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Q. Who all can use this tool?

Biteplay provides all the tools and tactics that work for any level of knowledge about Youtube ads. If you never used YT ads before, no worries. They have a training course inside Biteplay that teaches you from zero to advanced strategies in a quick how-to guidance.

And if you’re an advanced marketer or entrepreneur, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your Youtube campaigns to another level in terms of results. Biteplay is a system that works for anyone who wants to reach your ideal customers online and drives sales and traffic for your offers.

Q. How will it help me make money?

If you have any type of offer to sell online or offline, you need to get traffic, right? Combine the amount of traffic that Youtube has with Biteplay and you’ll be able to reach your ideal customers really fast.

Let’s suppose that you want to sell a dog training course, for instance. The users that are watching Youtube videos about dog training will have 500% more chances to take action if the ads before that video are related to it.

With Biteplay you can and reach your target audience with contextual ads. Biteplay app will extract the exact monetized (ad-supported) videos that your audience is already watching and then you can put your offer in front of this content (or even on your competitor content).

PS: It is keyword-based research and it means that this works in any niche.

Q. If I stack multiple codes, will I get multiple Google Ads Gift Cards and YouTube courses?

No. 1 PG user will only get 1 Gift Card and 1 YouTube Course access. These cannot be stacked like the codes. The Google Ads GC can only be used with a new Google Ads Account.

Your country needs to be listed as allowed for Google coupons. Certain regions will require you to spend a short money on ads before you can redeem your coupon.

 Q. Do I need videos to create ads?

Not necessarily, you can place a banner in front of the videos, but Biteplay team strongly recommend using videos for better performance. Youtube is the #1 platform when it comes to videos, so it make sense to use this native content if you want to reach your customers on YT.

You can create simple videos even using your smartphone or simply make your own videos inside Biteplay. What matters most is the quality of the targeting and your message, not the video itself.

Q. I don't like being on camera. Do you provide the videos?

At this moment Biteplay doesn't provides the videos, but inside Biteplay you can access their video maker partner wave.video, so you’ll be able to create your own professional videos and access to millions of footages and templates, you’d be able to create an amazing video without being on camera. Also, Biteplay is going to provide you all the script templates and frameworks inside its free training course.

Q. Does this work for my country?

Biteplay has 45 countries in its database. See if your country is included: Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Q. How it’s different than Tubebuddy/VidIQ?

Biteplay is quite different than any Video SEO tool. It provides videos and analysis for marketing planning for those who want to promote their business mainly with paid ads through Youtube ads. That doesn't exclude that you could reach an enormous amount of data to amplify your SEO game on Youtube with Biteplay. 

The trending videos, spy tools, and other features, could make a difference for those who already plan their Youtube SEO marketing, but the major focus is to help Youtube advertisers.

Q. How are Biteplay details and results different in comparison to regular searching throughout Youtube?

Biteplay searches for monetized (ad-supportive) videos that creators allowed to put ads in front of their content, this is way deeper than Youtube regular searches. As a marketing strategist, you can reach your ideal customers in seconds and improve your advertising budget by finding your audience in a simple way which brings impactful results.

This is only a surface that differs Biteplay from Youtube. With Biteplay you would have tons of quality filters to make your analysis like tracking Youtube views from specific videos, search for rising topics, find influencers, build your conversions tracking, spy other people Youtube ads, create a target list of videos that your audience is engaged and so much more.

Q. What does this product do, exactly?

Biteplay's mission is helps digital marketers find their audience online. 

Q. How Biteplay make this? 

Finding videos that your audience watches. Finding profiles and channels they follow. Uncovering opportunities to reach your target audience such as through advertising on specific, highly relevant places. 

If you're a digital marketer, this is extremely valuable because it means you can cut out wasted ad spend and really hit your target market exactly when/where they're watching or engaging with relevant content and help businesses get an ROI on their marketing. Biteplay will save you hours and a great deal of money too (on wasted ad spend).

Q. Biteplay provides any training?

Biteplay is giving its training course for free for every Pitchground user! You would be able to access all the lessons inside your Biteplay Dashboard. Also the team is constantly updating this training, so you’ll always get new and fresh content. 

Q. How could I apply your product to my B2B business?

Like any business that operates online, B2B or not, they'll benefit by reaching their target audience in relevant places. Biteplay helps you find the best places to put your message in front of your perfect audience. You can reduce costs and increase your ROI by making target campaigns even if you are in B2B or B2C business. 

Q. What is the difference between Searches and Queries?

Searches are the amount of times that you could make a monetized video research request. Query is the number of videos that you'll bring you in a unique search.

Example: 1 Keyword Search may get 300 videos for this specific filter. This may vary depending on your chosen plan.

Q. What is Power Tracking?

Power Tracking is the number of videos you can track with statistics update option such as views per day, comments, likes and more.

Q. What is in the Roadmap?

Biteplay is a solid project and constantly thinking about bringing new features that improve the overall performance of marketing efforts. So far most of the functionality has been built by internal necessities.

The team has an extensive roadmap along the way that include several new features that greatly expand what the stage that Biteplay is in now, bringing even more power to advertisers.

You can check this on their public roadmap and help them by commenting, voting, giving us feedback and building each step together. The team is waiting to hear from the community: https://trello.com/b/zRIJYhGp/biteplay-roadmap

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