Deliver the ultimate product onboarding experience to drive the software feature adoption and to reduce the churn rate.
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Support Email - rahul@dashfrugal.com and support@dahsfrugal.com

Knowledgebase URL - https://www.dashfrugal.com/website/knowledgebase

Public Roadmap URL - https://www.dashfrugal.com/website/roadmap

What is MAU and how is it calculated ? 

Monthly active users (MAU) are calculated as the total number of users who sign in to your application in any given month. We don't charge you for inactive users who may be in your list but don't log any activity during a given month.

Your monthly active user limit will reset one day before the next billing day, and the remaining user count cannot be carried forward to next month.

What is digital user onboarding?

Digital onboarding is the new normal in user onboarding, that helps a software user to learn software features with step-by-step guidance, along with the navigation and video tutorial.

How to set up a user onboarding flow?

Dashfrugal is a widget-based(In-app interface) integration, where you can guide and navigate your users to learn software features effectively. To set up your user onboarding flow, signup/sign in to your account and utilize our in-app onboarding widget to support yours. You don’t need to write a single line code to Create your next user onboarding flow

What are all the main features?

  • Digital user onboarding widget
  • Guided product tour
  • Video guided product tour
  • Real-time onboarding support
  • User onboarding monitor tool

What is in-app support?

Most of the time your software users may be able to learn your software features by doing themselves, but sometimes they may feel looped and need your assistance to complete certain sections. With Dashfrugal in-app support you can support your users contextually within a single platform

How to install Dashfrugal on my website?

You need to copy the embed code from Dashfrugal dashboard and paste into your website.

Can I create multiple onboarding flows?

No. Currently, we do not have the option of providing multiple onboarding flows for different users. 

Do you have a Role-based onboarding feature?

No. Currently, we do not have the option of providing user Role-based onboarding features. 

Can I integrate Dashfrugal into my WordPress website?

Yes. By using either Plugin or without Plugin you can integrate Dashfugal onboarding widget into WordPress website.

What are the benefits of a User Onboarding software?

User Onboarding software is Increased conversion from free trial to paid customers, Improved product onboarding experience, Minimal Training & Support costs, Increased User Adoption rates, a world-class Product experience and an impeccable user engagement.

Can I add videos or images to my onboarding?

Yup. You can add images and videos like YouTube videos.

Is Dashfrugal pricing per application or domain?

Dashfrugal pricing is not based on apps for domains. Pricing is based on the total number of monthly active users (MAU) in a 30-day period. 

Do I need to install any Browser extension to create visual guidance?

No. Our visual guidance tool is fully in-app based. If you put the Dashfrugal embed code in your website, it's enough to make visual guidance(tooltip tour).

Do I need a developer to get started?

No, you can start building Onboarding flow without a developer. To map the user information to Dasfrugal, I mean advanced widget customization you may need a developer.