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Support Email - support@uptime360.net

Public Roadmap URL - https://www.uptime360.net/roadmap/

Facebook Group URL - https://www.fb.com/uptime360.net

Knowledgebase URL - https://help.uptime360.net/docs/

What are the monitoring locations?

The main monitoring locations are based in Northern Virginia, USA. To verify down statues some other locations like – Singapore, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, and Sao Paulo are used. Monitoring IPs aren’t yet published and will be updated soon.

Does Uptime360 monitoring affects website analytics?

No. Most web analytics including Google Analytics uses JavaScript to collect data which Uptime360 doesn’t.

What are checks or Advance checks?

Advance checks or checks are one of the excellent features in Uptime360 that offers you to monitor services more precisely. Like – FTP, SFTP, SMTP, ICPM Ping, SSH, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Custom ports, and more! 

Is there any limitation for the Status page?

No. It is unlimited until the team notices any unusual usage/abuse of that feature.

Is there any limitation for Team members?

You can add up to 50 members per code.

Can I monitor my APIs?

Yes, the feature will be live very soon.

How does Uptime360 determine a service downtime?

There’s plenty of methods on the stack. Basically, it does – Ping test, Server test, TCP / UDP / FTP / SMTP / DNS or other default and custom port test, URL accessibility test (for websites), and so on based on the number of occurrences.

Why do I see many short downtimes?

To avoid short downtimes, you can increase the check DELAY time and set it to ‘5 minutes’ or more. A 1-minute check interval is considered very sensitive. 

Can I choose specific monitoring locations?

Yes, you can, very soon. A very professional and dedicated team is working on it let you choose the monitoring locations for the services. 

Why can’t I login using Google sign-in feature?

If you set up a custom password in your account then the Google sign-in feature becomes unavailable for now (It is under development to allow both, custom password and Google sign-in feature). Of course, you can log in using your custom password. Use ‘forgot password’ to recover your password.

Where to download the Uptime360 Android App?

Search on PlayStore with the ‘Uptime360’ keyword. Install and login to receive service notifications right on your mobile. 

Does Uptime360 has an app on AppStore?

Soon! It is on the roadmap with the highest priority.