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How secure is Archbee?

- Archbee uses daily backups, encryption in transit and at rest, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 payment processor (Stripe),
and Google Cloud to keep your data safe.

Are there migration services available?

- There are! Changing documentation tools can feel like you’re moving houses. So consider Archbee as your professional movers. It will lift items from your existing tool, move them, and set them back up inside Archbee and will make sure it leaves it even nicer than your last home.

How is Archbee using my data?

- Archbee collect usage events that help them improve the product over time. They will never share any data of yours with third party companies or governments.

Who owns the documents my team/company creates?

- Your company does. At any point in time, at your request, Archbee will provide you an exported file with any kind of data we hold and/or destroy it and all of its backups.

Is this LTD stackable?

- Yes!

Does it works with my browser?

- Archbee works in any recent browser.

Support URL

- support@archbee.io

Facebook URL

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/archbee

Roadmap URL

- https://roadmap.archbee.io