25 Work From Home Jobs That You Can Do As A Side Hustle Right Now

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Do you know the potential of work from home jobs?

If not, you’re about to find it out.

There are plenty of jobs that you can do from your home office. Some of them include freelancing, selling goods, or even starting your own business. The way out is finding something that you enjoy doing and turning it into a profitable side hustle.

Are you looking for ways to earn extra income from home? If yes, you should check out these 25 side hustles that you can do from home. Every job listing in this article can be done while working a full-time job. You will also learn about how much you can earn and how to get started.

Before that, let us check out some of the fascinating statistics about remote work and work from home:

  • Percentage of employees working remotely – 80%
  • Enterprises on cloud infrastructure services – 129.5 billion USD
  • Daily active users worldwide as per Microsoft – 145 million users 

Here Are Some of The Easiest Side Hustles That You Should Consider

1. Start Your Own Blog

One of the top side hustles that you can consider for earning extra money is blogging. In fact, if done thoughtfully, blogging can help you earn more than your regular job. But it is not for everyone.

You have to be a decent writer and be passionate about helping people with information and finding or selling useful products. A blogger generates blog ideas, writes about them, and promotes the content online. 

You earn your income from affiliate marketing, advertisements, and sponsored posts. Blogging is also an excellent form of passive income. You can earn when people read your articles from advertisements. There is another way of earning money from blogging. You need to partner with various organizations and become an affiliate. 

Before you start blogging, be sure about your field of writing. If you follow a niche, ensure it is a popular niche that gets traffic and makes money.

If you are thinking about starting your blogging journey, SEO is something you would need to rank on Google. Luckily, we have the best beginners guide to SEO on the internet that too FREE.

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2. Become a Freelance Writer

Alright, you love writing, but you do not want to become a blogger. 

You can always consider becoming a freelance writer. This is a great side hustle that can help you earn enough. There are no time limitations, and you can write anytime, anywhere. Making it one of the best work from home side hustles.

Moreover, if you have developed your speciality in writing as a freelance writer, you will be very much in demand. Just ensure that your charges for writing are competitive.

Similar to blogging, as a freelance writer, you can write about anything initially. However, it is great to have your own niche and sharpen your skills in the said niche. Several courses are available on the market that teach you how to become a freelance writer and create a path to success. 

3. Become a Proofreader

Are you someone who easily catches mistakes while reading? When you see grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and poor readability, do you wince? If it is you, you are a natural proofreader. 

If you are considering a work-from-home job for a side earning, you can become a proofreader. Here is a job that is rewarding if done correctly. People can earn a lot after having acquired experience. Several industries use the services of proofreaders to make sure their marketing pieces, communications, and even labelling are correctly spelt and worded.

There is a vast open market for proofreaders. Aspiring proofreaders can learn different skills required for proofreading from various online classes and apply the same in their paid assignments. If you possess the right qualities, you can even take a temporary role or a full-time job.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Can you multitask at the snap of your fingers? Are you very organized and love to do things right? You could be the perfect candidate for a virtual receptionist. 

You might start thinking that the virtual assistant job is very menial and low-paid. However, it is not true. There are many small organizations and entrepreneurs who need someone who could be their number two. Someone who can manage the higher-level work like managing the calendar and ensuring the business stays on track. 

The noteworthy thing about being a virtual assistant is that you get your feet wet doing different types of work, resulting in acquiring a lot of new skills and making new connections along the way. Money-wise, a virtual assistant can earn good money by sitting at home and working remotely.

5. Become a YouTuber

The world of video is vast right now, and it is going to stay here for a long time. Ask yourself the amount of time you spend on YouTube watching your favorite channels. So, imagine the potential that YouTube has to offer. 

You can create your own YouTube channel. Think about some vlogging ideas that come naturally to you and create your channel with one such idea. Everybody has some idea or another, and the success of the channel will depend on how you present your thoughts.

If you fall short of concepts, look all around you. People do movie reviews, product reviews, product unboxing, sing songs, talk about TV shows, make informational videos, perform and teach dancing, and the list is endless. Select your niche 

There is a huge potential, and the earning curve is upward moving. Create great videos that are engaging and have patience. You can earn part-time or even enjoy a full-time career as a YouTuber.

6. Be a Social Media Consultant

Do you have a lot of followers on social media? Are you a social media wizard? 

If you can gain followers faster than all your friends and be interesting and attentive simultaneously, this work-from-home hustle can be an excellent opportunity for you. 

You often do not realize that you already possess social media chops, and you can do great by pursuing this field. Everyone – from entrepreneurs to small companies to large organizations – needs their presence on the web. 

