Cooby: Supercharge WhatsApp For Work

Cooby supercharges WhatsApp for work by enabling users to build workflows and organize their inboxes.
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Bring Your Customer Communication to Order on WhatsApp

Sort your chats into tabs on WhatsApp. Find the chat thread you want faster, and never miss a message again! Supercharge your WhatsApp for work by enabling users to build workflows and organize their inboxes. With no more -

  • Cluttered inbox 
  • Missing messages 
  • Missed follow-ups
  • Forgetting important information mentioned during conversations 

And with Cooby, you can set up -

  • Customizable tabs
  • Reminders 
  • Notes 
  • Share conversations 
  • and much more.

PitchGround presents Cooby - Cooby simplifies customer communication by enabling users to organize their WhatsApp inboxes into tabs that allow them to prioritize chats, reduce clutter, and ensure no message is missed. By building a personalized workflow, the user’s productivity is guaranteed to be amplified. 

It makes WhatsApp suitable for work by organizing chats into tabs based on teams, projects, or relationships and utilizing features that would enable users to never miss a follow-up, never forget important information, and share conversations with stakeholders. 

Cooby allows you to group your chats into tabs on WhatsApp. You won’t have to see all chats at once and scroll all over to find one chat. 
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Learn more about Cooby!

Your WhatsApp Inbox Is Going Out of Control - Customers, colleagues, vendors, plus friends and family all clutter your WhatsApp inbox. You need to keep things in order on WhatsApp as you scale your business.

A Better and Faster Way to Manage Customers Than a CRM - CRM busywork slows you down. It forces you to spend more time entering data into another system. Unlike a CRM, Cooby Extension is built for speed. Zero setup time. Build your own communication workflows in 30 seconds.

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Supercharge Your WhatsApp for Work - WhatsApp is built for personal use. Yet, your business relies on it. Mute, Pin, etc aren't enough for you. It combines everything from tabs, search, and sales processes in one simple and intuitive workspace—right within WhatsApp.

Take Control of Your WhatsApp Chats - It's easy to lose track of conversations. Use Unread, Awaiting Reply, Needs Reply tabs to find a chat thread much faster and never miss a message again!

Built With Privacy at Heart - Your privacy is of paramount importance and Cooby will never sell your data or keep it hostage. It does not store your conversation data by default as per US Laws. Think of Cooby Extension as a UI layer on top of WhatsApp.

Write Notes - Write Notes in Cooby for your reference.

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What's the Benefit of using Cooby?

  • It reduces clutter 
  • Enables users to prioritize chats. 
  • Follow-ups are never to be missed with the Reminders feature.
  • Ability to jot down all important information where the conversation happens.
  • Share conversations with anyone at anytime.

Best Suited For -

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs
  • WhatsApp users 
  • Project and Product Managers  
  • Sales and Marketing Team 
  • Customer Success Team 

Alternate For - Blueticks, Treble.ai

Testimonials -

"I've been searching for a solution to manage my out-of-control Whatsapp inbox. Cooby instantly brings order by allowing me to create lists of priority folks to respond to, and muting the group chats that can be incredibly distracting" - SHIYAN KOH, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund
"Cooby has changed the way I manage my day in an unbelievable way. The convenience, efficiency, and organization it adds is an absolute game-changer. I don’t know how I operated before this, but I never want to go back" - SURAJ LAUNGANI, AVP - Human Capital SEA at Sequoia Capital
"The extension has been really helpful in managing the WhatsApp chats and as a result also plays a great role in increasing productivity throughout the day, with making it possible to focus on directly what is required be it work, family and friends. Kudos to the team, the product is built perfectly and the UX is also hassle-free ✨." - Ethan M.


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Plan A (Personal)
save upto 95%
  • 1 User
  • All features and future updates to WhatsApp Widget (Extension)
  • Non-Stackable in the same Whatsapp Account
  • For multiple Whatsapp Accounts, you can purchase as many as you need
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Plans & Pricing

Plan A (Personal)
save upto 95%
  • 1 User
  • All features and future updates to WhatsApp Widget (Extension)
  • Non-Stackable in the same Whatsapp Account
  • For multiple Whatsapp Accounts, you can purchase as many as you need
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee


5 out of 5 Stars

1 Reviews

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Awesome tool for using WhatsApp for work
I have used this App for some time now. Its really helpful. I am using WhatsApp at work as many clients prefer it. But it is difficult to manage all the chats & projects directly from WhatsApp . Cooby helps in managing these chats to someextent by grouping them. It creates some groups by default like Awaiting reply, unread, need reply etc. This makes it easy to manage and keep track of all chats. I have also grouped chats by projects. The groups are also easy to reorder. One feature I miss from the groups that there is no indication for unread message in groups. It would be nice to see a count for unread message in group title itself. Notes & Reminders Notes and Reminders another features added by Cooby. Notes are really helpful in keeping track of important points in a chat. It offers a rich text editor in taking notes. It would be nice to have task management functionality with notes so that it will be easier in collaborating with clients. Just a task list that can be checked off is enough to manage simple tasks. Reminders are good to get alert for follow ups. But instead of reminders, a scheduled message for follow up would be much more useful. Reminders just add an alert to notification which can be missed easily. An option to have reminders as popup with option to snooze will be nice to have. This is definitely a must have for all business professionals using WhatsApp. I love the way the app is designed and it has a simple and friendly interface. I wish the app also had a mobile version as well as integrations. So if you are a WhatsApp user, I recommend you give a try to this App. Its a genuine App at a reasonable price.

  • Groups Chats for easy follow up

  • Track chats with notes

  • Good UI & UX. Simple to use

  • No Task Management

  • No Mobile App

  • No scheduled messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Support Email - support@cooby.co

Roadmap - https://feedback.cooby.co

Does the LTD plan come with a mobile version?

  • No, this is the Cooby Personal plan. Cooby extension only works on desktop version of WhatsApp. 

Do you offer a team version?

  • Not for Cooby personal. Cooby personal is designed for single-user use only.

Do you offer CRM integrations? 

  • Not for Cooby personal. Cooby personal is designed for WhatsApp desktop version only.

What are the system tabs? 

  1. Unread tab 👉 chats that are unread
  2. Awaiting Reply tab 👉 chats that are waiting for replies
  3. Needs Reply tab 👉 chats that need your replies
  4. Groups tab 👉 group chats
  5. 1:1 tab 👉 individual chats
  6. Broadcast tab 👉 broadcast chats

How to edit tabs? 

  • Click the edit button on the top right corner
  • You can rename your tab, or drag your tab to reorder
  • You can also delete any tab by clicking the “x” button

How to add/remove chats from tabs?

  1. Option A: Tap on the “arrow down” icon next to your tab, you can select chats that you want to add to the tab

  2. Option B: Tap on the “add to tab” icon on the bottom left corner of your chat, you can select tabs that you want this chat belongs to

Will my chat partner see my notes? 

Nope! Your note is only visible to you. Your chat partner will never be able to see anything. 

Will you track and store my chat messages?

  • Never! We only track data that is related to Cooby, for example, tab settings, reminder settings, notes, and all the buttons we provided. We will never track and store your messages on WhatsApp. You can check our privacy policy for more details. 

What are the new features coming soon? 

  • We maintain our roadmap here! You can see all the upcoming features, and also submit feature requests. We will prioritize features according to user feedback. 

  • You can also check our changelog page for new features in each release.


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