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We are PitchGround

We are not just a SaaS marketplace.

We help online businesses grow with the help of software and our education-first approach.

13 team members across 6 countries

The team behind PitchGround is spread across the globe. We share the same vision and mission and have come together for the same purpose to serve online businesses like you.

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Oscar Hernandez

Co-Founder & COO
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United States, Los Angeles
07:08 am

Udit Goenka

Founder & CEO
India, Mumbai
Day07:38 pm

Lukas Liesis

Co-Founder & CTO
Lithuania, Kaunas
Day05:08 pm

Rohit Gupta

Head of Customer Success
India, Bangalore
Day07:38 pm

Aishwarya Goenka

Chief Content Officer
India, Mumbai
Day07:38 pm

Justas Skara

Front End Developer
United Kingdom, Newcastle
Day03:08 pm

Meenank Minnu

Social Media Manager
India, Bangalore
Day07:38 pm

Pranshu Gera

Customer Success Manager
India, Bangalore
Day07:38 pm

Julius Burbulis

Lithuania, Vilnius
Day05:08 pm

Megha Verma

Chief Business Developer & PR Head
India, New Delhi
Day07:38 pm

Valeriy Kharchuk

Head Of Knowledge
Ukraine, Dnipro
Day05:08 pm

Juan José Bello Arbeláez

Content Manager
Colombia, Manizales
Day09:08 am

Nikhil Suresh Babu

Affiliate Manager
India, Bangalore
Day07:38 pm

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