You have the opportunity of taking one of the two paths available. Become a pro on any platform such as Instagram or Facebook and become the go-to person with your social media presence, or become a generalist and get a feel of all the platforms with your social media accounts. 

Since brands are looking to market directly on social media platforms and connect with Gen Z and millennials, your earning opportunity has also increased. The earning prospect becomes huge if you can get a large client or multiple small clients. Social media managers can be anywhere globally, working remotely; still, they will generate income.

7. Become a Product-Info Creator

Not many people know this work-from-home job, but it is a great way to earn extra money. It can also become your principal source of income if you do it full-time. 

You can earn a lot by identifying problems that other people face, creating a product around such problems, and selling it. Products can take all sorts of forms, like video series, membership sites, courses, to ebooks.

It is easy to create an information product, but it is challenging to sell your product successfully. The relaxing news for you is that many platforms out there can help sell info products easily. A few examples include Gumroad, Send Owl, Udemy, and others.

Becoming a product-info creator is rewarding, enjoyable, and fun; however, as a novice, you should start as a freelancer, gather experience, and then start on your own. This way, your chance of success grows, and even your earning potential increases.

8. Try Podcasting

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who have taken up podcasting. Some have taken it up as a hobby, while others have started earning from it. If your niche is specific, you can earn a lot of money.

Talking about niches, your podcasts can be about anything, from reviews, interviews, to speaking on social topics. On YouTube, you video blog, while in podcasting, you audio blog on subjects you are comfortable with.

Within podcasting comes podcast management, which is another work-from-home hustle that you can opt for if you are good with marketing and audio. Under podcast management, you can help people with podcast marketing and editing. This is a better way of earning from podcasting without starting your own channel. The earning is also good in this field of work.

Remote Jobs That Require a Little More Time and Skill

work from home

There are a few work-from-home jobs that you will need to give a little bit of time to learn a few skills and position yourself so that you do the job effectively.

9. Become an SEO Specialist

Understanding SEO is an essential thing before you become a specialist. There are so many changes with search engine operations that people have to learn the skills to decipher what is happening.

Having said that, it is not a very difficult knowledge to acquire, and there are a lot of courses online that can help you achieve the competency. If you learn SEO properly, there are a lot of opportunities to earn in this field by working from your home or remotely. 

If you want to enter the SEO sphere, ensure that you are prepared for continuous learning. People who are in this field have been doing this for years, and it is not a field where you become an expert overnight. If you give yourself time and work on smaller projects like your blog, you can gain experience and move up the ladder to more significant projects. 

The earning potential is good, and you can also consider it as a full-time income source.

10. Facebook Ad Consultant

We all know Ads are a big business now. Social media managers know the importance of AdWords in social media. Most people know about it, but they are reluctant to go deep into the subject to understand how it works and what it takes to become successful.

This is one category that is easy to learn but difficult to master. If you want to earn substantial money from Facebook Ads, you will have to be good at setting up analytics and be a pro at tracking, testing copy, etc.

This work-from-home job is one of the very few remote jobs where you have to spend money on ads to learn more. Here, the learning curve is high. Becoming a Facebook Ad Consultant can be a valuable experience to get your feet wet, and the earning potential is worth the effort.

11. Become a Web Developer

If there is a category of education that you can give yourself online and be the best at, it has to be web development and coding. If you know web development, there is always work for you, and it pays you well. However, do not be mistaken that learning web development is easy. Acquiring knowledge and being proficient at it can be time-consuming.

Web development is a skill that, with extensive learning, can be picked up in a couple of months. However, to call yourself an expert does take some time. With dedicated effort, you can build your skills over time and start working. There are plenty of work-from-home jobs available for web development that pay very well. You can start as a part-time hustle, and then, if it interests you, think about going full-time.

12. Back Office Setup

When we talk about remote jobs, back-office setup jobs are very successful, yet very few people talk about them. More and more small business owners and bloggers are looking at spreading their business with the help of back-office setup services.

The all-in-one back-office services and marketing can be a little challenging to set up and manage if you are not aware of the subject from the start. This job requires you to have a good understanding of the funnels and the software used, and if you can set up proper email campaigns with the correct tags for an enterprise, you have business in your pocket.

The earnings from the back-office setup are good, and you can make a full-time career out of it.

13. Be a Copywriter

Many of you might think that copywriting is easy and does not require additional skills, but we would like to classify copywriting as a style of writing that requires a unique understanding of the subject. With copywriting, you have to be persuasive with words.

If you think you have it in you to play with words and keep your readers hooked on them, copywriting is for you. The earning potential is endless for successful copywriters. Whether you are selling your own products, other products, or you are a freelance writer, there is always a great demand for people who can write to convert. 

