Trello Project Management Software: Top 13 Features You Should Know About

Trello project management software is a simple way to organize ideas, projects, tasks, and conversations in one place.

Trello is a free online tool for organizing work. It makes it easy to collaborate with team members and stay organized.

Trello is a great tool for making sure everyone knows what everyone else is working on.

Get started with Trello today!

Trello is a project management tool designed specifically for teams. It allows them to collaborate effectively and stay organized throughout the entire project lifecycle. Trello has been downloaded over 25 million times around the globe.

Trello was founded in 2010 by two guys who wanted to create a better way to organize projects within their team.

They realized that existing solutions weren’t flexible enough to meet their needs, and decided to build something new.

Today, more than 50,000 organizations worldwide rely on Trello to manage tasks, track projects, and communicate with each other.

Trello project management software enables you to easily collaborate on projects, share ideas, and get things done.

The key features include boards, lists, cards, checklists, comments, notifications, and much more. You can also use filters, search, and add-ons like Tasks, Kanban, Gantt, Time Management, and others.

If you’re looking for an alternative to MS Project or Google Calendar, we’d recommend giving Trello a try. It’s simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage large teams.


Factual sentences referenced across top search results:

  • According to a 2020 survey, companies that undervalue project management report that 67% more projects fail outright. (
  • However, only 22% of organizations use project management software. (
  • Prior to its acquisition, Trello had sold 22% of its shares to investors, with the remaining shares held by founders Michael Pryor and Joel Spolsky. (

Trello Project Management Software and its Uses

trello project management software

Trello is extremely useful for project managers when they have some budget limits.

The free Kanban-based management tool helps manage all your projects and collaborate with your team.

Trillo provides a straightforward system for monitoring and organizing projects at a glance that stands out from the crowd of other project management tools with its simplicity. 

Trello is a flexible, easy-to-use, handy, and visually intuitive project management tool that helps its users manage anything they own up to. Trello Dashboard shows all the specific tasks on board. 

Trello’s most common handlers are software developers, designers, and ad agencies.

This software can help you professionally as well as personally, as it helps to organize your entire team and even improves your own productivity. Trello helps in – 

  1. Manage and organize your development schedule
  2. Checks upon the content marketing campaign
  3. Work according to your production workflow
  4. Manage upcoming project
  5. Track the onboarding and hiring process 

This all can be done remotely through the Trello Project Management Software. There won’t be any need for bulletin boards, conferences, and other stuff. Trello is great for a remote team. 

Trello Project Management Software Features

Trillo project management software features are divided into management features and Basic features.

Here we will be discussing both types of features for a better understanding of the software. 

Trello’s management features – 

  1. Planning – This phase is to conduct research, map the strategy, and establish the goals of your project. The basic ideas if to formulate and identify the scope of your project. The budgeting is included in this phase. 
  2. Setup – According to the planning phase, start setting up the project on the run. With the help of Trello, you organize your team, whether it’s on-site or remote. Share your project plans through meetings and allocate the responsibilities to your people. 
  3. Implementation – This is the phase where your plan transforms your project. Just keep going with the work. Just be in regular touch with your team. Maintain time to time reports of your progress. 
  4. Closing – Then come to the end of your project by completing all the tasks assigned and rechecking all the work. This is where your team starts giving the finishing touches to the job done. 

