Beginners Guide on How to Grow Followers on Twitter (1 Secret Tool to Help You Out)

Twitter is a great marketing channel and a social platform to keep up with current events.

Most B2B marketers use Twitter to engage with their target consumers and build their businesses.

While it is one of the most significant venues for social media marketers, it is also one of the most competitive, and your target audience’s audiences span is limited.

The question of how many Twitter followers you have is ignored by many.

A higher follower count indicates not just that you have more significant clout in your field, but your material appeals to and connects with a broader audience.

Here’s a liHere’snown fact: Twitter is probably the most accessible social media channel for building a new audience.

So, how do you go about doing this? This article will show you how to grow followers on Twitter using some simple methods.

But before that, here are some basic Twitter definitions you must learn.

how to grow followers on twitter

Some basic Twitter definitions


Anything you share on Twitter can be referred to as a tweet. It might be a quote, a dialogue, a piece of random text, or anything else.


A retweet is a tweet that you forward to your followers. Retweets always keep the original attribution.


Direct messages, or DMs, are private messages exchanged between Twitter accounts.

Twitter handle or @Username:

You’re identifiable by your username on Twitter, which is always preceded by the @ sign. Bloggers Passion, for example, has the handle @BloggersPassion.


A “mention” i” when y “u include the @ sign before the username of another account in your tweet.


Words or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol “r” are referred to as hashtags. You’ll see You’lltweets containing the same keyword or topic if you click these Twitter hashtags.

Protected tweets: 

By default, tweets are public. Only your followers will be able to read your tweets if you choose to protect them.

Pinned tweets: 

To keep one of your tweets visible above the stream of time-ordered tweets, pin it to the top of your profile page.

Twitter trends: 

A trend is a topic or hashtag found one of the most popular on Twitter at the time by an algorithm.

Trends can be customized according to your location and the people you follow.

Now that we have our Twitter definitions let’s use the best Twitter tips to help you increase your followers efficiently and effectively.

Some secret tips to help you increase your Twitter Followers

Optimize your Twitter profile

Optimizing your profile is the first thing to consider when thinking about how to grow followers on Twitter.

A good Twitter profile can also function as a landing page.

Consider the primary action you want visitors to take (e.g., following you, clicking a link, signing up for your newsletter) and optimize for it.

  • For your profile and banner graphics, use high-resolution photos.
  • In their description, include keywords relating to your industry (i.e., designer, independent business).
  • Include a link for visitors to click on as well as register for a newsletter. (Using this integration tutorial, you can set one up in just four steps.)

Another thing you can do to make your profile stand out is once you start tweeting and notice what content people respond to, pin a tweet that explains who you are, what you do, and hence prompt them to engage with you. This will inevitably help you how to grow followers on Twitter quickly. The following are some measures you might want to consider:

Choose what topics to tweet about

Planning out the themes you’ll start tweeting is another crucial aspect of how to grow followers on Twitter. 

Accounts that focus on just a few linked topics (known as content pillars) develop quicker than those that don’t.

Heredon’ta few good examples to follow.

  • @timsoulo tweets about search engine optimization and content marketing.
  • @NickNimmin is a YouTube and video marketing expert.
  • @thecreativepenn is a Twitter user who focuses on self-publishing and writing abilities.

Consider what you can offer your fans in terms of value. What are your areas of interest? Do you have contacts, information, or experiences that others could use?

Also, choosing the optimal niche is essential in how to grow followers on Twitter quickly since the optimal niche for you capitalizes on natural areas of overlap between your professional and personal lives.

Start with following Twitter influencers or your niche leaders (Makezu)

Make a list of all the Twitter influencers in your field and follow them all.

You could argue that they won’t follow you even if you do, so what’s the what’s

Yes, we agree that most influencers will not follow you back, particularly if you have no online reputation. 

They might follow you back if they already know you, but the chances are slim.

So, who are the following industry influencers, and how will it help you in your how to grow followers on Twitter prospects?

Following Twitter, influencers have a lot of advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Thousands of people deliberately seek out influential people to follow. They also follow their followers to raise their own number of followers. As a result, if you follow a well-known blogger in your field, you’ll have a good chance of gaining more followers.
  • To identify and follow influencers’ followers, people use Twitter automation apps like ManageFlitter, Tweepy, and others. Following top bloggers in your niche is another wonderful strategy to gain followers automatically.
  • If you engage with influencers frequently by retweeting their content or commenting on their links, those who are already following them may follow you.