Companies hire freelance copywriters on a regular basis since they can do all sorts of things, including direct mail, sales pages, flyers, video sales scripts, social media ads, emails, and many more. There are innumerable opportunities if you are good at copywriting. This work-from-home job can give you a full-time income.

14. Be a Virtual BookKeeper

You might be thinking, “I do not have the necessary qualifications to be a bookkeeper.”

You’re mistaken. You do not have to be an accounting expert to start bookkeeping. What a bookkeeper does is help small business owners manage their financial records, pay bills, file reports, monitor payroll, and track project budgets. For this, no prior experience is necessary. 

All you have to do is take a bookkeeping course online or at a community college for a few weeks, and you are all set to go. Once the course is complete, there are ample opportunities to be a virtual bookkeeper. You can also take the help of various tools to give you flexibility in your job. As a niche job, the earning potential is also good for bookkeepers working remotely or from home. 

15. Be a Tutor

If you have a stronghold in a particular subject or any particular application, you could impart your knowledge to others and get paid for it. Are you good at maths, a language, or maybe Photoshop? Teach in your spare time and earn extra cash.

Teaching online has become very easy with several dedicated applications that allow you to impart your knowledge to students who are looking for a tutor. There are package structures where students can take your online courses for a certain period, such as a yearly plan or a monthly plan. You can even teach under a three-month plan or for a period you think is appropriate.

Applications like Udemy make it easy for you to design and market your lesson plan without any back-end hassle. You can also create your own online courses through Zoom or Google Meet to get started. There are people across the world who are willing to pay for teaching. You just need to reach them. 

16. Become a Graphic Designer

There is always a demand for a great graphic designer, even if there are tools with pre-defined designs to make designing easy. As a graphic designer, you can do a lot of work like designing ebook covers to infographics and finding other remote work online if you know where to look for such jobs.

Online sites like 99 Designs offer freelance jobs to individuals after proper bidding. If you are a niche designer, getting work becomes easier.

You can also partner with writers or someone who does infographics, white papers, or is a copywriter. If you can make a deal, they will refer you to their customers for all the design parts on which they write. These are usually package deals, and the money is good. If you want to pursue graphic designing as a side hustle, you can do so in your spare time or even become a full-time designer.

17. Photography

Did you know you can get paid for your photography skills? Photography is very much in demand online, and a few subjects in photography have perennial demand.

For example, travel photography is one of the most popular photography routes. You can sell these images online through sites like Adobe or 500px. Photographers get a small portion of money every time their photo is utilized.

As a photographer, you can also develop your own niche and create a demand for your work. Shoot photos in your spare time and upload them on social media to create a demand. You can upload wedding photographs and create your demand online. Some agencies look for good photographers online. These agencies act as the middlemen between the photographer and the company. 

Photography can help you earn extra money in your spare time and make you do things you love.

18. Be a Transcriber

What do transcribers do? They listen to audio files and type what they hear. If you can sit for long hours, have the patience to listen to the recordings, and have an eye for minute details, you can consider becoming a transcriber.

Transcribing is one of the best ways to earn extra money because you can do this job whenever you have spare time and at any time of the day.

You can easily earn a good amount on an hourly basis if you work for your own business. There are innumerable online courses that can help you with the basics of transcribing. Transcribing and freelance writing are the two work-from-home jobs that have demand throughout the year.

19. Work at Amazon

When we say work at Amazon, we are not talking about Amazon affiliate marketing or Amazon FBA business. There are other ways to work with the company. One of them is getting a remote job. 

Amazon hires people to work from home as customer service representatives. Apart from customer service, they also look for people in data analysis and many other specialities. The job listing is available on the Amazon website. Based on what position you choose, this job can give you a stable source of income and consistent working hours. 

The jobs offered by Amazon come with flexible scheduling, and there are full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions available for you to consider. The company does a great job of extending its hand to all types of talented people willing to work solo or in teams.

20. Become a Video Editor

Are you someone who loves capturing the world on video? Your passion for filming can make you earn sitting at home since there are people who are willing to pay for your talent.

If you love creating videos, you can become a video editor and offer your services to clients worldwide, or you can create your YouTube channel and shoot your kind of video there. Another segment that is very popular for video editors is wedding videography. You can freelance your video editing skills for all types of video footage.

You can pre-edit clips for customers or shoot and edit videos for your clients with video editing. Video editing, however, has a learning curve. You cannot just go ahead and edit a professional-level video without specific knowledge about the editing software. If you have honed your editing skills with any of the online courses, there is an array of opportunities in the open market for you.

