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Support URL - info@taglayer.com

Knowledgebase URL - https://www.taglayer.com/helpcenter

Public Roadmap - Taglayer Roadmap

Facebook group URL - https://www.facebook.com/taglayer

How does your AI work?

Our algorithm detects user behavior and serves up the content of the page based on their preferences.

How do I publish cases?

In the platform under the tab ‘Convert’ – ‘Cases’ there is a button ‘publish all cases’. By pressing this button, every case will be published and if enrolled in a Journey, your visitors will be able to see the case

How do you connect to our CMS/website?

We connect with your website through the installation of our tracking code (cfr. Google Analytics) By installing this tracking code, we can track the behavior of your visitors and make changes on your website.

Is it possible to connect with our CMS system?

We can connect with every CMS, however, this is often not necessary. Depending on your needs, we will review the need to make an integration with the current CMS.

Can we integrate your platform with our current ERP/CRM system?

Depending on your needs, we will review the need to make an integration with the current CRM/ERP.

How do you track the analytics of our website?

Through the installation of a tracking code (cfr. Google Analytics) we will be able to track the visitor’s behavior on your website and see how they act on your content.

Is it possible to see the data of Taglayer cases?

In the Taglayer platform, we have a ‘Understand’ Tab, where you can see all the analytics of the Taglayer cases, the conversions, A/B tests, Our Customer Data Platform and business visits.

How much time does it cost to onboard Taglayer?

Installing Taglayer will only take 2 hours of your time. The onboarding by our development team will take between 2 weeks and 1 month.

What are the average results with your current clients?

Our current clients see an increase in conversions up to 25%, other than that we see a decrease in the bounce%. Overall, your visitors have a better experience on your website, this leads to more action and fewer exits.

Will Taglayer slow down my website? Is it possible to change or delete elements that are on the base website?

Yess, Through the installation of the tracking code, we can change/ delete existing elements and add new elements to the website.

What visitor’s data can I track in the CDP

Basic information: Name (optional), e-mail (optional), last active, location, device type, browser, IP address, interests on website.

Online activity: Pageviews, impressions, conversions, clicks, avg. session time, recommendations.

Journey on website: Detailed preview of the sessions, conversions made, time spent on page etc.

Which online channels do you support?

We support the following online channels: website, email, google chrome notifications, Whatsapp messages, Facebook retargeting.

Is it possible to use the tool myself (as a marketeer)?

The tool is easy to use. When first registered you receive the option to follow our tour guide. This tour guide will guide you through every aspect of the platform and should get you going.