Within a week, you should notice an increase in your Twitter followers. As a result, build a list of 50 to 100 Twitter influencers in your industry. Within a day, you should be able to follow them all.

Tools like Makezu can also help you with this since the fast real-time results can give you everything you need to know about your niche leaders.

Also, tweeting on weekends can significantly help you in your how to grow followers on Twitter quickly process. 

Make use of the Twitter bio hack

how to grow followers on twitter

Besides your Twitter feed, your Twitter bio is another factor you can enhance going by your prospect of how to grow followers on Twitter. 

In your Twitter bio, include hashtags related to your industry.

For example, if you’re a fitness fanatic, include hashtags like #fitness, #yoga, and #fitnessfreak in your Twitter bio. Also, remember to use phrases like “Follow me, and I’ll follow you back.”

If you’re new to Twitter, you may quickly increase your followers by employing this Twitter bio-hack.

You can attract “relevant Twitter followers” by having relevant hashtags in your profile. Thousands of people are actively looking for users who “follow me and follow you back.” So, if you include those phrases in your Twitter bio, you’ll get a lot of attention.

The majority of Twitter users read the bios of others. No one will click on the links you share if your Twitter bio is generic.

Make sure your Twitter profile is eye-catching, provide a link to your website’s home page, and explain how you can assist others. If you’re a marketer, for example, you could make an intriguing Twitter bio like this:

Who else wants to convert visitors into customers? My name is XYZ, and I’m here to assist you in achieving your goals. Do you want to learn more? [Insert the URL to your website or a specific post]

How does the above Twitter bio seem to you?

To attract more clicks to your website from Twitter, try replicating the same on your Twitter bio. It’s not only catchy, but it also communicates to others that you’re an authority in your field. In the end, this will immensely help you in your how to grow followers on Twitter journey.

Another thing to keep in mind is a Twitter link. Adding Twitter links into your social profiles can also help your how to grow followers on Twitter aspect.

Write amazing tweets and be consistent in posting them

Want more people to see your tweets? Then include some comedy, a personal touch, and a request for them to retweet your content.

It will undoubtedly help in your how to grow followers on Twitter prospect, since every time someone retweets one of your tweets, it reaches an ever-increasing number of people.  

On Twitter, you should keep a good stream of original content on your profile page. When you only share links, you give the idea that you’re a spammer or a robot to individuals who visit your profile page.

Reduce the number of Twitter links in your tweets and start composing relevant tweets with exclusive content that your current and future followers will enjoy.

As a result, you’ll have a better chance of meeting your how to grow followers on Twitter steps.

Aside from posting effective tweets on your subject, you should start tweeting about what you’re doing and your opinions on various topics.

These include recent events that have occurred in your immediate vicinity and updates on the topics you are most enthusiastic about.

Be consistent and make sure you’re counted as one of the active accounts on Twitter. You could also use tools like Makezu to help you make a content calendar, thereby helping your follower growth. 

Such tweets will offer your Twitter account a more personal touch, allowing your followers to learn more about you, your interests, and your ideas in person. As a result, it will immensely help you in your how to grow followers on Twitter prospects.

Include tweetable quotes in your posts

Embedding Twitter quotations within blogs are one of the simplest ways most bloggers utilize to grow followers on Twitter prospect. This helps create interactive content for your followers. 

To add tweetable quotes to your blog entries, you can use free WordPress plugins like Click to Tweet, Tweet This, Inline Tweet Sharer, and others. You can make any element of your blog post into interactive content by installing one of the plugins described above. 

Your blog visitors will be able to simply tweet your tweetable quotes, resulting in more retweets and engagement, therefore helping you in your how to grow followers on Twitter journey.

Also, to increase engagement and reach on Twitter, almost every top blogger and Twitter influencer use embedded tweetable quotes within their material. 

If you want to achieve a similar effect, include tweetable quotes in your content. Having different types of content on your Twitter feed is another essential tip to follow while thinking about how to grow followers on Twitter quickly. 

Begin responding to questions 

Social media engagement is another aspect of how to grow followers on Twitter. 