21. Sell Your Creativity Online

Art comes in a variety of formats, especially in the digital world. If you have creativity within you, consider selling or creating art online. One of the top-rated online sites to sell your creativity is Etsy. 

You can open an online store, promote your business, and generate more work remotely. There are many ways to show your creativity online and promote them. Apart from art, you can sell visual graphics such as logos for books, websites, and other mediums. You can also showcase your calligraphy skills and sell your abilities on stationary or invitation cards.

If you are an illustrator, you can produce two-dimensional images and sell them as concept art. In this method, you would need to have the basic idea of an illustration application so that your designs are refined in the software before they are promoted online. 

Social media is also an excellent medium for selling your creativity. If you have a fair number of followers and you tag your work with the right hashtags, there is a perfect chance that your work will find its desired audience. There are also agencies that get in touch with you to promote your work for a certain fee.

The earning potential in this kind of work-from-home hustle varies from appropriate to beyond expectations. You would have to be patient and create the proper funnel to promote your creativity.

22. Dropshipping

Have you ever been associated with the online business scene before? If yes, then the chances are high that you have heard about dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a business concept where you sell products, but you never hold the inventory. How do you do it? You can go to such sites as Amazon or Walmart, find products that are on clearance sale, create ads on social media like the Facebook marketplace and sell the clearance products at a profit. 

There are individuals who make a considerable amount of money through dropshipping. However, do not expect great returns immediately. It is always advised to understand the concept by watching various online tutorials and then try it on your own. Dropshipping can be a “define your own experience” business. 

23. Be a Translation Specialist

Are you bilingual? Do you know more than two languages? If yes, the internet is your playground.

Along with your language skills, if you have some technical skills in a particular industry, you can use your playground to play any game. The web is filled with clients looking to expand the reach of their content to every possible culture. The opportunity in the translation world spans from writing in a vernacular language to translation through visual mediums like Zoom.

You can start your own translation business from home or work remotely for an employer. There are ample opportunities in this field of work-from-home jobs. Pay rates vary from hourly wages to a six-figure salary, depending on your specialization.

If you are still thinking about applying your language skills, look for translation jobs online and work remotely.

24. Be a Social Media Moderator

You must have come across online forums like Facebook groups that talk about certain topics and involve members who want to be a part of such topics. But this kind of space can be a complete waste of opportunity if there are no moderators to take care of what is appropriate for the group.

Social media moderators should be great at asking questions and starting a conversation on a given idea. If you think you are good at it, social media moderation is for you. 

Pick up a subject you find suitable, find businesses focused on those subjects, and offer your expertise to strengthen the online community and earn money. As a social media moderator, you can work from anywhere in the world and earn as per your engagement and the business options available through the group.

25. Be a Remote Customer Service Expert

Many of us think that freelance writing is the most in-demand service online; however, it is arguable. Customer service expert has to be the most in-demand remote work out there. Those of you who have worked as a customer service representative have transferable skills that can become an excellent opportunity for remote work.

Whether you like to work as chat support or a support executive over the phone, companies are constantly looking for employees who can help their customers. This is one of the best work-from-home hustles that can give a good income. If you love speaking with and helping others, this type of job can be a great opportunity for you.

Bonus: Dig Into One Of The Best Work From Home Jobs 

One of the best remote work that a lot of people are getting into is affiliate marketing. But it does not mean that your work from home job aspiration has to be limited to this remote work.

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you promote a company’s services and products and earn commission in return. If you can find a product or service that you like, you can easily endorse the same. 

Affiliate programs are very crucial for a company to expand its business. They also help people to earn passive income. There are several companies that offer affiliate marketing programs. One such company is PitchGround which facilitates SaaS Affiliate Program.

Through PitchGround Affiliate Program, the company provides lifetime deals on essential services and tools. The idea is to help in the expansion of online business by supporting with the right software and right education. PitchGround Affiliate Program also supports partner programs for affiliates who want to earn by promoting other products.

PitchGround partner program is a complete superstore where you can promote all products to your audience by registering with the service once. With fabulous lifetime deals on products, you are never out of deals that you can promote and earn handsomely.

The PitchGround commission rates are very competitive and a source of earning good money. Your earnings include:

  • 25% commission on an order sale amount, if the customer is new
  • 15% commission on an order sale amount, if it is an existing customer

For more details, you can click on PitchGround affiliate commissions and learn more about them.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

With so many opportunities to work from home, the list does not end here. There are thousands of business possibilities that you can build remotely by staying anywhere in the world. All it takes is a glass full of creativity and patience to stay focused long enough to get your business off the ground.

The work-from-home ideas are just a starting point. You can develop your own ideas and create your own business model. What you started as a side hustle can one day become your primary source of income. 

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