Ucraft Website Builder 101: The Ultimate Guide To Help You on Getting Started

What is the Ucraft Website Builder?

Ucraft is a drag and drop user-friendly website builder for anyone who wants to create a website, whether for professional use or personal use.

If you are a small business owner, artist, entrepreneur, blogger, or anything in between and want to build a website for your brand Ucraft is a perfect solution for building your website. 

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Ucraft offers you Drag and drop non-coder website builders, free and fast websites hosted on Google Cloud, affordable pricing for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ucraft website builder enables you to sell online and sell anywhere where you can build your online store and become an eCommerce expert with its multi-functional website builder.

It provides you to choose from a large variety of payment methods and receive instant payments through your online store. Ucraft also helps set up shipping for your business with leading arrears and fulfillment services to deliver your products. 

Ucraft – Getting Started

In the early days of the internet, building a website was quite difficult. Making websites back in the time required lots and lots of code.

But now, there are a number of website builders ready to help you get started with the website without coding.

These website building services enable you to build modern, user and mobile-friendly websites. But the interface of these services is less intuitive than competitors; it lacks built-in traffic reports and basic photo editing.

While getting started with Ucraft, you have to go through a trial. You will see the templates section at first and then the categories ahead.

The categories of the templates are divided into parts like personal, Business, Fashion, shop, etc. a popular tab is also available, but the templates themselves are very cool.

You should spend some time and check out the templates and selecting according to your needs. 

At first, there will be a 14 days trial offered to you, and then you have to select a plan for further use.

As a user, you can connect a domain name to your account and be offered a free one when you pay for one of the plans, or you can simply get a free subdomain. And then, enter your name, email, and password and start your journey with Ucraft. 

Ucraft – Features

Ucraft website builder uses a drag and drop interface, because of which it is easy to add new elements to your webpage.

The integration with other services like SoundCloud, Instagram, Disqus, and Evenbrite is accessible. A language switcher tool is available with the ability to embed custom HTML. 

Canva is also accessible via Ucraft. Ucraft allows you to access free stock images as well as you can add your own image. But there is no such image editing build-in tool available. 

There is a team management setting available that enables you to add editors, owners, and administrators to share the management of your website.

This management setting is along with the multilingual option both in the dashboard. The multilingual environment allows website visitors to read the content in any language they want. 

Ucraft – Interface

The interface of Ucraft website builder is based upon the concept of blocks and elements, and this makes the interface easy to navigate.

The sidebar available offers you a set of tools you’ll need. You just have to drag the tool you want to the main preview section and use it easily. 

All the elements available are fully customizable, with contextual popup tools that appear as you click on the edit section.

The templates offer adaptive settings that make your website adjustable that fit into any screen on any device. 

Ucraft – Pricing and Plans

Like every premium software, Ucraft Website Builder also has premium plans that work professionally on a professional level.

Paid account at Ucraft starts at $10 per month, which has to be paid annually for pro website level that removes Ucraft branding, enables you to sell 50 products online, can use a custom domain name, and includes all the services site customization options.

It also avails you of 24/7 support via web chat. 

Ucraft has a Pro Shop Level for $39 per month that enables you to sell unlimited products and adds Facebook, Yandex, and eBay integrations. 

Ucraft also thinks for its users, so it avails a 14 day free trial period, with no credit card required. But be careful as when the free plan expires, there is no way back. 

Ucraft – Blogging

Blogging is not available for free accounts at Ucraft. It is known as ‘Articles’ in Ucraft, but the process remains the same: writing, adding images, setting categories, scheduling publication, and so on.

You will find every blogging tool that standard software should have. There are some templates available for an idea blog you are looking for.

You can save a post as a draft, apple tags, schedule, and categories, and assign multiple authors. 

You, as an owner, can enable comments on your blog if you have a Disqus account. Each post will appear on your article’s dashboard page. 

Ucraft – Performance

Ucraft Website Builder has a professional interface so that you can expect the performance of a pro-level. When you enter the website, the builders’ chatbot will start helping you at every stage.

The people behind the chatbot are knowledgeable as well as attentive. A help option is available at the left of the screen on every page.

You will experience a well-stocked support page with tutorials available like Getting Started, Logo Creation, and Designer tools.

Ucraft – Site Publishing

Ucraft Website Builder works differently from other website builders. It makes your site live the moment you start editing it. Other site builders save a version before making your website live.

Ucraft will make your site live even if you are zero percent done with a building; t, it may seem weird, but this is how it works.

There is an Offline feature available in the website setting in a group of 14 icons in the Dashboard. 

The website setting page is password protected, has a favicon, and has your site’s cache. The website’s cache only works for custom domains and results in faster page loading; remember to clear the cache before updating your site. 

Ucraft – Mobilesite-building

Ucraft website builder has an excellent option that is not available in most site builders, i.e., Mobile site builders. The feature is available in the context menu.

This feature enables you to set the display types according to your choice, whether it should be a display on tablets or smartphones.

Also, the mobile site builder does not allow you to edit your site by using your phone. 

Ucraft – Conclusion

Ucraft is easy to use and uses a user-friendly interface. It has a vast number of well-designed templates with customization options and a free version with no hidden fees.

Whether you are a new bee for website building or have experience, Ucraft has a variety of plans that fit your needs. 

Ucraft gives access to an extensive library of stock icons and images and also has examples of successful websites built on Ucraft as a platform. The services offered by Ucraft are easy to navigate and work fast to build a website via the drag and drop feature. The welcome feature that gives you a 14 day free trial period will make you understand the website builder. 

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