Many people will start asking you questions about your niche if you are an expert or good at your themes.

If you can spend some time responding to their queries or tweets, more people will be willing to follow you since they believe you will be of assistance to them, helping you follow your how to grow followers on Twitter needs.

As an authority in your field, you should begin responding to inquiries on Twitter from your current and potential followers.

When you use Twitter search with the associated keywords, you’ll find some exciting queries linked to your niche.

Make sure your Twitter profile is up to date

We already discussed the importance of engagement in your how to grow followers on Twitter prospect, and joining in on current subjects is an easy method to enhance your engagement. 

Take a peek at Twitter’s tTwitter’sopics, which are usually accompanied by hashtags. Then, when it’s appropriate, join in on the dialogue.

Many corporations and organizations, for example, utilize Twitter to support causes and movements like Women’s HisWomen’snth.

Don’t be scDon’tto think outside the box when it comes to participating in discussions about hot subjects.

It’s importIt’sto remember that the topic doesn’t havdoesn’t directly relevant to your products or services.

It might be something that relates to your brand’s valbrand’ssimply something amusing and unique that you can use to develop content around.

All of this will indirectly help you in your how to grow followers on Twitter journey.

Use pictures for your tweets 

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” as we’ve all heard.

Even when it comes to rapidly increase Twitter followers, this is true. Did you know that tweets with a header image earn more retweets, likes, comments, and interaction from other users?

Yes, tweets with graphics usually receive a lot of attention, thereby helping people with their how-to grow followers on Twitter prospects. 

According to research, tweets with graphics receive more than 150 percent higher interaction than tweets without images.

Posts featuring images become popular tweets. As a result, if you’re also worried about how to grow followers on Twitter, make sure to include visual content while tweeting. Adding a profile image can sure be of help as well.

Retweet with comments

When you wish to share something noteworthy that someone else has tweeted, it’s become somewhat regular practice to retweet people or brands. 

You may go a step further and layer on interaction by using retweets with comments.

The distinction is that you can add commentary to the retweet rather than merely retweeting what someone else said. 

It becomes more tailored and valuable to your audience, as a result, hence inevitably helping you in your how to grow followers on Twitter prospect.

Participate in Twitter discussions

We emphasize a lot that Twitter isn’t just a platform for sharing material.

It’s a sociIt’sedia platform that businesses may use to engage with their customers. Being a part of the community is a big part of it.

Too many businesses make the mistake of wasting time learning about the Twitter ecosystem.

Getting involved in some relevant Twitter chats is one of the most acceptable methods to get accustomed to and interact in the community.

If you’re wondering if it’s okay to participate in Twitter discussions from your brand’s handle, the answer is yes!

Your participation will get people to know you, hence helping you with your how to grow followers on Twitter journey.

Give a try to Twitter chats

Participating in Twitter discussions is one part of how to grow followers on Twitter prospect; the other is Twitter chats. 

Did you know that participating in Twitter chats can help you gain more followers?

Typically, a Twitter chat can be defined as a group discussion around a common topic that occurs once a week or more frequently (followed by chatting throughout the week about the same issue).

#blogchat, #vlogchat, #SEOchat, #fitblog, #blogtrends, #socialchat, and other hashtags can be used by bloggers to participate in Twitter discussions.

How do you go about following and being one of the Twitter Chat participants to help with your how to grow followers on Twitter prospects? 

The best strategy is to use Twitter to look for relevant search terms in your sector.

Ask for retweets

The quickest approach to go about how to grow followers on Twitter is to ask for retweets. You might wonder how!

If someone retweets your tweets, it implies that your tweets will be seen by a new audience, and if they find your tweets informative or exciting, they will most likely follow you back.

So, how do you go about asking for retweets?

If you want to encourage more people to retweet your content, include the words “Please RT” “at the be “inning or end of your tweets.

Content creators should make sure to give their followers valuable content with visual posts. 

Include keywords in your tweets that are relevant

Keyword research is a technique for determining which keyword phrases your target audience is searching for on Twitter.

Keyword research is typically used in SEO (search engine optimization) to uncover relevant keywords to increase search traffic. Still, you can use the same strategy to increase your Twitter followers quickly.

