A Remote Interview Tool To Take Programming Interviews With Audio/Video Calling and 25+ Languages Supported
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Support Email - support@intervue.io

Knowledgebase - https://www.notion.so/Intervue-io-Guides-and-FAQs-0675389bb36a4acdb7c2b89ef9207321

Roadmap - https://airtable.com/shrcboQpk727BHc1H

I am an employer. Will I be able to see the interviews that I took later somewhere?

The interviews get saved in your profile corresponding to a unique URL. You can visit your profile under the pads section to see the list of interviews taken and open any of them to see the history.

How can I see the total interviews left in my account?

The total interviews can be seen in the billing section of your profile.

Can I use this tool for my personal programming?

Yes, it gives you a sandbox environment and you can practice all you want.

Do I have to sign up to try a demo?

Trying a demo is absolutely free of cost and does not require any sign up as well.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan to get more interviews?

Yes. You can upgrade from your free trial by purchasing any of the Intervue LTD plans from PitchGround.

What will happen to my existing unused interviews if I redeem my PichGround coupon now?

If a user subscribes to an unlimited plan from any previous plan his unused interview counts won't be carried forward. 

Can Intervue.io be used by people with little coding knowledge?

Yes. Though Intervue is made with keeping developers in mind, Features like auto evaluated assignments, Test case validated live interview questions and a collaborative whiteboard with a plain text editor can help you evaluate candidates even if you have a non-tech background.