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Customerly - The Best-in-Class Customer Lifecycle Software

Customerly is a new and simple way to create genuine and lasting relationships with your customers.

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Are you finding it difficult to talk to your customers and solve their issues on the go and to maintain your customer service due to your scattered schedule?

We bring you Customerly, a live chat solution and an email onboarding solution to help you create genuine and lasting relationships with your customers. Gone are those days when your customers would wait for your email answering their queries. It’s time to personalize your business relationship with every customer in a smart way and build the trust immediately when your customers require your help. 


  1. Customer Support: Create trust immediately when your customers require your help.
  2. Automation: Create automation to suit your setup, and deliver the right message at the right time.
  3. Surveys: The first platform that lets you collect feedback instantly from your users with in-app Survey.

Owners integrate a live chat within their websites and apps get much better results than those who still have a customer service based solely on phone and email.

Customerly is the engine that will save you time, money and headaches in delivering the most effective, awesome and personal support to every customer of yours.

How does it work?

The customer sends a message in chat and continues the other activities on your app. When the customer service responds, a notification arrives within the app if the user is logged in or via email if the user has logged off.

Want to know more about the features of Customerly then scroll below to understand more about the product:

  • Live Chat & Help-desk: The Most Powerful Live Chat & Help Desk Software! Gives your users the best support in real-time. It is not just the Live Chat but more than that thus making the customer service simplified for you. Let’s see how this helps:
  • Your New Ticket System: Acquire up to 45% more leads, profile them, manage tickets easily and collect feedback automatically.
  • Customize To Match Your Site: Your new live chat looks like your own live chat. Choose your favorite color, position, and background.
  • Smart Assignment Rules: Imagine delivering messages to the right team member every time. Stop imagining now, and assign conversions automatically based on content or user data.
  • Office Hours: Continue acquiring new leads while you are out of the office and advise that you will reply during office hours.
  • Video Live Chat: Solve problems faster with the New Video Live Chat with Screen Sharing. No additional software required.
  • Powerful User Data: Save time with easy access to the user information you need, without searching your database or CRM. Stop wasting your time.
  • Unlimited Teammates: A great family needs great tools. Ensure that your whole team has an incredible product. Unlimited Teammates are included in every package.
  • Newsletter & Automation: Create Newsletter and deliver automated email at the right time to sell more. Automate your sales funnel with Marketing Automation. Funnels are the best way to automate your marketing communication. Also, Create Emails or In-app messages to deliver with your own sales strategy logic.
  • Create Visually Beautiful Workflow:
  • Collect Feedback: Ask questions and collect feedback from your customers instantly with Surveys and NPS directly inside the chat widget. Get more responses in a shorter timespan and measure customer loyalty for your brand.

Create and deliver polls it’s never been so easy and fast. Thanks to Customerly widget when you start a survey it will be delivered instantly to your audience. Get your detailed answer fast.

  • Tailor questions as you need: Building a survey has never been so easy and it takes less than a minute to set everything up.

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Reply to your customers on the go.
Thanks to our Customerly mobile apps you will be in touch with your customers wherever you are. Perfect for digital nomad business owners and remote support teams.