So, how do you go about finding and using relevant keywords in your tweets to help you with your how to grow followers on Twitter prospects?

You can use programmes like Makezu to find relevant keywords to use in your tweets. 

Makezu is a commonly used tool that is used by practically everyone globally to find keywords. So if you want to expand your Twitter following, be sure to utilize it to find relevant keywords to use in your tweets.

how to grow followers on twitter

Also, keep an eye on your competitors’ terms in their tweets.

As previously stated, engaging with influencers on Twitter has numerous advantages, including determining and evaluating what keywords they use to generate more retweets, likes, and comments.

Use the appropriate hashtags at the proper times

A hashtag not only improves the number of people who see your post but also helps you find people who are interested in the hashtag keywords you employ. 

On Twitter, simply type # before the keyword to create a hashtag. #TwitterTips, for example.

The majority of people who are new to Twitter do not utilize hashtags. According to many studies, using two to three hashtags on each post boosts the number of retweets and favorites, thereby helping people with their how to grow followers on Twitter prospects. 

For example, if you’re tweeting about 10 benefits of blogging on WordPress, you may include hashtags like WordPress, #Blogging, and so on.

Keep a close eye on your rivals 

Keep an eye on the top Twitter users in your business and how they manage their accounts.

You should aim to mimic their successful ideas on your own Twitter page. 

There’s a good likelihood that if something works for your competitor’s website, it’ll work for yours as well.

First, make a list of 10 competitors in your sector, whether active users or the most prominent people on Twitter and then figure out how to gain Twitter followers by doing the following.

  • Examine the number of people who follow them.
  • Examine how many tweets they post on a daily basis
  • Do they retaliate against their rivals?
  • How does their Twitter profile appear?
  • Do they tell personal stories, for example?

This way, you’ll have a better notion of what to do on Twitter to quickly boost your followers.

Now we know that keeping an eye on your rivals is a complex and lengthy process. So making use of tools like Makezu can immensely help you.

Keep an eye on your Twitter statistics to see what’s going on 

Always keep an eye on your Twitter analytics and data to see what works and doesn’t.

Twdoesn’trovides metrics by default to all Twitter users, which you can access for free here. You’ll learYou’llything you need to know, including the following:

  • It shows you an overview of your Twitter handle’s performance over the last four weeks.
  • Number of tweets: How many times you’ve tweeted in the last 28 days.
  • Tweet impressions are the total number of individuals who have seen your tweets in the last 28 days.
  • The number of individuals who have visited your Twitter profile in the previous 28 days.
  • Within the last 28 days, the number of people that used the @ hashtag to reference you.
  • Followers: The number of people that have subscribed to your Twitter account.
  • Twitter analytics also shows you if your number of followers, Twitter reach, and other metrics have changed.

In the following conditions, you should be able to access official Twitter analytics:

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish are the most popular tweeting languages.

Your Twitter account should have been active for at least 14 days.

Your Twitter account should not be in violation of any Twitter policies, and it should not be removed, restricted, protected, or suspended.

Apart from official Twitter analytics, you may also use apps like Makezu to post your tweets, which gives amazing analytics and scheduling options.

Here are some of the advantages of using Makezu DMs and sequences to reach out to untapped markets:

  • Followers of competitors are automatically followed.
  • Best tweets are automatically retweeted.
  • Create audiences that are both relevant and accurate.
  • Create a new acquisition funnel to reach out to previously untapped markets.
  • Obtain more followers.

Don’t feed the trolls

While Twitter can be a useful tool for connecting with your audience, providing customer service, and networking, it also attracts trolls.

Trolls on Twitter are accounts that aim to bait or attack your brand for no apparent purpose other than to attract your attention.

You might be wondering why we’re including this advice on the list at all, since it seems obvious.

The challenge arises when attempting to distinguish between a valid consumer complaint and a troll. The distinction isn’t always obvious.

If you’re unsure whether a customer complaint is legitimate or a troll, the best course of action is to respond politely and wait for a response.

Make it easy for people to get in touch

Customers frequently use Twitter as a customer service channel. Make things easier for them by making yourself accessible.

Customers will be more frustrated when they speak with a person if you make it challenging for them to contact you, hindering your aspect of how to grow followers on Twitter.

And the last thing you want is to be known as the firm with lousy customer service. It will deter potential customers.

