12 Best Email List Cleaning Service Provider in 2023

Did you know that validated email and a high inbox placement ratio is the basic requirement for successful email marketing?

Yes, to get the desired results from email marketing, maintaining a clean email list is essential.

Having a clean email list will always uplift your email marketing strategy. 

It means you would have the most email deliverability rate, and additionally, it would help you in reducing non-productive time.

However, not all believe in a clean email list. For them “size is important.” Well, it may be true, but not when it comes to email marketing. Here, email hygiene is very important.

You would never want your reputation to be tarnished or eventually get blacklisted by repeatedly sending emails to bad, invalid, or expired email addresses. 

Once your reputation is nosedived, it becomes very difficult to recover in this world of cut-throat competition.

But we know you are smart! 

Smart enough to keep your email list clean with the help of any of the 12 best email list cleaning service providers mentioned in this article.

Before we discuss the various email service providers, let us delve into the functions of email cleaning service and their benefits.

What is the actual function of an email list cleaning service?

The primary job of every email list cleaning service is to eliminate the invalid, outdated, and misspelled email addresses from the list. And for this, the software uses extensive verification and cleaning procedures that include:

✳️ Removal of duplicate email addresses

✳️ Detection of disposable email addresses

✳️ Verification of syntax

✳️ Detecting Spam Trap

✳️ Identifying role-based account

✳️ Checking for Domain/MX record

✳️ Pinging the server (SMTP authentication)

✳️ Verification of Catch-All email

Once all the checks are completed, the email cleaning service provider gives you a clean and serviceable email list for further perusal. 

This cleaning of emails by email scrubbing services gives you the below-mentioned benefits:

✳️ Cleaning lowers email bounce rate

✳️ Improves marketing campaign

✳️ Maximizes email delivery rate

✳️ Increases email ROI

✳️ Protects domain reputation

✳️ Safeguards sender reputation due to better email delivery

With so many benefits under a single umbrella, you would want to know more about the various email service providers that run the show, right? So let’s understand more about them.

The Most Effective Email List Cleaning Service Providers

For effective email cleaning, we have curated 12 email cleaning software. 

  • ZeroBounce
  • ListWise
  • Bouncify
  • Bouncer
  • Email Verifier by SendPulse
  • DeBounce
  • Snov.io
  • Data Validation
  • NeverBounce
  • Xverify
  • Clearout
  • VerifyBee

Disclaimer: Please note that the above list is a result of extensive research, and it in no way reflects our preference in any particular order.


ZeroBounce is one of the best email list verification and deliverability platforms available in the market today. It can validate any email address and improve their inbox placement.

The service provider detects nonexistent and abusive email accounts, email typos, spam traps, and other risky email addresses. Thus helping websites from unwanted sign-ups.

ZeroBounce, the award-winning email cleaning tool has a powerful API that gives a comprehensive report on your email list that includes 30 status and sub status codes. It also provides an email scoring service to enhance inbox placement. 

ZeroBounce is featured in the “Best Ease Of Use” email verification tools software (2020).


✅ ZeroBounce provides a clean database

✅ It provides a mail server tester that helps with email server configurations

✅ Provides bulk email verification

✅ ZeroBounce can detect catch-all server


❌ Delayed service response

❌ The pricing on bulk email verification is high


Following are the pricing plans that ZeroBounce offers

  • Freemium – In this freemium plan, you get 100 credits per month per customer and detailed status codes, IP address geolocation, and more.
  • Pay as you go – This plan starts at $16, and you get all the freemium features plus 2000 credits per customer. The credits never expire.
  • Subscriptions – It starts at $15 per month. You get 2000 plus credits plus all freemium features. The credits never expire and you can add additional credits. 

For detailed tariff, visit the official website 


ListWise is a straightforward tool designed for email verification intelligently. It is a great tool to get rid of unwanted and risky emails.

ListWise is very good at categorizing data. Once you upload an email list, ListWise separates the entire email list into four parts – clean, invalid, bounces, and duplicates. It also makes the email list more accurate and clean.

With ListWise, you get a sharp API integration that validates subscribers’ or customers’ email addresses before reaching your email list.


✅ ListWise has auto-typing features

✅ It specializes in high-volume email list cleaning

✅ Prevents IPs from being blocked

✅ Prevents email sending server from being blacklisted


❌ ListWise is less affordable

❌ It has got a lengthy sign-up process


Following are the pricing plans that ListWise offers

  • Freemium – ListWise gives you 100 email credits per month per customer
  • Pay as you go – You can purchase ListWise credits whenever you need them. Till 100 email credits, it is free. Beyond that, it is chargeable. The minimum price to be paid is $45 for 10000 email credits.
  • Monthly plan – This plan is for those who clean emails every month. There is no fixed-term subscription and you can cancel at any time. Beyond 100 email credits, the minimum monthly subscription is $44 for 10000 credits.

For a detailed tariff, visit the website.


Bouncify makes email cleaning and email scrubbing a very simple task. It increases deliverability and improves the sender’s reputation.

Bouncify helps to eliminate fake and dead emails before performing the task of emailing your subscriber list. The tool clears all invalid syntaxes and inactive subscribers and makes a new list to send your campaigns without worrying about mail deliverability.

