A simple yet powerful ERP solution for Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Warehousing and for any other Services.
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Cloud-Based ERP Software

All-in-one ERP Solution Which Helps You to Streamline and Coordinate Your Business Processes Effectively and Productively!

Keeping track of all the business data and orders manually is not only time consuming but also costly. Here comes an ERP software into a picture where you can integrate, manage, and automate many back-office functions related to planning, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, finance, distribution, and many other important areas of your business - all into one place.

PitchGround presents DISLIO - A simple yet powerful ERP solution for Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Warehousing and for many other Services.

Table of Contents:

  • Product Video Tutorials
  • Product information
  • ERP Management and Features
  • Plan Details and Pricing

Video Information -

Video Playlist for Dislio - https://pitchground.com/products/dislio/videos (coming soon)

So, what does Dislio offer?

  • Secured Cloud - Our cloud platform will backup your valuable data every 3 minutes so you don’t have to worry about losing data ever.
  • Single Platform - Dislio’s All-in-one concept allows you to visualize insights from single sign-in rather than using various platforms.
  • Implement Yourself - You can setup Dislio in few minutes with zero initial costs. And it’s easy as ever to integrate with your existing business.
  • Business Analytics - Dislio offers a variety of reports to optimize your business. It's are always improving the report section so you could get the best.
  • Any device - Dislio enables you to access your business from anywhere in the world from any kind of device anytime.

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How you can manage with Dislio?

1) Inventory Management -

Increase your sales and keep track of every unit sold with our powerful multi-store inventory management with Sales-order fulfilment and batch/lot tracking features.

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Batch and Expiry Date Tracking - Track multiple batches of same item and monitor their expiry dates so that, you know exactly what you have delivered to the customer.

Multi-location warehouse management software - Add multiple warehouses or stores and create invoices from any particular store located anywhere within a single software.

Centralized Inventory - Visualize your product distribution across multiple stores in one single view in perfect sync.

Categorised Product Listing - Keep your inventory organized with categorisation up-to 3 sub-levels. Filter and sort them as you wish.

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Stock Inter-transfers - Make smooth stock inter-transfers between warehouses and stores. Capture all the stock movement with all the details.

Stock Adjustments - Make adjustments to your stock levels in case of product damages or losses. Keep track of every adjustment you make.

Automatic Re-order points - Never lose another sale due to stock-outs. Dislio will look through previous sales data and optimize your re-order point so you won't purchase excess stocks.

Material Issue Notes - Easily issue raw materials, free quantities through Material Issue Notes and track them for future references.

Purchase Orders - Create purchase orders and send them to your vendors from the software so you could later directly convert it to a Good Received Note(GRN) with one click.

2) Invoicing & Payments -

Spend more time on growing your business and less time on sending invoices. Never miss an outstanding payment. Every bit of detail is visible at your fingertips.

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Multi-Currency Invoices - Send invoices to your customers in their currency, make base currency adjustments, and easily analyze the revalued balances

Batch Invoicing - Invoice inventory items according to Batches. Follow FIFO tracking. If needed skip a particular batch as well.

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Credit Limits - Auto credit check during invoice processing (prior to release). Auto release credit hold when payment is entered or invoice amount decreased.

Service Invoicing - Not only inventory items but you can also bill your customer for services on the same invoice.

Taxes and Tax Groups - It's now easy as ever to setup tax calculations for invoicing. Whether it is a compound tax or not, Dislio has got that all covered for you.

3) Customer Management -

Visualize customer data at a glance to deliver a smooth experience. Set custom prices, custom discounts to a customer. Assigned them to routes or customer groups.

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Customer Groups - Categorize customers by groups so that you can analyze them in various reports and understand insights.

Customer Routes - Assign customers to various distribution routes so you can plan the shipments and outstanding collection better and faster.

Custom Product Discounts - You can add fixed discounts for particular products only for selected customers.

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Custom Pricing - You can sell a product for a different price than the default price for a particular customer. And you can do it with just a one-time custom pricing setup.

Credit Limits - Set credit limits to individual customer basis depending on their buying capacity.

Default Currency - Set a default billing currency for the customer.

4) Sales Order Management -

Automatic sales-order fulfilment suggestions let you handle sales-orders like a pro. Dislio will tell you whether stocks can be allocated or you need the new stock to fulfil customer requests.

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Inventory Allocation - Allocate inventory according to inventory. Notify user when inventory is unavailable. Never over-allocate and run into stock-outs.

Partial Dispatching - Split a sales order into multiple shipments from different invoices based on availability and costs.