Don’t spam people

We touched on this briefly in the automation advice, but we want to stress it again. Don’t be thDon’tpany that goes around spamming as many people as possible.

Self-promotional unsolicited messages make up the majority of Twitter spam.

“How is that” spam?” you might “wonder. “They’re pr “They’regood value.”

Even if it’s a “bargain,” when the recipient has no knowledge of who you are, isn’t searching for your service, and has never had any previous contact with your brand, their initial engagement shouldn’t be your attempt to sell your products or services.

Read Twitter’s guidelines if you’re unsure whether or not your activity is considered spam. Make sure to stay away from bot accounts too.

Keep in mind the bigger picture

Twitter is a wonderful discovery tool, and you’ll be able to find your admirers on the network if you follow the steps outlined above.

Increasing your Twitter following is really a means to an end. You must migrate your audience onto a platform that you control if you want to get followers and expand your business.

Makezu is one of the most useful tools we’ve mentioned throughout the post. And why not? After all, the software’s best-in-class feature ensures that Twitter influencers never miss out.

We’ve listed here all you need to know about this incredible tool for your convenience. Continue reading to learn more.


Makezu uses artificial intelligence and automation to help you expand your Twitter following by producing leads, engagement, and revenue.

The greatest strategy to generate responses and enhance the growth rate is to start dialogues when someone displays a desire. Makezu allows you to engage with leads, send tailored direct messages, automate follow-up, and much more.

Makezu allows you to conduct one-on-one conversations with potential outreach customers and promote your business at scale. 

Add new sales funnels for your business, brand, organization, blog, podcast, newsletter, and more to your Twitter account to monetize it.

The following are some of the most useful elements that Makezu employs to assist you in growing your Twitter following:

  • Automate your business’s Twitter prospecting:
  • Find new customers and deliver them personalized direct messages at a large scale.
  • Make the preview of your links appealing:
  • Choose a photo to upload, personalize the title and description, and increase the number of clicks.
  • Follow-up should be automated:
  • Nurture your relationships by sending direct message sequences, sending follow-up emails when a potential consumer clicks on your links, and generating more actual business chances.
  • Auto-likes, auto-posts, and auto-retweet:
  • Makezu improves the impressions of your tweets by adding clever hashtags to your retweets.
  • Follow competitors’ followers automatically:
  • To develop faster, use the following of your competition. Makezu also helps you to only follow legitimate, and not fake, followers.
  • Share your most recent blog posts automatically:
  • Makezu aids in the promotion of your blog’s content. Simply enter your RSS link and specified hashtags, and you’re done!
  • Begin your awareness campaign by following the followers of your competitors:
  • By using your competitors, you may engage with their best followers for growth and attract new followers to your brand.
  • Schedule Twitter threads like a pro:
  • Twitter threads are the most effective approach to attract attention and increase reach and interaction.
  • Promote your event:
  • Increase your sales by automating a follow-up to advertise your activities each time your threads get popular.


Makezu offers 4 pricing plans for its users:

Plan A (Standard): $69/lifetime

Plan B (Pro): $197/lifetime

Plan C (Pro Plus): $345/lifetime

Plan D (Advanced): $497/lifetime


Is Twitter beneficial to business? 

Yes, Twitter is beneficial to the company, with over 350 million monthly users. You may engage with your customers and enhance lead acquisition by providing useful tweets.

What is the definition of a Twitter follower?

A Twitter follower can see your tweets right from their own personal feed. Whether you want to follow them back is entirely up to you.

Is buying Twitter followers a terrible idea?

Buying Twitter followers is a bad idea since it gives off a spammy vibe. It may appear appealing at first, but these followers will never offer value to your company. In the long term, buying Twitter followers is harmful and pointless.

To gain more followers, how many hours a day should I tweet?

Although there is no particular time interval, you can increase your Twitter followers by tweeting every three hours throughout the day. Please keep in mind that most tweets only have a 24-minute half-life.

Are your Twitter followers able to view your searches?

Your followers will not be able to see your search history. Twitter is a secure platform that protects each user’s privacy. 

Is it possible for someone who doesn’t follow me to view my tweets?

It depends on your account settings and access restrictions. Tweets from public accounts are visible to everyone, regardless of whether or not they follow you.

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