, choose the suitable keyword difficulty, and create your content around it.

Once you have a list of keywords as shown in the previous step, you can compare five keywords to see which ones to target based on the different factors they have, showing you interests by time, to see if the interest arise a specific time of the year or not.

So finding keywords with this tool shouldn’t be a problem, and finding the right ones to go after, shouldn’t be a problem too!

#6 Use Their SEO Editor To Make Sure Your Content Is 100% Optimized For SEO –

Are you writing content from scratch and want someone to take you by the hand and help you optimize your content for search engines as you write it.

Then you really need to check out their SEO editor.

SEOTesterOnline is all about helping you with the SEO copywriting part without being an expert when it comes to writing content that is optimized to rank for a specific keyword you are after.


First, you start by choosing the main keyword to go after. This is an important step as had I mentioned before, and with their keyword explorer, you should have no problem.

Having this in the first place will make sure that the tool understands what the main focus of the article should be.

After that, the tool discovers secondary keywords or LSI as called by Moz, that you can use to make your content more in-depth or just sprinkle in your post so that Google or any other search engines understand that you cover that topic in-depth.

It helps you rank for multiple keywords at once, so it is worth the hassle, especially when they are handed over to you.

After that, the software takes you by the hand to guide you as an editorial assistant to optimize the article for the right keywords and attract new visitors to your website.

After you finish writing the post, the tool will give you an overall score from 0-100 based on how you did. Their algorithm analyzes your content in respect to many things including the ease of reading, potential traffic, the title, the content, subheadings of the post, and other miscellaneous things like images and using synonyms and so on.

You will see what was missing that didn’t make you get a high score, and you could then use it as feedback to improve the content. You will see feedback regarding every part, so you make sure that your content is 100% optimized for SEO. 

#7 Analyze The Copywriting Of Your Competitors –

Do you want to know what do search engines understand when visiting your competitor’s page, so you can see how they are ranking high for a specific keyword?

Then you need to use SEOTesterOnline’s Copy Metrics tool!

You can enter a text or just enter the link of the post, and they do their analysis. 

At first, they create a heatmap highlighting keywords with different colors depending on the difficulty level of the word. 


It also gives you potential views/month targets, the buying intent of the post (is it intended for selling more or for educating) and the average difficulty of the keywords used in the article.

You could then see the different topics/keywords this post could target. And right away, you could see the volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, density of the keywords in the post.

You can even do further analysis on a specific keyword using their keyword explorer, or you can open the keyword in Google with a click of a button to judge the difficulty level by yourself.

You could then see the frequency this keyword has been mentioned.

It is great to analyze the SEO copywriting of your competitors, and even for your content as well.

It is a unique tool that you can’t see anywhere else. You need to check this one out!

#8 Generate Leads From Your SEO Efforts –

Most of the time, you want and need to have traffic because you want to generate more leads for your business.

Although most people are concerned about the part of getting visitors to your site and ignore the part of converting visitors to leads, SEOTesterOnline focuses on both the parts that are getting the visitors and converting those visitors to leads.

How can you do so?

They created a new lead generation tool that you can use to embed lead magnets in your article.

You start by creating a campaign.

You can also create multiple campaigns at once if you want to.

After that, you have the opportunity to create your forms, and you can split test between them. You take the code to embed the form on your site, whether that is on one page or on multiple pages.

After that, you can see the traffic your site got, and the total leads you acquired, the emails of the leads if you want to take a look, and a great graph that shows acquisition trend (leads acquired in the past 30 days.)

You could integrate it with multiple tools and use it to get leads to your autoresponders right away.

This is a great extra feature that is still in the beta stage, but one that is essential for all webmasters who want more traffic to their site using SEO.

You don’t need to purchase an extra tool that does just that for you like OptinMonster for example, where you need to pay a monthly fee to create forms to place on your site. If you don’t want their super-advanced features, then just stick with this tool and save the money.

Conclusion: Why You Need SEO Tester Online Tool?

SEO is not an easy game. But having it is very important to ensure that you have a constant stream of leads coming to your business every month without much effort from you.

The problem is that it is not easy to get your content to the first page, and there isn’t a clear blueprint that you could follow.

SEO Tester Online is a great SEO tool that helps you with every part of your SEO strategy as you saw in this post.

From analyzing your site with a click of a button and finding the right keywords to creating 100% optimized content for SEO, analyzing the copy of your competitors and getting more leads to your business.

SEOTesterOnline does have many unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. I really liked the SEO editor, which is insanely useful to take you by the hand from the first step of choosing the right keyword to target to have a completely optimized post for Search Engines.

I doubt there are any others who could do the same.

Adding to the other tools which already included in the suite, you will find that it is a bargain at the current price.

So if you are serious about your SEO game and want to achieve success implementing SEO to your site, then having SEOTesterOnline in your arsenal is a must. It is like having a bit of advantage over your competitors.

And it doesn’t cost much like other SEO tools in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this tool now!


SEOTesterOnline Pricing –

You can buy SEOTesterOnline on LTD at PitchGround

SEOTesterOnline pricing is divided into three plans –  

1. $69 Lifetime License –

  • All Future Updates & Features
  • SEO Checker: 400 Audits Per Day
  • SEO Editor
  • Keyword Explorer (6000 Explorations Per Month, 3 Comparisons)
  • SEO Spider (5 Projects / 50k Pages/month / 500 Crawling Limit / 1000 Exports XLMS)
  • 20 PDFs Exports
  • 75 Lead Generation Tool (25 Campaigns / 75 Leads/month / 10 Embed Codes)
  • Copy Metrics 50 Analysis/Day

2. $138 Lifetime License –

  • All Future Updates & Features
  • SEO Checker: 800 Audits Per Day
  • SEO Editor
  • Keyword Explorer (12000 Explorations Per Month, 4 Comparisons)
  • SEO Spider (10 Projects / 100k Pages/month / 1000 Crawling Limit / 2000 Exports XLMS)
  • 40 PDFs Exports
  • Lead Generation Tool (50 Campaigns / 150 Leads/month / 20 Embed Codes)
  • Copy Metrics 100 Analysis/Day

3. $207 Lifetime License –

  • All Future Updates & Features
  • SEO Checker: 2000 Audits Per Day
  • SEO Editor
  • Keyword Explorer (30000 Explorations Per Month, 5 Comparisons)
  • SEO Spider (25 Projects / 300k Pages/month / 2000 Crawling Limit / 2000 Exports XLMS)
  • 100 PDFs Exports
  • Lead Generation Tool (100 Campaigns / 375 Leads/month / 25 Embed Codes)
  • Copy Metrics 500 Analysis/Day
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