Availability Checks - Sales rep can check the availability of stocks in real-time as soon as the Sales Order is created. So that the customer can know the exact delivery times.

Credit Limit Verification - Auto credit check during order processing (prior to release). Auto release credit hold when payment is entered or the order amount decreased.

5) Sales Return Management -

Timely replacement of damaged items or crediting for returned items are perceived as a part of good customer service. Dislio lets you manage returns smoothly.

6) Accounting & Finance -

Spend more time growing your business and less time on figuring out your accounts. Most of the entries are automated and expense tracking, vouchers etc are included.

Dislio Accounting Module has all you need to keep your books accurate and up to date, automatically. Explore features like invoicing, profit & loss, cashflow, expense tracking, bills, vouchers, and more.

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All in One Dashboard - The dashboard shows you your total receivables, sales, profit & loss, and more at a glance.

Double-entry bookkeeping - Double-entry accounting helps companies track transactions accurately and classify accounting data to produce a detailed set of financial statements.

Invoicing & Payments - Invoicing & payments are inter-connected with the accounting module, so you don't have to re enter everything as double-entries.

Inventory - You can specify which account to maintain as Inventory Assets for each product category.

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Vouchers for Expenses - Expense tracking is made easy by vouchers. You can manage and control the expenses through vouchers and it's all automated.

Bills & Bill Payments - All your vendor payments at one place. Whether it's coming as a GRN or a Manual bill, Dislio has the flexibility to record it to the correct accounts.

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Reporting - We've got all the standard accounting reports you will ever need to run your business and it's constantly updated.

Chart of Accounts - You won't miss any of your financial details in our easy to navigate chart of accounts with roll-back feature to a specific date.

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7) HR Management -

Curate all of your Employees' detail in one place for smooth functioning of your HR department

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8) POS -

Add the invoices directly from the POS terminal

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9) Quotation -

Generate Quotations however you want. You can add the discounts per item or bulk discounts. Add services to your quotation along with the images of the items. Send the email quotation directly to your client from Dislio.

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Dislio is using the Industry Standard Security Infrastructure powered by AWS so you don't have to worry about losing your Data or BackupP

Grab Your Code Now! Plan details below -

$59 Pan (Unlimited Stacking)

  • 10000 Invoices / Month
  • 3000 Customers
  • 10 Users
  • 5 Stores
  • Each Stacking Code adds= +10000 Invoices, +3000 Customers, +10 Users and +5 Stores
  • Future Updates Included
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Additional Features -

1. Customers
a. Set individual tax category per customer
b. Set Routes , Group customer by customer groups
c. Add a fixed discount for customer
d. Set specific currency per customer ; Ability to have multiple currency
customers in the list
e. Set Credit limits, credit period for customers
f. Customer/Dealer discounts
1) Set fixed custom discount percentage per product: customer wise
2) Set fixed custom price per product: customer wise
g. Filtering by route, customer groups
h. Approval process when creating customers
i. Customer 360’ view

2. Inventory
a. Products
1) Categorization of products up to 3 sub levels
2) Taxable / Non taxable products
3) Profit margin calculations when adding, editing products
4) LOT/ Batch tracking for stocks
5) Sales analytics and predictions per product
6) Automatic ROP calculations based on previous sales data
b. Good Received Notes
1) LOT/ Batch stock in
2) Automatic Supplier bill generation upon GRN Approval
3) Ability to calculate landed cost per item by adding expenses to GRN
c. Purchase Orders
1) Generate PO for suppliers
2) Approval process for PO
3) Convert PO to GRN
d. Stock Inter-transfers
1) Transfer available stocks between warehouses
2) Approval process for Stock Transfer Notes
e. Stock Adjustments
1) Adjust Stocks by ware house / lot (Old vs new quantity)
2) Stock adjustments approvals
f. Material Issue Notes
1) Issue stocks without invoicing but keep track via MRN
2) Automatic adjustment to Inventory Assets account based on
g. Suppliers
1) Maintain Suppliers list
2) Supplier history
h. Stores
1) Maintain multiple warehouses
2) Countable and non-countable stores for damaged goods
i. Product Groups
1) Product grouping for Base product and it’s variants
j. Categories
1) Product category creation

3. Sales Orders
a. Sales Order creation
b. Availability check against stocks
c. Credit limit check for credit clients
d. Stock Allocation / De-allocation
e. Sales order Approval
f. Multiple invoices can be generated against one sales order depending on
item availability (partial invoicing)