In Bouncify, you can directly paste up to 1000 emails. The system intuitively analyzes the uploaded list and gets a free quality analysis of the list.


✅ Email verification is quick

✅ Android, IOS apps for easy use

✅ High verification accuracy

✅ Chat, email, and phone support


❌ Lacks quality customer support 


Bouncify offers the below-mentioned pricing to its users.

  • Freemium – Bouncify gives you 100 free email credits per customer per month
  • Pay as you go – Purchase Bouncify credits whenever you need them. Till 100 email credits, it is free. Beyond that, it is chargeable. The minimum price to be paid is $19 for 10000 email credits. 

For a detailed tariff plan, visit the official website. 


Bouncer is an exciting new software that enables their customers to maintain undisturbed communication with their clients. As an email cleaning service provider, Bouncer is well known for its accuracy.

Bouncer helps you to protect your email communication by sanitizing your email database. With this tool, keeping an email list free from risky or fishy emails is easy.

The software uses various methods for validation like syntax validation, spam trap detection, mailbox availability check, domain/MX/DNS check to verify each email address.


✅ Protects the system from risky and invalid emails

✅ Reduces email bounce rate

✅ Protects from fake sign-up and spam attacks

✅ Protects domain reputation


❌ Bouncer is not supported by too many automation tools


The only pricing available with Bouncer is the pay-as-you-go model. For the first 1000 credits, Bouncer charges nothing. From 1000 to 9000 email credits, the charges are $0.0025 per verified email.

For detailed information about the pricing model, visit the official website.

Email verifier by SendPulse

SendPulse, the all-in-one automation tool, provides the built-in email verifier that can be used before sending your email campaign. Post verification the sender receives a report with valid and invalid email addresses.

It also creates a separate valid email list where you can add segments and custom variables as per your requirement. 

SendPulse removes addresses with typos, spam traps, and non-existent addresses from your list. You can verify a single email address or an entire email list and upload a new one in TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX formats.


✅ Single/Bulk email verification

✅ Accurate verification result

✅ Increased ROI and deliverability


❌ The preloaded templates are less


The pricing policy of SendPulse is flexible. 

  • Its free for upto 100 email credits
  • For email credits above 100, the minimum monthly charges are $12

For detailed information on the monthly tariff, refer to the official website.


If you do not want spam traps, disposable, inactive, and hard bounce emails, decrease your sending score, and waste your time and money, then DeBounce is your go-to email cleaning service provider.

DeBounce helps with bulk email validation. If you are using popular ESPs to send mails, DeBounce can easily integrate with them and transfer your list for validation. 

The software also helps with WordPress email validation and JavaScript email validation widgets for forms.


✅ Verifying emails in DeBounce is straightforward

✅ It has an email validation API

✅ DeBounce helps in lead generation

✅ It helps with list monitoring


❌ Slow speed data columns get disturbed for the whole file


As a freemium service provider, DeBounce provides 100 free email address verification. Beyond 100 credits, you would have to avail of the premium services, which start at $10.

For complete information on the premium charges, visit the official website.


The next in our list of email list cleaning tools is Snov.io. It is considered to be the fastest email checker that verifies thousands of emails and provides valid email addresses in no time.

The initial checking by Snov.io is done to check if the email follows the standard format of the email service provider. The accuracy percentage is a whopping 98%.

Snov.io has flexible export options. Thus, you can export email lists in CSV, XLSX, or Google sheet formats.

The email checker also uses a 4 tier verification method in the system, including syntax check, MX record check, catch-All domains, and SMTP authentication to provide the most accurate result.


✅ Requires little-to-no technical knowledge

✅ An all-in-one platform to enhance productivity and enable time maximization

✅ A rapid response system that allows you to work faster with efficiency


❌ The integration feature does not work with Facebook


Snov.io offers the below-mentioned pricing options:

Freemium – 50 credits free/month

Small size – $39/month

Medium size – $69/month

Large size – $129/month

For detailed information on the pricing, visit the official Snov.io website.


DataValidation is an online scrubbing tool that verifies a single email through several verification methods. It is a bulk email list cleaning tool that helps you to clean bad emails and verify them. 

The service allows multiple file uploads, email list monitoring, batch verification, real-time APIs, and ESP integration.

The email cleaning tool provides a 99% email deliverability guarantee and free quality reports for email marketing campaigns.


✅ Most comprehensive API for bulk and real-time email verification

✅ Free email quality report

✅ Excellent support team via live chat or email

✅ Free email list archiving


❌ The tool does not produce the results immediately. It emails the report once done.


DataValidation has a free service that provides a free plan of monitoring 500 emails.

It also has flexible pricing plans as email verification packs with affordable prices. 

The minimum pricing starts at $35 for 5000 emails.

For a detailed understanding of the various pricing structures, visit the official DataValidation website.


As one of the best email verification services, NeverBounce verifies all valid email addresses without sending any emails. It is considered to be the best real-time email checker of bad emails.

The platform allows professionals to use simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) and other proprietary methods to validate emails.

