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It’s frustrating right when you get visitors on your website but there aren’t many sales.


Maybe the total sales percentage is average but you want to show the future leads some social proof that what is the live visit rate on the website, who purchased the product recently. Well, that builds up their trust and it helps you get more conversions. It’s not a dream anymore!!!!

Almost Twice the Leads and Three Times your Average Sales!
Now that's what you call Offbeat Marketing!

LetConvert helps you do that!!!

    LetConvert is your all in one social proof and user reviews app that helps you increase your leads and sales conversions.

    Drive your visitors into taking actions that matters!

    With plenty of powerful features at your disposal watch your conversions on your website skyrocket like never before. Want to know what else LetConvert offers you?

    Recent Activity Alerts
    Show notifications for leads, registrations, checkouts, purchases or any other action on your website and convert the visitors into users by creating Instant Credibility among them.

    Customer Cards:
    Get information whenever someone fills the email id on your website.

    Mobile Optimized:
    Choose whether to display alerts on mobile or not.

    Complete Advanced Customization:
    Choose from a range of fonts, colours, and animations and completely customize your ALERT. Choose how your alert will look and where it will be displayed.

    Recent Purchases:
    Shows your current visitors the purchases made recently.

    Give the real-time feels:
    Your site acts as a digital store to your visitors. Seeing the live traffic gives out the real-time feels thus making them more curious about your product.

    Live Visitor Count:
    Show live visitor count to the visitors and let them know that they are not alone on your website.

    Customer Card & Journey:
    Track complete details of your Users under Customer Card once he signs up and maps their journey across the website.

    It displays the recent visitors who have subscribed to your newsletter and signed up for your recent product.

    Autoresponder Integrations: 
    Capture the emails of the users and integrate it with your favourite Autoresponder.

    Custom Curation:
    Have your own email list of users? Worry not! Simply upload the list and show them on your Websites.

    Advanced Triggers and Custom Rules: 
    Choose when an alert will be displayed on your website and for how long will it show.

    Here is the PitchGround Exclusive Pricing:
    If you stack 5 licenses, you can unlock the Agency license that comes with 100% reselling rights and 10 Sub Accounts white label sub accounts.