CAL Defense- Managed Device Protection & Management

CAL Defense - Managed Device Protection. Harness the power of one solution to secure your business critical devices with next generation technologies .
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Managed Device Protection

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Plan A
save up to 95%
  • 1 Device (Windows or Mac)
  • Active Disk Cloning
  • Quick recovery / Universal restore
  • Ransomware protection
  • 10 GB Cloud Storage
  • Flexible backups: full image to file-level
  • Full stack anti-malware (Advanced Security)
  • URL filtering (Advanced Security)
  • Exploit prevention (Advanced Security)
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Video conference app protection
  • Free upgrades to the most recent product version
  • Phone, email, and chat support
  • License upgrades at a special price
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee
Plan B
save up to 95%
  • All Plan A Features
  • 3 Devices (Windows or Mac)
  • 25 GB Cloud Backup
  • CPU load balancing
  • Microsoft 365 backups
  • Patch management (Advanced Management)
  • Fail-safe patching (Advanced Management)
  • Disk drive health monitor (Advanced Management)
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee
Plan C
save up to 95%
  • All Plan B Features
  • 5 devices (Windows and Mac)
  • 50 GB Cloud Backup
  • Continuous data protection (Advanced Backup)
  • Data protection map (Advanced Backup)
  • Off-host data processing (Advanced Backup)
Hassle free 60 days money back guarantee