NeverBounce provides email validation service across registration forms, lead generation pages, and other web page points of entry. It also synchronizes email databases across systems.

The software connects with Zapier to facilitate integration with applications like HubSpot, MailChimp, and more. Plus, this email cleaning tool checks email ids from the core level to the advanced level.


✅ NeverBounce deliverability guarantee is 99.9%

✅ Easy real-time verification of email addresses 

✅ NeverBounce is an extremely fast email validator


❌ Re-purchase of email credits is expensive


You can avail of a free test of the NeverBounce service by contacting them. 

NeverBounce pricing starts at $0.01. There is also a free version. Up to 10000 emails, the pricing is $0.008.

For more information on the pricing plan, visit NeverBounce website.


Xverify has been in the email list cleaning service for over 7 years now, and so has built a strong reputation as the most accurate email verifier in the marketplace.

Xverify is certified with two privacy frameworks – SWISS-U.S. Privacy Shield framework and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. All clients who require DPA (Data Processing Addendum) as a part of their GDPR compliance can avail it from Xverify. 

The system can validate all email addresses globally and run an email checker on B2B and B2C emails. The email verification system checks each email individually to remove emails registered with a toxic domain.


✅ The email cleaning tool has proved its accuracy across all major email domains like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail with 98% success

✅ Built-in auto-correction feature

✅ Uses Xverify API to get more control

✅ Protects against email frauds


❌ Credit card details are mandatory for signing up with Xverify services


For a free trial run of Xverify, you can get in touch with the sales team.

Xverify offers a pay-as-you-go plan. The minimum order value is $5 for 500 email verifications.

To know more about the various pricing deals, visit Xverify website.


Clearout is an email verification tool that has been lauded for its 98% + accuracy rate. It carries out more than 20+ refined validation checks to confirm the status of every email address in your database.

The email list cleaning tool allows bulk email verification. Clearout also helps with disposable email detection and spam email detection. It is one of the fastest email list cleaners in the market.

With over 400 million+ emails already verified (As per the official website), and more than 15 million email identities verified per day, Clearout is one of the most popular email list cleaners in the market.


✅ Clearout is a great lead finding tool

✅ Email deliverability success ratio is praiseworthy

✅ Does a good job at detecting Catch-All email addresses


❌ The software integration facility is not at par with other similar email cleaning service providers


Clearout has a free trial of its services. The same can be availed by contacting the company sales team.

The paid version is the pay-as-you-go plan with a minimum of $21 for 3000 email credits. 

Check Clearout website for their detailed pricing plan. 


VerifyBee is a platform that helps to safeguard your email campaigns from duplicates, bounces, spam complaints, and other serious errors in your mail list. All you need to do is upload your email list and let VerifyBee take care of the rest.

Once cleaning is done, the software provides you with a record of invalid email addresses, names, typos, etc. This tool also checks domain validity, MX records, spam traps, Catch-All addresses, and more.

VerifyBee has many integrations with marketing tools like Aweber, MailShake, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and MooSend.


✅ Email delivery is guaranteed

✅ VerifyBee has a user-friendly interface

✅ Advanced verification process

✅ Multiple integration facility


❌ The email verification takes a lot of time


VerifyBee has a free trial option however, they do not come with a free version.

The software pricing starts at $19 per user per month.

To know more about the pricing structure, visit the official VerifyBee website.

Our Verdict

Now that you have gone through the list of the 12 best email cleaning service providers in the marketplace, which one do you think best suits your prerequisites?

To maintain email hygiene and drive email marketing services, email marketers need to focus on the tool that provides you with all the best features at affordable prices.

All the above-mentioned email cleaning tools are worth considering. However, if we were to take a pick, we’d vote for ZeroBounce, the award-winning service provider that helps enhance inbox placement.

With an accurate email validation system in place, ZeroBounce is one comprehensive platform that provides proper reports and also allows integration with various marketing campaign tools.

If you are looking forward to email cleaning and successful delivery, you can think ZeroBounce. 


While this is our recommendation, we in no way endorse it as the only product to consider. 

You evaluate which of these email list cleaning service providers best suit your business. 

Save Money Save Time Buy The Best Email Cleaning Service Provider

You would always need an email cleaning service to verify your email list and ensure that your email marketing efforts are in the right dimension.

With email marketing tools like email cleaners, you can actually send emails to people who want them. By detecting the right people to send your emails, you are elevating your performance. In turn, you save money and make your time productive.

The list of the 12 best email cleaning service providers is a step in giving you a piece of comprehensive information on the best players in the market.

Depending on what you want from your platform, go for the services. Whether you are a pro marketer or a newbie, be assured that these platforms would surely make your work easier and, in turn, make you more efficient.

Happy email campaigning!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I clean my email list for free?

Ans. You can clean your email list by using any cleaning software that is available in the free version. For more details, refer to 12 Best Email Cleaning Service Providers 2021.

2. What is the best email verification and validation service?

Ans. Please refer to the 12 Best Email Cleaning Service Provider 2021 article and own the tool that best suits your purpose.

3. Does Pitchground offer deals on software?

Ans. Yes, there is an entire section on various deals that Pitchground offers to its customers. To know more, visit pitchground.com/deals.

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