4. Invoicing
a. Invoices
1) Add products or services
2) Shipping / tracking no , footer messages in invoices
3) Ability to have variable discount rates per item
1. Percentage wise or amount wise
4) FIFO method for stocks
5) Ability to add bulk discounts for items
6) Ability to add taxable/ non taxable services
7) Tax calculations based on customers tax type
8) Multi currency invoices
9) Invoice Status flow
10) Email invoice to customer
11) Settle with Customers Pre/Excess payments
b. Payments
1) Payments for invoices in cash/ cheque methods
2) Payment Approval process
3) Overpayments management
c. Credit Notes/ Debit Notes
d. Post-Dated Cheque Approvals
e. Sales Returns
1) Fully/Partially return delivered invoice
f. Recurring Invoices
1) For services: Ability to have frequency auto generated invoices

5. Accounting
a. Chart of Account
1) Overview of accounts
2) Ability to have categorization
3) Ability for unlimited Parent-Child account relationships
4) Run Journal for each account with rollback dates
b. Bills & Bill Payments
1) Add bills for suppliers
2) Bill payments
c. Vouches
1) Raise vouchers for expense tracking
d. General Ledger
e. Add Journal entries
f. Reports
1) Profit and loss statement
2) Trial balance
3) Balance sheet
4) Journal entry summary
5) Cash Flow Statement

6. Quotations
a. Generate Quotations
b. Add item wise discounts
c. Add bulk discounts
d. Add services
e. Attach pictures of items
f. Email Quotation to client

7. POS
a. Ability to invoice directly from POS terminal

8. HR
a. Employees Summary
1) Basic Employee details
2) Salary details
3) Allowances details
4) Leave details
b. Attendance Check-in Check-out via dashboard
c. Daily Attendance history
d. Monthly Attendance summary sheets
e. Variable deductions
f. Installment deductions with payroll
g. Variable Allowances
h. Payroll generation
i. Leave management

9. Reports (27 Types)
a. Sales Reports (7)
b. Outstanding Reports (4)
c. Payments (3)
d. Orders (1)
e. Inventory reports (6)
f. Accounting Reports (6)

10. Settings
a. Users and user-roles management
b. Main App settings
1) Timezone / Currency
2) Invoice/Quotation template settings
3) Stores management
4) Currency Management
5) Route Management
6) Tax type management
1. Compound / non compound taxes
2. Tax Group

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Dislio.com - $59 Plan (Unlimited Stacking)
save up to 95%
  • 10000 Invoices / Month
  • 3000 Customers
  • 10 Users
  • 5 Stores
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Invoicing and Sales Order
  • Accounting and Finance
  • HR Management
  • Each Stacking Code adds= +10000 Invoices, +3000 Customers, +10 Users and +5 Stores
  • Future Updates Included
  • Check Sales Page for more features information
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee

Plans & Pricing

Dislio.com - $59 Plan (Unlimited Stacking)
save up to 95%
  • 10000 Invoices / Month
  • 3000 Customers
  • 10 Users
  • 5 Stores
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Invoicing and Sales Order
  • Accounting and Finance
  • HR Management
  • Each Stacking Code adds= +10000 Invoices, +3000 Customers, +10 Users and +5 Stores
  • Future Updates Included
  • Check Sales Page for more features information
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dislio Cloud ERP?

- Dislio ERP is a cloud based, scalable, robust All-in-One ERP solution which helps any business to streamline and coordinate business processes effectively. Dislio combines broad and powerful features as an All-in-One business solution, covering critical management functions across all organizations, such as;

  • Inventory Control Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Invoicing and Payments Management
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • HR and Payroll Management

Who can use Dislio ERP ?

- Anyone who runs a business can use Dislio ERP. It’s built in a way universally compatible for any business. However Specifically these categories tend to get most out of it.

  • Medium to large sized retail businesses
  • Wholesale suppliers / Distributors
  • Warehouse/stock/logistics firms
  • Manufacturing / Production factories
  • Agencies who provide various services

Do you support Multi-Currency invoicing?

- Yes, in Dislio you can invoice your customer in their currency.

Do you support Batch/Lot tracking for inventory?

- Yes. Dislio has batch wise inventory management.

Can we use invoicing module to send invoices for services?

- Yes Absolutely. The invoicing module can be used for both item and service invoicing.

Are the reports white-labeled?

- Yes, the reports are white-labeled.

Can I download reports as Excel sheet?

- Yes, you can download the report as Excel or PDF.

Can I use custom domain?

- Custom domain is available only with Enterprise edition.

Will I receive future updates? 

- Yes, as a PitchGround member, you will always receive all the future updates.

How do I contact Dislio ERP support?

- You can reach out to them via the live chat on their website https://dislio.com or you can send an email to support@dislio.com

Knowledgebase URL -

- http://help.dislio.com