PitchGround – Weekly Roundup (15th Aug – 21st Aug)

The 3rd Installment of the PG Weekly came sooner than ever and it feels like time is just flying by. I hope you’re on track with the goals/tasks you’ve set out to do.

If you’re new here, we just began this new series called “PG Weekly” where we give you a gist of what happened at PitchGround this week.

I consider it as a quick to read, concise weekly journal for the company.

This Weekly Roundup is divided into 5 main categories:

  • Updates to Existing Lifetime Deals
  • Upcoming SaaS
  • SaaS Deals Ending Soon
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Exciting updates about PitchGround

Let’s begin 🏎

Updates to Existing Lifetime Deals


Want to ace your customer service? Look no further than SupportChamp!

User Graphic Content
A look at the SupportChamp dashboard

The updates are as follows:

  • Campaigns tab: The Campaigns tab has been updated, and it is now set to show one-off SMS campaigns
  • Email conversations: To make your life easier, Email conversations with your customers, now show subject, cc, and bcc.

What’s the Benefit of using SupportChamp?

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Email Management
  • Team synchronization
  • Improved customer experience


Olvy is a beautiful widget that sits on your website, that lets you make new announcements, product updates etc. and get feedback from your customers in real time!

Companies are using Olvy for announcing feature updates and get feedback 🙌

Olvy’s new updates directly from the Founder:

  1. We have added 🔗 Permalinks / Slugs support for each release notes.
  2. Enhanced editor experience:
  • We didn’t have emoji support, which let’s face it we should have had from day one. I mean what product doesn’t have emojis! You can add emojis to your releases by just pressing : and selecting the one you want ❤️
  • Also, it’s now easy to reorder images in the editor with selections and the drop location highlighted for you. You can now directly paste and drop images from anywhere on the web or your clipboard.
  • We’ve also made the sidebar a little larger and organised it so that the features most frequently used by our customers are at the top.

Checkout the full release notes on this link 👇


If there’s one tool on this list, that is surely designed to make you a better writer, that’s this tool called Instoried.

When you write, you want the reader to feel the emotions your conveying in your writing.

Let AI help you convey the RIGHT EMOTIONS!

And now with the added GPT3 updates, this tool is evolving into something exciting 🥳

Headline Analysis
A sneak-peek in the headline generator feature of Instoried

Instoried updates:

  • Spelling and grammar checker.
  • GPT3 based Headline Generator to create Supercharged Headline 😍
  • Optimized UI for more explanation on impact score for Headlines, word suggestions for tone and emotion.
  • Increased word limit to 1800 words

VectorGrove & Unlimphotos:

Let your creativity have no limits!

Don’t let vector images and stock photos put a price tag on your creativity.

Get Millions of stock photos and vectors on a lifetime deal using VectorGrove & Unlimphotos 🎉

User Graphic Content
Yumm! These images of Fries from Unlimphotos is making us hungry, wbu?

Updates to VectorGrove & Unlimphotos:

  • Added over 120,000 new licensed images/vectors 🤯

Click here to Grab VectorGrove:


Click here to Grab Unlimphotos:


E-Commerce is the biggest trend of 2020 and it has only increased in 2021. If you haven’t opened your Ecom store yet, and are thinking that it’s hard to open one…

Use VetrinaLive!

Updates for VetrinaLive:

  • In fact there are so many updates, we’ve decided to make a separate blog post for them! 🤯 Watch this space as we’ll link it to the new blogpost and video of VetrinaLive 🥳

Well, which SaaS are you grabbing?

Let’s move on to the next section 👇

Upcoming SaaS

FeedBear 🐻

Feedbear is launching on the 25th of August. 🎉

Close the feedback loop

It’s an all-in-one tool for SaaS founders, that has 3 core features:

  • Feedback
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap

If you want your users to love your product, you need Feedbear! 🔥

SaaS Deals Ending Soon

Two of the funded companies are now offering a lifetime deal at PitchGround:

NeverSpam – 31st August

NeverSpam is that email warmer you didn’t know you needed. Take your email outreach to a new level through allegrow’s technology to optimize your sender reputation and inbox placement by ensuring that your emails reach will reach the priority inbox, not the spam folder!

Intervue – 1st September

Intervue is a tool that let’s you hire better programmers. Using Intervue, you can hire programmers faster with live coding environments and in-built video calls!

Watch candidates code LIVE and test their skills so you can ensure every hire is the best hire.

Upcoming Webinars

This week we have 3 scheduled value webinars that you absolutely cannot miss!

Webinar 1: How to design for a SaaS

Designing for a SaaS product is different from designing for a regular consumer based IT products.

What’s the difference and how to design for SaaS? This is exactly what Arnob, the co-founder of Olvy will show you in this webinar.

Join this webinar, if you plan to make a SaaS product and become an Entrepreneur one day!

Webinar 2: How to find out if your marketing emails are landing in spam?


But unknowingly, your emails are landing in spam folder and the sad part is you don’t even know that’s happening. 😭

In this webinar, Ruari Baker, the founder of NeverSpam Allegrow will teach you tactics to find out if all your efforts are landing in the spam folder and if yes, how to overcome it…

So your email lands in the primary tab.✅

Webinar 3: Instagram Marketing From Scratch

This webinar is for anyone who’s starting Instagram account from the very scratch.

We’ll setup a brand new account, take out colors and even create our first post.

So that you too can now get started with growing Instagram accounts for your brand!

We’ll also setup Bio links and show Linktube in action.


Exciting updates about PitchGround

There’s a lot of exciting “behind the scenes” work that happened this week,

  • We Published videos on our Youtube Channel
  • Planning value webinars for you!
  • Gearing up for the launch of Feedbear.


Well, that’s it. That was the 3rd installment of the PG Weekly Roundup!

If you’ve got any suggestions or like reading this, give us feedback ☺️ in the comment section below.

Until then,
Have a productive week ahead 👋

I can’t help everyone in the world but I can help someone everyday 💯

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