PitchGround – Weekly Roundup (1st Aug – 7th Aug 2021)

Hey PitchGrounder, we hope you are on track for your goals for Q3 of 2021!
This progress bar reminds you how close we are to 2022 if you haven’t noticed.

Here’s a very exciting announcement: We’re starting a new segment “PG Weekly Roundup” 🥳.

In this weekly roundup, we bring you a blog post, that we’ll mail you once a week.

We know there are many updates happening, and it’s hard to keep up! 🤯

You have probably been too busy with work to keep up with all the updates that have been happening, so this is the blog post that will bring you up to speed. ✅

This Weekly Roundup is divided into 5 main categories:

  1. Updates to apps which are live
  2. Upcoming SaaS
  3. SaaS deals that are ending
  4. Webinars for the week
  5. Exciting updates about PitchGround

So, let’s just jump straight into our first category:

Updates to Existing Lifetime Deals


Instoried is a tool that helps you become a better writer. If you want to start writing better copies, and you want AI to check your content for the kind of emotions it’s evoking or checking your writer’s content for plagiarism, all in real-time, this is the tool for you! 

The good news is, this week Instoried got funded by Windrose Capital. All of us at PitchGround were thrilled to hear this news! 🥳

If you haven’t got a chance to look at Instoried, here’s a walkthrough from Mark:


Intervue is another company that raised capital

It’s a tool that helps you hire better programmers, how you ask? By simulating a coding environment real time during the interview!

With built-in video calls, this is the one tool you need to hire better tech talent! 

The best part? It’s still on a lifetime deal!


Here’s to all you WordPress fans here.
We are excited to announce that LocalPress is offering a Free Unlimited Site license. 😍

LocalPress is one such fast loading theme, that you don’t want to miss out!

Check it out: 


All you need for your first E-commerce website is this platform 🤑

If you’re looking for the easiest way on the internet to start your e-commerce site…

Brace yourself as VetrinaLive has pushed out a sea of updates for you to digest:

  • Out of stock Email: in this v1 version, users can enable the Out of Stock Email in Customization. If enabled, every 12 hours the system performs a check on the stock of all products and variations and sends you an email with a list of all products with availability of less than 5.
  • New order received sound: Every time an order is submitted to a shop, in the admin panel you will not only be notified with the badge but also with a “new sound of cash register”. 😍
  • [FIX] Civic Number & Zip Code: Finally removed the civic number field, transforming it into an optional “Additional information” field. At the same time, we fixed a bug on zip code that was preventing some customers to register.

A no-brainer tool that is at the top of it’s game on making Facebook Ads less daunting. 

  • Custom Conversions in Analyze: Added the option to view custom conversions’ analytics data in Analyze.
  • Places & Addresses: Added the option to target places and custom locations (addresses) in location targeting.
  • Pixel Events in Automation: Added the option of creating automations that have Pixel events as conditions.
  • Product Sets: Added the option to choose a product set in catalogs. This will help users select the exact product set they want to use in ads.

The team at Scalify is working hard in bringing you the best advertising tool you’ll ever use.🔥

If you haven’t checked out Scalify yet, Check it out here:


We got super excited when Postpace decided to make a comeback, and it came back with a bang!

Even though things were rough, Muntasir and his team, worked hard and pushed out the new NLP module, powered by AI. 

So, what’s this new “NLP Module?”

In short, the new feature scans all top 15-20 competing contents for your keyword and identify the most prominent keywords and phrases. It analyses 100s of parameters and builds suggestions for you.

With the new module in topic report and content optimiser, you will be able to identify topic gaps and clusters effortlessly to optimise your article and rank higher in Google 

If you don’t know what postpace is, you’re missing out: 


Customer service is the backbone of any organization, which is why we decided to bring this tool to PG. It has a Shared Inbox, LiveChat features to help your customers, connect with you efficiently!

With all the feedback we’ve got from all of the PitchGround community, we’ve decided to add more value to the existing plans. 

Updated Plans for the SupportChamp Lifetime Deal

Similarly, all the plans have been updated and an UNLIMITED DOMAINS + UNLIMITED AGENTS plan has been added 😍


One of the most beautiful products out of the bunch. The Olvy widget and standalone page combine the power of emojis with the tone that inspires trust and modernity for announcing new features. Transform feedback into insights with release feedback!

Olvy new plan
Olvy’s new plan

Based on the feedback given by YOU, we’ve introduced a new plan for Olvy that has multiple domains and unlimited users! 

Phew, we’ve covered all the updates by the apps!
But we’re not done yet!

Upcoming SaaS

We just released Hoverify on a lifetime deal! 🥳
It’s currently the most affordable Lifetime Deal on PitchGround!

and we’re launching LinkMngr.com soon! 👀

SaaS Deals Ending Soon

DocsCloud: An All-in-One Digital Platform For Creating, Managing, and Sharing The Documents That Your Business Relies On Every Day! (Ending on August 15th)

Postpace: It is a must-have tool that improves Productivity For Writers, Bloggers & Marketers With SEO Topic Research, Briefing And AI-Powered Optimisation! (Ending on August 15th)

Onehash: A 100% Smart SaaS ERP, CRM, HR Solution For Your Business (Ending on August 15th)

Upcoming Webinars

This is where the TRUE FUN lies, this is your direct chance to come talk to us, ask unlimited questions and we give you all the answers! 

First, we’d want you to watch the most awaited previous webinar on Facebook Ads:

and then register for this webinar 👇

how to sell your websites for profit
Selling Your Website or Business for Maximum Profit

If you want to learn about:

  • Valuations: How Websites and Online Businesses are Valued
  • Maximizing the Valuation: Getting a Higher Price for Selling Your Business
  • The Process: What Are The Steps for Selling
  • Tools & Tips: too tools to increase revenue

then this is the webinar to attend!
let’s learn how to build real online businesses 🔥

Now that everything’s covered, what’s left? 

Exciting Updates About PitchGround

This week turned out great because we’ve been receiving all the love from you and also the Press. 

We’ve been featured in multiple publications, here are some of those: 

pitchground team in Bali
Our first in-person team meetup in Bali


Phew, so that was everything that happened at PitchGround.🙌
Thank you for reading all the way through!
Please let us know what you think of this new format of delivering weekly updates! 😄

Until then,
Cya next week 👋

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