Trello’s basic features – 

  1. Progress meter checklist – This feature helps keep track of subtasks in Trello Board. 
  2. Card records archive  – This feature allows you to archive cards when necessary. 
  3. Data filters – This feature filters keywords and displays cards according to their names.
  4. Deadline alerts and notifications – This feature gives 24 hours before the deadline by default. Trello also notifies of any action performed on the board. 
  5. Automated emails notifications – Trello enables email notifications that can be triggered when a change is done to a card or board. 
  6. Activity logs – Trello project management is very sensitive to changes; the activity feed displays updates throughout the Trello Board.
  7. Information backup – Trello backups the customers’ information and restores them in an automated fashion.
  8. Mobile friendly views – The interface offered by Trello is constructive and adjusts according to the screen, whether it’s a tablet or mobile. The users can easily manage according to their comfort from their desktops or mobiles. 
  9. Developer API – Trello offers a basic RESTful web API through which a user can interact with each type of resource via URLs. 
  10. Easy to set up and User friendly – Trello project management software is straightforward and has a user-friendly interface. 
  11. 3 tier pricing structure – Trello is a free platform, but it also has business class and enterprise pricing stricture. Usually, startups and small teams use the free version, whereas big groups with sophisticated workflow go for a paid version of Trello. 
  12. Collaborative – The core design of Trello is made up for collaboration. Once you get started with the project management software, you can quickly get your team together. 
  13. Flexible – Trello is highly flexible when it comes to its paid version. It has seamless integration with other platforms like Gmail, Google Drive, Cloud app, Slack, and other third-party applications. 

How to use Trello for Project Management

trello project management software
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 Trello, a project management tool, optimizes your workflow and overall project management process by incorporating specific characteristics. The characteristics are mentioned below – 


Trello project management software has a vast collection of templates, and even you can start with an empty board.

The blank canvas allows you to put things according to your needs to manage your workflow.

Trello helps you select visuals like background images, card backgrounds, label colors, etc. Also, you can figure out the main stages of your project progression. 

Trello helps assign cards to your team with due dates, resources, checklists, and other essential criteria. 


After creating a design of your choice, plan the details and start adding cards. Add checklists and create one card per task. Add details in the descriptions and make them self-explanatory to team members. Add checklists and create one card per task. 


Add labels, Time trackers, and butler to make most of the project with the help of Trello. Determine the responsibilities for updating cards and moving them into the right lists.


In a proper organization, periodic board management goes a long way.

A regular maintenance check is necessary to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Schedule a time to tidy your board once a week. 


Improvement and updates always have a scope. Adding tools is an essential part of improving your workflow for the team’s development.

This will save you time, reduce context switching, and enhance productivity. Trello offers a wide range of integration with many platforms like GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, Jira, Salesforce, and others.  

How does Trello Project Management Software work?

Many companies fail their projects every year because of their project management software.

Like the tools offered are just not on mark that risks the completion of the project. Project management software acts as a critical part of every project. It helps to organize and manage the workflow. 

Trello project management software has extensive criteria for working. The tools offered by Trillo project management software help to collaborate with team members and maintain workflow as well. 

Trello Project Management Software helps in – 

  1. To use the timeline view to plan and strategize projects.
  2. Work across boards through switch table view.
  3. Time management through integrated calendar tools.


1. How many Trello boards can I have?

How many Trello boards do you need to manage your projects? It varies depending on which type of project you are working on, and the number of people involved.

With just one or two people in a small team, they may only require two boards. If this number increases, then three boards would be required.

If it grows further, additional boards would be needed until your team reaches the maximum limit of 100 boards allowed.   

2. How can I archive cards in Trello Project Management Software?

There are three ways to do this. You could use the “Export” button on a card, or you could right-click and select “Archive…”.

The last way is the easiest; simply click the Archive icon at the top left corner of the board and choose what kind of archive you want. Once you’ve selected the option, press the Submit button and your card will be archived.

3. Where can I find archived cards in Trello Project Management Software?

You can see all the cards by going to “My Cards” and clicking on your profile name. From there, you will be able to view a list of all the cards that are created or edited by yourself or others.

Trello Project Management Software – Conclusion

There is no need to be a certified project manager to handle the projects like a professional. An ordinary manager can easily tackle the tasks with some effort and understand the use of project management software.

Being a manager, it is essential to bond your team together and maintain the workflow. 

Trello project management software will work more than satisfactory. It will help to assign tasks and keep track of work done.

Trello allows you to export data from your desired data source and load it to your desired destination and enrich and transform your data to make it ready for analysis and give an insightful analysis using its BI tools. 

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